Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bloomberg's Fiefdom

"I have my own army," the Mayor said.

And with that statement, the mayor of  New York sets himself up no different than a Somali warlord.

Salon Propaganda Piece - RE: Christian Threat to America

As much as I hate linking back to these scumbags and giving them advertising revenue, this is important for you to see.

In this article they throw veiled references out to Christians being a greater threat to the government than Muslims because in a Gallup poll more Christians say they would put their faith before their country.

So to all you government agencies and fusion centers reading this ...

You bet your boots that I'm a threat.

November 30 Bunker Index - Hey look! Fluffy Kittens!

Today's news is very outrage inducing. If you planned to not be angry today, you'd best come back tomorrow. As long time readers know, whenever the news is too dire or too angry-making, I always post a pleasant picture to go along with it. As sort of a balance. I don't know if that's helping or if it's just creating a psychological aversion to fluffy kittens.

Our move to Texas is moving right along again. It took a major effort to get this train back upright and on the tracks, but it seems to have been accomplished. Now I'm just waiting for the deal to close in the next few days and then we're going to figure out a way to get down there as quick as possible. Well, I'm sure that will happen in God's time somehow. Patience is a hard thing for me though.

1. Warhawk Joe Lieberman is leading an effort to get Google to censor "terrorist material" on the Blogger platform. I guess Joe thinks the 1st Amendment is obsolete in this day and age.

2. The government can't seem to keep its hands off your dinner either. They going to send Napolitano in a SWAT team tank to burst down your walls if you sprinkle too much salt on your meal?

3. The double standard is in full force now. If a cop shoots a person accidentally, it's a whoopsie. They get a do-over. If a police DOG attacks a kid, then the cops also give it a free pass.

4. Elections today in Egypt have the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi Islamist party rolling over the secular parties by a 2-1 margin. When the smoke clears, Egypt will be worse than Iran.

5. In Los Angeles, the police raided the OWS encampment just after midnight. Batons, rubber bullets, and teargas makes for a harsh wakeup call. Philadelphia also had a similar raid. Are there any of these encampments left standing?

6. The Federal Reserve lowered the interest rate for borrowing for European banks as part of a globally coordinated central bank effort to "help" the sovereign-debt crisis. Because, as we all know from our own finances, the way to help out someone who can't control their spending is to give them MORE LOANS.

7. Government employees in the UK have gone on strike to protest pension and budget cuts. It's sort of like Wisconsin on a national scale. Reports indicate that it's a bust ... the government takes the day off and life seems to be going smoother for most citizens.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outrage of the Day

I saw a lot of stories that made me angry today, but this one took the cake.

A 79 year old man is arrested in New York for handing out brochures at a courthouse discussing jury nullification.

The prosecutor is arguing that there is no such right in America and he cannot tell people about it. Furthermor, and most infuriating, if you read the last paragraph the prosecutor says that the man is asking for a jury trial and SHE IS OPPOSED, claiming that since this is a trial about jury nullification he would most likely ask that the jury nullify the prosecution's case!

Today's Devotional

Reading my devotional this morning set off a resonance in my head that didn't really catch up to me until now. I guess I knew this, but never expressed it. Didn't know how to express it. And without knowing how to express it, then it becomes easy to forget about it.

Jesus Christ isn't the head of our religion. Jesus Christ IS our religion. He's not just the figurehead. Unlike Buddha or Muhammed, he didn't come to show us the way. Jesus Christ IS the way. Without Jesus, there is no Christianity.

I've been reflecting on that today. Jesus doesn't always center in my personal religious beliefs. I need to work on that.

November 29 Bunker Index - Angry Feet Marching in the Night

It's getting worse out there. The Obama administration is getting more flagrant with their illegal corruption, knowing that only conservatives will call them on it and that the Republican party is neutered. The Occupy movement is giving Obama a free pass, which should tell you all you need to know about who is behind it.

Black talk show hosts are now openly threatening riots if we try to reduce entitlements. Living in a remote, rural, and LOW POPULATION area sounds better than ever right about now. Whether we want to or not, we won't be able to keep up these outrageous entitlement programs forever and when they stop ... America's cities will burn.

You'd better be ready for the civil unrest which is coming down the pipe. It's something that preppers don't like to normally talk about ... race wars in America. We're more balkanized over race than anything else in America today. Whether it covers entitlement programs or illegal immigration, race is behind almost every issue.

You may think you're neutral on the topic, but you're not. You can't be. You were born with a skin color and others can perceive it. You can try to be neutral. You can try to be fair and open-minded. However someone else who has abandoned all pretense of neutrality and open-mindedness is going to see your skin color and take action against you. What are you going to do then?

1. I warned you this was coming. Police in Portland raided several homes taken over by anarchists who claimed they were part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Inside they found knives, machetes, drugs, and other weapons. With winter coming on hard and the police clearing the encampments, the occupiers aren't giving up and going out to get jobs. No, they're buckling down inside abandoned and foreclosed properties and preparing for all out war in the spring.

2. Terrorist Bill Ayers can now openly brag about his relationship with Obama. They seem to have forgotten that all through the election campaign in 2008 they denied it.

