Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Obamacare and Guns

If I'm going to start blogging again, let's do it with both guns blazing.

 Consider the argument for Obamacare. If you do not have healthcare, you are costing the community (however it is defined), more money by your failure to pay for your own medicinal care. When you show up at the emergency room, you cost the state money if you can't pay.

Therefore it is fair to charge you a penalty, a tax if you want to call it that, for not providing this essential service to yourself and being a drain on the community.

But what about people who do not provide for their own security? That have to call the police who will then launch expensive investigations? People who do not own a gun and are not prepared to defend themselves and their property?

It's the same argument. They're costing the state money.

So perhaps a compromise can be reached ... we'll accept the premise of Obamacare (though not as the law is written ... it needs work) which is that citizens who fail to provide a service for themselves cost the state ... if the state will then accept the premise that every citizen should be armed.

If you are capable of bearing arms, you should. You have an obligation to do so.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sustaining Your Business via Mail Order

If there's others of you out there struggling to make ends meet on the small business front, I hope this helps.

I've discovered you cannot sustain a small business off the shelves at the big box stores. There are a lot of consumable items I use in my shop, from flap discs on the angle grinder, to glue, to belts for the sander.

First, there's price ...

Angle grinder flap disc - $9.97 at Home Depot, $5.89 off of Amazon.

Sander belts - $5.95 at Home Depot, $2.89 per belt off of Amazon (in sets of 10)

This ultimately lowers my shop costs, which lets me lower the price on my knives, which in this economy ... moves more knives.

Second, there's availability. These are consumables I use for every knife. I go through them constantly. I know I'm going to need them so why not stock up? I keep an inventory of my consumables and whenever I get down to the last 2 of something, I place an order. In 3 days it'll show up in the mail. We pay extra for Amazon Prime, so I don't even have to worry about shipping costs. That sure beats the $4 in gas it takes me to go to town!

And finally, the big box stores only stock a few items at a time on the shelf. If I need drill bits, there's TWO of them on the shelf. If I need sander belts, there's 2 of them on the shelf. They don't order until they're out of a product, and it takes them two weeks to get in a shipment.

All in all, its just easier to run the business via mail than it is off the shelves of a big box store.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Archived MP3 Versions of Radio Show

I  don't know how the show could possibly be interesting without cool pictures of me, but for those of you who have requested versions where you don't have to see me ... here you go!


Apocalypse Training - Or Just Low-Carb Flu?

In this article on Survivalblog, the author discusses all of the physical symptoms they went through while they participated in a 7 day "bug out challenge".

They limited their caloric intake and exercised heavily.

I'm already doing a lot of physical labor each day and burning a lot of calories, and the symptoms they describe were EXACTLY what I faced when I quit consuming sugar cold-turkey.

My premise is that it's not the bugout challenge that was stressing their bodies, but rather the lack of carbohydrates and the abrupt change in their diets.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bet You Thought I'd Forgot

It's the Possum Creek Radio Show! 53 minutes of Possumy goodness.

Late Show Today

Well, the show is longer than normal and as a result it's taking FOREVER to upload on our connection.

So another few hours and it'll be done ... maybe. :(