Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26th Bunker Index - The Worm Turns

Midweek here and the weather is turning cold. All I want to do is sit by a warm fire and read a book but I've got so much to do still. I suppose you're in the same boat. My bear nature is getting the better of me this year though.

It's a big news day. Lots of articles to choose from. The OWS movement seems to be splintering to pieces under its own ideology. Thefts, disputes about the money they've collected, rapes, and now freeloading homeless are threatening to scuttle the movement. I guess we're seeing now the mindsets of the people involved.

From the various farm reports that have came in, there's going to be shortages. You may have already noticed the skyrocketing price of peanut butter. I still have about 4 cases left in the stockpile. I love peanut butter and would hate to be forced into paying the current prices. Expect more shortages as winter bears on. Right now a lot of the food is coming in from South America and China but if the dollar weakens then those prices can be expected to skyrocket as well.

And as always, creeping government tyranny and corruption continues to spread. The Obama administration has proven to be the most corrupt and the most tyrannical, surpassing even that of the Bush administration. America's first "black" president may leave such a bad taste in our mouths that it'll be another 100 years before Americans vote for another one. His ideology may be pure socialist, but his ethics have been shown to be a slightly more polished version of Jesse Jackson.

Winter is coming. Be ready.

1. The OWS protestors who are demanding so much free stuff from the government are peeved at another group of people who are taking free stuff from them: the homeless! In Boston, the homeless have been camping out at the Occupy movement, eating free food, taking bedding and medical supplies, and just generally hanging out. A protestor was quoted as saying :"They come in here and they're looking at it as a way of getting a free meal and a place to crash, which is totally fine, but they don't bring anything to the table at all." Gee. How ironic that the socialists demanding that wealthier people support THEM aren't willing to support people less wealthy than they are. Human nature gets the better of us all.

2. JohnGaltFLA seems to echo my thoughts that the protestors aren't going to go away quietly with the onset of cold weather. Lots of links and facts included in his article.

3. In response to the Gunwalker scandal, the Obama justice department has proposed some new rules regarding the handling of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests: They'll simply deny they have the information. Previously they were forced to respond that the information requested exists but falls under an exemption which allows them not to release it. That left the door open to appeal the exemption and ultimately get the information. This new policy means if they claim they don't have what you're seeking then you have no means of appeal. Very Orwellian and just what we've come to expect from Obama's "transparency".

4. Police in Oakland dispersed the "Occupy Oakland" protests with tear gass and (allegedly) rubber bullets. At least 53 protestors were arrested and over 170 were removed from the encampment. Add Oakland to the list of cities such as Chicago and Atlanta where the mayors have refused to allow the protestors to become entrenched as they did in New York.

5. Obama held a secret meeting with Hollywood "Influencers" to get their help with his reelection campaign. Meanwhile, Hollywood execs complain that conservatives are staying away from their movies in droves. Really? You think? Maybe it's because we're sick of paying to watch "stars" who spend their offscreen time lecturing us on our selfishness before they hop in their private jets and head to the Carribean.

6. The Germans have surrendered! Merkel's attempts to force the German parliament into providing more money for EU bailouts has been successful. Now the Germans will continue to bailout Greece, Spain, Ireland, and the rest of the failed states of the EU. At least for a little while. What are Americans going to do when the offering plate eventually gets passed to them?

7. Napolitano is expecting the "See something, say something" campaign to "We're always watching you". DHS is rolling out new street lands that have motion sensors, video surveillance equipment, and speaker systems. Is this really happening in my America?


Bluesgal said...
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Bluesgal said...

As each day passes we move closer and closer to the USA being a place that I never in my wildest of dreams thought we could ever be.

It saddens and depresses me to think of the blood shed to protect this nation so that it can become...

a place where neighbors don't help neighbors, they report on them, where people don't help people because it's the right thing to do and where so few pay for so many. Where my individiual rights are subverted by the "sheeple" in the thinly vieled name of security but what is in reality ever increasing governement control of my life.

It's long past the time where "voting" can change things. Yes, the election will have some impact but not enough. Just taking care of and "preparing" oneself and family is no longer enough.

We must be vigilant and educate others to think for themselves and motivate them to stand for themselves. We must build for ourselves communities of "like minded" people to stand together and support each other and the true ideals that this country was founded upon in the Constitution

Bluesgal said...

have I mentioned I detest the editing functions for comments on blogspot???? and this site is bogging down today as well..

Pearl said...

About the only thing left to do is pull the sheet over the corpse. It certainly is a cold day indeed.

Anonymous said...

The America we once knew and loved no longer exists, in fact, it hasn't for quite some time. Some tried to sound the alarm, but too many stuck their heads in the sand instead of watching what was happening. I agree with the above poster, no election is going to save our country. RIP