3. How do you ever hope to assimilate a people such as this? A Muslim mother sent her 9 year old son to blow himself up in a Shiite mosque. This is how they treat each other. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when we've let them all immigrate here?

4. In Iran, protestors stormed the British embassy, tore down the Union Jack and stole a portrait of the Queen. Not real clear as to what they're fuming about ... perhaps it's western civilization in general.

5. Rachel Maddow, a "journalist" made 5 trips to the White House, recently released visitor logs show. 4 of those trips were to see Obama personally. I don't think anyone ever thought of her as anything other than a crazed liberal, but it's scary to see actual evidence of how closely the Obama administration is working with the liberal media. As usual, the Obama administration fought tooth and nail to prevent the release of this information and only finally released it over Thanksgiving when they knew the news cycle would ignore it in favor of fistfights at Walmart.

6. Defying a 2010 law, Obama's department of housing and urban development awarded overe than $700k in taxpayer funds to an ACORN organization. The law is meaningless to these people.

7. Cornel West announced that the FSA will take the ultimate fight for their entitlements "in the streets". There's a veiled threat there. Give us free stuff or we'll come take it. We'll see what Mossberg has to say about that.

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28 Bunker Index - Chariot Wheels Turning

I hope you had a good weekend and didn't get beaten up, pepper sprayed, or assaulted at a Walmart on Black Friday. I did venture out to a Gander Mountain on Saturday and picked up a gas camping stove for my upcoming trip to Texas. There wasn't a mob though and the cashier was bored. It is nice to live off the beaten bath.

I believe that stress is simply lack of faith in God, but that's no salve for my soul these days. I'm hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for this land deal to complete so I can begin building our future home and we can get moved. As I watch the news I get the feeling that there isn't a lot of time left.

I'm reminded of when the Hebrews fled Egypt. God waited until the very last moment when the Pharaoh's army was almost upon them before He allowed Moses to part the waters so the Hebrews could escape. It seems to be always so with God. No opportunity is ever lost ... they are all exercises in faith.

1. The Fed and the Big Banks have lost their battle to keep the details of the Dec 2008 bailout a secret. Now they've lost that fight and we can see what actually happened. The Fed lent banks $7.77 trillion dollars in emergency loans. The same Fed who wouldn't tell us how much money they loaned is now insisting all the money has been repaid, but many of the smaller banks are gone, eaten by the bigger banks.

2. In Seattle, Occupiers vandalized a bank causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages. They broke windows, damaged an ATM, and spraypainted the building in revenge for the police attack on Occupy Oakland.

3. A Christian woman who worked at Heathrow was harassed by Muslim coworkers about her religion. When she complained about it, she was fired. Christians, we are under attack from all fronts. We are a minority religion now, fewer in numbers than the most hostile, demon-inspired cult on the planet ... Islam.

4. A senior insurgent Taliban commander in Afghanistan is pardoned by Karzai and then given a top government job heading Islamic affairs. This is who our soldiers are dying to protect now. This is the government we've helped to build. Still support the war?

5. Infowars has now picked up the slack on S1867 and is warning people about it. They do a better job than the ACLU of outlining the specific paragraph, but it's a pretty loose interpretation. My warning to the government: We can very quickly go from hanging out yellow ribbons to support the troops to shooting the troops you use for this action against the American people. You think the war in Afghanistan and Iraq has been bloody? Wait until you invade Texas.

6. Cops assaulted a grandfather in front of his grandson during a black Friday sale that turned violent. They slammed him down headfirst into the ground so hard he was knocked unconscious and left in a pool of blood. They claim he was shoplifting but his claim was that he was simply trying to prevent other shoppers from snatching the item he'd gotten for his grandson out of his hand. And yes, it occurred at a Walmart.

7. France and Germany are reportedly printing their own currency again and preparing to take drastic measures against the collapse of the Euro.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scary Mug

The Work of Evsey Domar

Evsey Domar was a Russian economist who in about 1970 brought us the "Domar Serfdom Model".

Essentially this model explores why some societies traditionally adopted serfdom or slavery and others utilized a free labor market.

He presented the land-labor ratio as the crux of the matter. You see, if there's a lot of land relative to the labor, then landlords (and the industrialists who are their inheritants) must compete for the available labor. Wages go up, rents go down.

If there's a lot of labor but a shortage of land, then the reverse happens and industrialists are able to implement a serf model.

Consider this as an aspect of why so much of the American frontier has now been walled off and forbidden to us except for recreation. This is an artificial attempt to control the land-labor ratio in favor of the industrialists.

Q: Have they succeeded in creating a modern-day serfdom?

The Struggle Continues Within

"Here we touch one of the greatest dangers that face peacemakers: that peacemakers themselves become the victims of the evil forces they are trying to overcome. The same fear of "the enemy" that leads warmakers to war can begin to affect the peacemaker who sees the warmaker as "the enemy." Words of anger and hostility can gradually enter into the language of the peacemaker. Even the sense of urgency and emergency that motivates the arms race can become the driving force behind the peacemaker. Then indeed the strategy of war and the strategy of peace have become the same, and peacemaking has lost its heart.

"One of the reasons why so many people have developed strong reservations about the peace movement is precisely that they do not see the peace they seek in the peacemakers themselves. Often what they see are fearful and angry people trying to convince others of the urgency of their protest. The tragedy is that peacemakers often reveal more of the demons they are fighting than of the peace they want to bring about.

"The words of Jesus go right to the heart of our struggle: "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who treat you badly" (Lk 6: 27-28). The more I reflect on these words, the more I consider them to be the test for peacemakers. What my enemies deserve is not my anger, rejection, resentment, or disdain, but my love. Spiritual guides throughout history have said that love for the enemy is the cornerstone of the message of Jesus and the core of holiness."

-- Henri J. M. Nouwen in “Peacework”

Prayer of the Lokhem - Matins

May my strength be tempered with mercy.
May my suffering add to my strength.
May God's will be done with sword or plow.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wisdom from the Desert Fathers

Beguiling and deceptive is the life of the world, fruitless its
labor, perilous its delight, poor its riches, delusive its honors,
inconstant, insignificant; and woe to those who hope in its
seeming goods: because of this many die without repentance.
Blessed and mos blessed are those who depart from the world and
its desires.

Elder Nazarius

A New Book

I've got a new book I'm going through, but so far I'm simply being annoyed by the forewords.

This is a Christian book by Thomas Merton in which he discusses Christian prayer. I do not like having to wade through fully 12% of the book which is forewords by Buddhists discussing how contemplative prayer is used in THEIR religion. There are dozens and dozens of books on Buddhism. I could have purchased any of those if I had my wish.

This is my first study of Thomas Merton and I'm hoping that either the 88% of the book remaining is much better than the multiple forewords, or that his other writings contain some specific information that may be of much greater value.

Stock Market - Worst Week Since 1932 Depression

And what does that tell you, ladies and gentlemen?

Government Puts YOU in Checkmate

It's a crazy world in which I have to support the anti-Christian ACLU, but this is big news. Despite the pro-Obama spin they tried to put on this and act as if Obama ISN'T part of the corrupt government that is doing this to you, the article contains all of the information you need to know.

Essentially, S 1867 (National Defense Authorization Act) goes up for a vote next week. This bill contains a clause which will let the military engage, eliminate, or imprison indefinitely ANY American citizen ANYWHERE they are found.

Don't be fooled into thinking the government will use this only against Muslim terrorists. We overturned a sovereign country in order to let the Muslim brotherhood take control. Remember who Napolitano singled out as "domestic terrorists" and who the media blamed for the Giffords shooting.

THIS is the step that leads to martial law and an American gulag. This makes their occupation of America "legal".

Arm yourselves for the fight. It's coming.

EDITED TO ADD: This is starting to look like ACLU disinformation to me. We should be wary.

November 25 Bunker Index - Feast Your Souls

As you have noticed by now, I took yesterday off. It was an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I hope yours was as well.

We nourish our bodies well daily, but do we also nourish our spirits? And what fare does our spirit require? The word of God and time spent in prayer sustains the spirit! We certainly don't forget to eat. We seldom get so busy that we don't eat but often we get so busy we don't pray or read our bibles. How skinny and malnourished our spirits must appear. I try to set aside a specific time each day to nourish my spirit, but often life gets in the way. I must change that.

The news is rather alarming. While America feasted on turkey and dressing, the Middle East boiled, our government plotted against us, and the anti-Christian movement marched forward. In other words, an average day.

1. I don't often agree with the ACLU, but this time they happen to line up on our side. While they undoubtedly mean to protect American-Muslims, the rest of us should be very alarmed at what our government is plotting. There is a bill scheduled for vote next week that will allow the American military to engage, arrest, and imprison American citizens on any battlefield they define, be it Europe, the Middle East, or Texas. Think of exactly how this is going to be used against you.

2. In New Orleans, a councilwoman is advocating the use of random traffic stops and checkpoints to search for guns. Patriots in NOLA, are you ready for this one?

3.   A new law in the UK could lead to individuals being permanently banned from the internet. How exactly do they plan to enforce this?

4. Syria is rapidly turning into a mess. Russia and China are moving military assets into place to protect the Syrian government from U.S. intervention. So many articles on this I can't decide which one to link. It's the news to follow right now.

5. Black Friday is about normal. So far we've had riots at Walmarts, a pepper spraying incident, several brawls, and a shootout.

6. Now that the Libyan rebels have gotten the upper hand, they've put over 7000 people in prisons and detention camps. Essentially everyone who didn't back them in the rebellion is being rounded up. This is an American-sponsored killing field.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jesse Jackson - Molon Labe

In Jesse Jackson's op-ed to the Sun Times, he is seemingly advocating for the banning and confiscation of assault weapons.

But we’ve come to the point where a mentally unstable person is strafing the White House with a semiautomatic assault weapon. That should startle every citizen. None of us is safe in a nation where assault weapons are readily available.
We don’t need to wait for another leader to be shot.

Jesse Jackson, you come first. I propose you be in the front rank of the SWAT team that comes to try and take our weapons. I propose that you ride in the passenger seat of the vehicles that come to haul our weapons away. I propose that you put your fat ass on the line with all of the cops who are going to die when they start the civil war you are advocating.

Because we know what unalienable means. If we let you take away our weapons, then there's nothing you can't do to us. We know it, and you know it. So let's drop the pretense. You want us disarmed so the next stage can begin.

I say begin it now, if you dare. Molon labe.

November 23 Bunker Index - Distant Drums

The pot is still boiling. The blue helmeted UN thugs are getting ready to roll across America to defend us from the government's jackbooted thugs. I'm thinking we're going to be in a target rich environment.

I spent a little time yesterday with a friend of mine and I'm reminded that there are still a few Americans out there willing to be free. I'm curious though ... while we have the will, do we have the skill? We're not a nation of woodsman and indian-fighters like we were in 1776. We don't know what percentage of the military would come over to our side, or how long they would last. The American military is terrible at fighting insurgents but it's pretty good at demolishing professional militaries. Any stand up fight with Leviathan we are certain to lose.

Is this just theory? Could be, but watching the news, I'm seeing that there's a pretty huge divide. Things are pretty ugly out there. I think as a nation we're looking at probably the biggest level of unrest and divide since about 1861. Only this time it's not some argument against the individual rights of states to decide their own future, but an argument between the looters and the producers over who has the right to retain possession of what wealth is left. Like the hyena and the vulture fighting over the rotting carcass.

When the show trial of an investigation by the UN is completed, any guesses as to what the components of the military force they send to enforce their decisions will look like? I suspect they will be overwhelmingly Chinese in origin. There's an investment to protect.

1. If they can't get at us, the Islamic militants will find ways to kill each other. In Pakistan, the Taliban attacked a school for girls. Girls learning is apparently against the teachings of Islam. Yet the liberals still continue to tell us we should be tolerant of this demon-inspired religion.

2. The Occupy DC organizers believe that a police raid of their encampment is to occur within the next 48 hours so they warned the occupiers to get rid of the drugs first. Good advice, if you're going to get raided.

3. The United Nations is now looking into human rights violations here in America and is launching an investigation, particularly after the events I reported on that happened at UC Davis. The question is, though we shouldn't allow the police to get away with this behavior, we can't allow our sovereignty to be undermined by the United Nations.

4. Obama tells the Occupy movement "You are the reason I ran for office." This was in New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state. Clearly their motto is not based in reality, else a local sheriff would have taken Obama into custody for the crime of treason.

5. Herman Cain played the race card and claimed as a descendant of slaves he can bring in the black vote against Obama. Unfortunately, a poll proved him absolutely wrong. In the poll, Obama got 93% of the African American vote and Cain got 6%. It appears that black Americans prefer a dark-skinned black of Middle Eastern descent who gives them free stuff over a black man descended from slaves who says they ought to work for their living.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22 Bunker Index - Seeding the Killing Fields

This week is picking up a little steam. Not a lot, but a little. There's a lot of events going on that seem to be in the seed stages. I don't want to see what fruit they bear later on if allowed to thrive.

It doesn't take a lot of historical knowledge to see the parallels to what's happening. I invite you to read up on the topic, if you haven't already. How did Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot rise to power? On the backs of a disenfranchised mob. Later, the useful idiots in those mobs would be executed, but the mobs brought these dictators to power.

Who among the potential presidential candidates has the moral fiber to withstand the lust for power? Obama? Perry? Romney? Cain? Gingrich? I see bad things if any of those men come to power. Ron Paul has the moral fiber but his message of strict Constitutionality doesn't appeal to the masses. Those same masses who will one day come for you in your safe homestead.

Waiting to act is waiting to die.

1. Harry Reid decries the democratic process yet again. He's complaining that the Republicans don't want to raise taxes in defiance of "Tea Party Extremists". Harry, it's called "voting". In 2010, a whole lot of your ilk got voted out for doing what you're trying to do. Republicans took at least enough notice to not want to publicly fall in line with you.

2. A gay porn company shot a porn video at and during the Occupy Oakland encampment. What better way to celebrate the decline of the republic than by committing acts that your ideological opponents find abhorent? No link to this one. It's repulsive enough just commenting on it.

3. A 50 person flash mob in Maryland walked into a 7-11 and stole everything they wanted. Which was mostly everything.

4. Obama's friend and "economic advisor" has reportedly made off with at least $1.2 BILLION from the collapsed trading firm MF Global. This goes beyond criminal. This is in a new realm of territory. This is almost Lex Luther-esque!

5. A TSA employee is under arrest for sexually assaulting a woman. He wore his uniform and displayed his badge to the victim. The two women were walking along the street when the suspect approached them, flashed his badge, and then committed enough acts to end up with the following charges: aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy, and abduction with intent to defile. Why in the heck would two women stand still on the street and accept this, even from someone in authority?

6. Apparently our CIA has screwed the pooch in Lebanon and a number of spies and foreign assets are currently being tortured and possibly executed by Hezbollah. Story developing on this one. I still haven't been able to piece together many details.

7. Under Mubarak, Egypt had a dreaded secret police force who detained, tortured and murdered dissidents. Now, under the new regime, that secret police force has been rebranded to "Homeland Security". Ironic, huh?

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21 Bunker Index - Respite

Not a lot going on so far this Monday. Political pandering from the White House is nothing new, but who he is doing it to is sort of a first. Egypt and Syria are boiling over and the Occupy movements are still in the process of self-destructing.

In other words, just another week.

Take this time to prepare your household for the violence that is coming and the inevitable disruptions in the supply chain. This time is a gift. Use it.

1. Michelle Obama goes to a NASCAR race and gets booed. Now Obama is hosting a country music festival in the White House. Yeesh. Hard to believe this is the same president who called us bitter clingers just a few years ago.

2.  At Berkeley, a woman was asked by a man on the street if she was going to join up with a local Occupy movement and when she answered no, the suspect began to yell at her and then hit her in the face with an aluminum water bottle. Soon they'll be attacking everyone who isn't with them.

3. In New York, police arrest an Al-Qaida sympathizer and bomb-maker. Think this is a real plot or another one of their entrapment plots?

4. It's the third straight day of violence in Egypt as the ruling military clashes with protestors. I'd like to take this moment to say "I told you so". When the Egyptian people had their first uprising and the military just stood by and watched, I said it was so that they could get Mubarek out of there and seize control themselves. Sure enough, they seized control, and now they are unleashing serious brutality on the protestors who are protesting THEM. It's scary sometimes how accurate I am.

5. Occupy Oakland is calling for the shutdown of all West Coast ports. If they manage such a feat, and they haven't as of yet, that would strike a major blow against the Just-In-Time delivery system that most Americans depend on. No better way to get your message across than starving people and causing widespread chaos.

6. China's economy is on course to surpass our own within 15 years. The decline of Western civilization and the rise of the East.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Witness to Brutality

While I am against the Occupy movement, I am more against the police brutality being witnessed. Why do we, as patriots, tolerate this? Why have we allowed this? Because it's being used against people who are our ideological enemies? That's not a good enough excuse. Witness this video of a recent incident at UC Davis. This is not just another OWS protest video. This is something else. Something chilling.

Why We're Going to Lose

These people want a socialist government more than you want liberty. They are willing to be thrown facedown on the asphalt to get what they want.

Are you? When was the last time we saw a mob of patriots demanding the repeal of an unconstitutional law get thrown facedown on the pavement? When was the last time we even saw a mob of patriots? I've seen a few old folks in lawn chairs waving the flag and saying they support smaller government, but I haven't seen any bricks thrown. I haven't seen any tents pitched. I haven't seen any scuffles with the police.

And it's not because the pro-liberty movement is more polite. It's because we're not as determined as the pro-tyranny movement. We don't want it as much. We aren't willing to go toe-to-toe with the jackbooted thugs of the government in order to get what we want. We aren't even willing to sacrifice our careers when the situation calls for it, with few exceptions, the notably fearless Ann Barnhardt among them.

If you want to win back liberty, you're not going to do it by marking a ballot. You're going to have to get dirty. You're going to have to get mean. You're going to have to endure discomfort. You'll be too hot or you'll be too cold. You'll get wet in the rain. You'll have to poop in the woods and you'll get blisters on your hands and your feet.

Or you can endure a comfortable slavery. As comfortable as your master is willing to let you be.

Death of the Republic

It looks like Obamacare is headed to the Supreme Court finally, but there's a crisis in the works even there.

Obama has put TWO of his ideological lackeys in place there already. How do you think they will vote?

Kagan was a major mover in getting Obamacare passed, knocking down legal hurdles and advising on strategy. She was a cheerleader for it from the beginning. She should recuse herself from the judicial process on its constitutionality.

She probably won't.

Obama and his minions aren't playing by the same rules as the rest of us. They believe the ends justify the means and the Constitution be damned. Witness as evidence Gunwalker, Solyndra, MF Global, and the countless other "scandals" that Obama has been involved in. They aren't scandals to him, and the media is strangely silent on his involvement. Why? Because it suits their goals to do so.

We are witnessing the death of the republic. We've expected our opponents to play by the rules. We expected a two party system to represent the will of the people. What we ended up with is a rigged game where both sides represent tyranny. Witness how Obama has taken everything that Bush did and expanded upon it. Bush tortured citizens. Obama murdered citizens. The progression continues. When we next get a Republican president, he won't undo anything Obama has done. He'll just expand upon it.

You're not going to get out of this without a fight. In your lifetime you will have to pick up a gun and shoot some of these sons of bitches. Either that, or suffer the slave collar placed around your neck. You can't vote them out because there's nobody to vote for. Nobody can repeal the countless tyrannies imposed upon us over the last century because these tyrannies have become part of the system.

Either you fight, or your children fight. That's the way it's going to be. Right now, each patriot household is a small military camp under siege. You're only free so far because they haven't noticed you. That's coming to an end. With the rise of the Occupy movement you are seeing the rise of Obama's army. They can and will do what he can't - steal your property and murder you in your home. He'll wring his hands and make placating noises while he secretly cheers. Hitler's brownshirts put him into power by using bloody violence against all opposition. Wait and see what happens in the spring when the next Tea Party rally is held. Watch as the Occupy protesters move against them violently. Then, perhaps, you will concede that I am right.

I am not a fan of violence. I've already stood in the blood. This is a fight that can't be avoided. You're either going to have to join together to resist or you're going to die alone. This is the choice before you. Choose wisely.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Make a Christian Stand - Lose Your Job

A man working in a plastics factory in Georgia refused to wear a stick labeled "666" and was fired.

I think some of his stance was biblical superstition, but his belief was sincere and he was fired for it. Is this acceptable in today's society? I suspect if he were a Muslim he would be given free reign to exercise his religious beliefs, but as a Christian he was particularly singled out.

Something to think about as we go about our work in the secular, anti-Christian world.

On Home Crafts

I hear all the time people saying, "a single household can't be self-sufficient" as if they are implying "so why even try?" What a logical fallacy that is! Might as well say "you should live in your bathroom since you're going to have to go in there every now and then anyway."

My wife likes to work with her hands as well and she keeps us in beautiful hats and socks. Could I buy a cheaper, artificial fiber hat made by some unseen Chinese coolie? Sure. But why?

I think sometimes she's sad that the boys and I prefer dull earth tones and she looks forward to some future time when little River Lily gets older and likes pinks and purples.

I can (and do) raise sheep. What a perfect animal they are! From grass they produce meat, milk, and fiber for clothing! A blessing from God! But I digress when talking about sheep ... I can raise the sheep and shear the sheep, but I lack the ability (so far) to clean and spin the wool into usable fiber. I also have no idea how to dye the wool into more pleasant colors than white or black. But I'm learning!

Should we abandon the process because we don't know how to do all of it ourselves? Should we never seek to do anything for ourselves because the corporate-industrial factories can do it cheaper and more efficiently?

Which sounds better coming from a child: "Momma made me a hat!" or "Momma bought me a hat!"

It's Coming

Civil war is coming to America. I watch snippets of news shows and read articles where many liberals are still supporting this man. He still has most of the black vote. Do you really think we're going to manage to get him out of power with a simple vote?

Name one dictator who has ever voluntarily ceded power back to the people after it has been seized.

You know what needs to be done. Your family is relying on you for food and safety. Are you prepared to live up to that commitment?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Got Water?

A hat tip to Bluesgal who alerted me of this one via email at when she saw it.

Hackers managed to shut off water at a central Illinois pump station in what could be the first known foreign cyber attack on our critical infrastructure.

Notice how in the same article, despite the fact that the hackers DID gain access and DID shut off water, the DHS spokesman says that there is no credible threat. So says he from his secret bunker where I'm pretty sure THEY all have water.

In the list of human needs, water is only second to AIR. If you are dependent upon other people for yours, then start working on fixing that right away. Rain catchment and wells are both very good options and the best systems are diversified systems. Without water, you have NOTHING.

Desperate Times

A man was lured out to a remote location by a Craigslist ad offering work. The assailants planned the robbery meticulously, telling their victim to bring all his money and belongings because he would be living on the 688 acre farm and doing farm work.

The article reads like a complicated movie plot. They lured him out to the woods and then tried to shoot him. He barely escaped by hiding in the woods with a bullet lodged in his shattered elbow.

The police found the body of another man buried in a shallow grave nearby where the attack had taken place, so it appears as if the ruse has worked at least once before.

I'm Sick of Answering This

Occasionally when I have errands to run, I take one or more of my sons with me. Today we made a grocery store run and I took the 15 year old and the 10 year old.

I braced myself for the question and had fantasies of how I WANTED to answer it.

"Why aren't these kids in school?" is the question usually posed. I WANT to reply: "Because I don't subscribe to the notion that it's a good idea to lock my children in a government-run indoctrination center where they can be brainwashed by Marxist thought, given a substandard education, and fawned over by socialist pedophiles supported and backed by the NEA."

So eventually the question came, in one of its more soft forms: "No school today?"

Instead of a 20 minute, mouth-foaming, eye-rolling rant where I stalked up and down the aisles like a lunatic I gave a softer answer.

"Don't you see the value in young men spending time with their father and learning one method in which to procure food for their families?"

The look on her face said that she clearly did not. I almost resorted to the second default answer (less soft): "It's none of your business you meddling hag."

War With Iran is All But Inevitable

In a recent GOP candidate debate, Romney stated that he would move carriers to the Middle East and prepare to engage Iran. Gingrich wants assassinations of Iran's nuclear scientists. Pretty much all of the candidates except for Ron Paul are in support of some level of military action against Iran to prevent them from going nuclear and wiping out Israel.

What's Israel's stance on this? They have nuclear weapons, jet fighters, and a strong military of their own. Why aren't the Israelis taking care of what looks increasingingly like THEIR problem?

Obama has just about finished his war-tour of the Middle East with only one big country to invade ... Iran. So more and more it looks like if we get a new president then we'll see war, and if we get the old one then we'll see war too.

We don't have the military capacity to beat Iran. We can stomp THEIR military flat in about 3 days, but we can't pacify the country. We never managed to pacify Iraq and that country had about half the territory and population that Iran does. We can keep raining death from afar on Iran almost indefinitely but is that really "winning" a war?

Yes, in Iran there's a wacko who is about to have a nuclear bomb ... but is that any less threatening to your existence than the following wackos who also have bombs?

November 18 Bunker Index - The Slavers are Coming

We are living entirely without rule of law. Oh, there's plenty of laws, but the government (and by proxy, anyone who gives enough money to the government) doesn't have to follow them.

The illegal president occupying the White House has spread his contempt for the law out through every federal agency. It has reached down into the street where useful idiots serve as his brownshirts. The average cop who pulls you over for speeding thinks he has the right to do anything from search your vehicle to kill you.

I keep dwelling on Barnhardt's "going Galt" situation. Is that not the only option for each of us? But when we do, what happens to us? The government might let you, and me, and Forerunner out of the system, but they're not going to let millions of people out of the system. They'll fight to hold on to what they've got, built on the backs of millions of slaves right here in this day and age.

Get as far from the government's plantation as you can. The crash is coming and they're going to pull back in as many people as they can. Their first priority is themselves and they'll enslave you to keep themselves in the life of luxury they've become accustomed to. It's happening right now.

1. Two cops are "injured" in New York in clashes with OWS. One had his thumb cut open and the other had something splashed into his eyes. Escalation. The cops will respond to even a minor injury as if they'd killed one of their own.

2. Pray for the dead Christians in Pakistan. Muslim gunmen ambushed them and shot them dead, apparently with the complicity of the government and police. In many parts of the world, Muslims get a free pass to kill a Christian. We may be glimpsing our future in the United States as well.

3. In December it looks like the entire city of Detroit will be bankrupt. This could be the largest municipal failure ever. I wouldn't want to be living anywhere within 2 hours of there.

4.  Protestors in Greece are going crazy.

5. Even the Italians are getting in on the protests.

6. Local residents in Sacremento are upset after copper thieves cut out their street lights. Better get used to that sort of thing. As the republic's economic freefall continues, law enforcement becomes less effective, and metals become more scarce ... you're going to see everything with any value at all stolen from right in front of you.

7. Supposedly there is a deadly new strain of flu which could spread to England in 24 hours. Appears to be mostly theoretical, but something for someone of our mindset to consider anyway.

8. It appears that all of the major info in the Gunwalker case where the border patrol agent was killed ... has gone missing. Hrm.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barnhardt Throws in the Towel

You can read about it on her website, but this is probably the biggest warning sign you're going to get in the financial collapse of Western civilization.

If you have stock, I suggest dumping it. Money in savings? Buy something useful with it. Mutual funds? 401k? Better do what you can to get it out.

The system is collapsing and the crooked thieves are fighting each other over who gets to steal your money. And the government is standing right there with their hand out ... so the thieves can deposit campaign contributions.

This won't stop until there's nothing left to steal.

Use a Wood Burning Stove in Your Off-Grid Home?

The EPA has their eye on you.  They are making a push to eliminate certain types of older woodstoves from the market and ultimately may end up outlawing many of the woodstoves altogether, making you a criminal in your own home if you use a "non-sanctioned" model.

This is exactly the sort of draconian control we are against. Many of us have reduced our dependence upon the grid and the government doesn't like it one bit. So what are they doing? They're going to make many of our choices illegal.

Is it time yet?

November 17 Bunker Index - Here they come!

Only 4 items today! While it's a big news day today, it's not a varied news day. The predominant risk is the OWS in New York beginning their Day of Action where they are trying to storm the stock exchange. This should end in a lot of broken heads before the day is over.

Almost everything has gone in this movement's favor. The way the police have handled it, the way the politicians have ... it's pretty scary how far this has gotten so far. Did you ever think a movement based on "gimme free stuff" would take root in America?

You know what needs to be done to preserve your family through this. Get to it.

1. OWS begins their "Day of Action" today. Police have arrested 50+ people so far. Follow it live.

2. Pelosi throws her weight in with the OWS crowd. Why are so many politicians supporting this? Notice it's primarily the corrupt liberal Democrats who the OWS crowd SHOULD be complaining about the most?

3. A desperate father robs a store and apologizes to the clerk, explaining he has to feed his children.

4. A Texas sheriff deploys a drone to keep an eye on citizens. Everything you've seen used in the Middle East so far has been but a field test of the technical apparatus of the totalitarian state we're soon going to have.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kicking Muslims Out of the Military

Tenn. Rep. Rick Womick stated that he believed all Muslims represent a threat and should be kicked out of the military. His belief is that because Islam commands them to lie to unbelievers to further the cause of Islam, they cannot be trusted to abide by any oath.

I can't say I disagree. The binding of an oath is more or less necessary in a free society. Look at all the places we swear an oath ... the military, our citizenship, in court when we swear to tell the truth, and on legal documents.

If the oath can't be trusted then doesn't the glue that binds society more or less come undone? Now I know there are individuals who will lie and cheat, but they are aberrations. Here we have an entire religion whose goal is to infiltrate our society and who believe it's not only ok but is actually APPROVED OF to lie to us in order to make that infiltration happen.

At one point, courts would not allow an atheist to present testimony because if they refused to swear to God then the court didn't know what oath would bind them to tell the truth. Not sure why that one changed either. Does not a society have a responsibility to find some common cause or element that binds its citizenry together? Fear of punishment is not enough, particularly when the likelihood of being caught and punished is very slim. That is why Christians have historically sworn to God, knowing that God is the final arbiter of truth and the punisher of the wicked.

Recently this was tested when a judge seemed surprise that the Times Square Muslim bomber had sworn an oath to citizenship but then claimed he simply lied. He expressed no regret for the lie and for breaking his oath. Why should he? His religion allows for it.

All You Need is Logic

Many people worry if they can't homeschool their children. They are, rightfully, concerned about the ideologies inherent in the public school system as well as the quality of the education. Many people choose to do after schooling, having their children do extra work after school, on weekends, and during the summer. I personally think this can be tricky. The public school system works against the parent trying this. Children are already working too many hours with too few breaks; adding even more to already overloaded schedules may not be the best decision.

I say go for the subject that gets no attention at all in modern classrooms, the one that will provide some protection from those ideologies: Logic.

In 1984, one of the key elements in squashing dissent was simplifying the language so that people no longer had the words to disagree. Names are important. When people lack the names, instead of arguments, there are only niggling doubts which remain unvoiced all too often.

In The Lost Tools of Learning, Dorothy Sayers said:

For we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armor was never so necessary. By teaching them all to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word. By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words. They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects.

Studying logical fallacies gives children a measure of protection. When they know the names for bad arguments, instead of being frustrated about an argument that just doesn't seem right (or even worse, swayed by it), they will instead be able to name it, claim it, defeat it. The child who has studied logic is more likely to spot the emotional ploys that pass for arguments these days and mount a defense.

With the popularity of classical education, there are a number of logic texts on the market these days written for parents who were never taught logic themselves. We personally like the logic books from Classical Academic Press. These books sometimes have examples that are a bit over the top, but overall, they offer much knowledge for a relatively small investment of time.

It's hard to look at all of what we consider "education" and pick out bits to emphasize over others. I would that every child grew to adulthood in an atmosphere that encouraged the reading of quality literature and the ability to write well. But it's logic that helps children to interact with those ideas from literature, and logic that helps them to form those written arguments. It's logic that prevents them from being battered by those words, words, words.

November 16 Bunker Index - All We Need is a Dustbowl

Weird and disturbing news today. It's disturbing the complete hubris of the Obama administration as the republic crumbles around them. Socialists are always careless with other people's money, but this administration appears to be doing it deliberately in an effort to bankrupt us.

The woes continue for Penn State. That entire school needs to be razed to the ground. Every where you turn the news is full of children being raped, and not just at Penn State. We are an evil civilization that deserves to be destroyed. Get yourself free of it while you can and repent for your own part in all of this.

The wickedness of the world is depressing of late. Maybe it's just winter and the gray skies and the delays in moving to Texas, but the bleakness of the situation is getting to me. I need extra time in prayer each day in order to find my center. If you're feeling the bleakness as well, you have my sympathies.

With the Lord's help, we'll get through this and soon find ourselves surrounded by spring and growing things.

1. NPR remains the mouthpiece of the liberal agenda as Obama's Secretary of Energy defended the $528 million in loans the Obama administration gave to the bankrupt Solyndra corporation.

2. Some charts from Johngalftfla covering inflation of common items. Pay particular attention to what "Cash for Clunkers" did to the price of used cars. As the owner of a "clunker" that is soon to cross it's 200,000th mile ... I like sticking my finger in the eye of the government at every opportunity.

3. Police are searching for a mentally ill Hispanic who allegedly shot at the White House with one of those evil assault rifles. To the media, any weapon is an "assault rifle" and I'm sure Obama and his staff are absolutely distraught that the shooter is apparently a mentally ill Hispanic instead of a white, Christian extremist.

4. Obama is pushing to move gun shooters off of public lands, no longer allowing them to hunt or shoot targets there. (No link ... annoying advertisement there.) This is all part of the "king's forest" mentality, where the government forbids you to trespass on "public" lands.

5. According to a recent poll, voters are divided strictly along racial lines over Obama. I guess the race baiting has worked after all. What do you think this means for 2012 if Obama is voted out of office?

6. In a weird incident, a teacher at a Chicago "Christian" school has been charged with felony masturbation for fondling himself behind a podium while teaching class. Police stated that they believe he's been doing it for at least the past 10 years. There is no school like homeschool.

7. Why is the Obama administration stationing Marines in Australia? Speculation abounds. China does not approve.

8. If you don't hold it, you don't own it. The famous doomist financial speculator Gerald Celente had six figures worth of gold looted out of his investment account by the infamous MF Global. Guess he didn't see THAT one coming.

Scalded Cats

Liberals are still crying over yesterday morning's eviction of the Wall Street protestors. I don't understand why. Bloomberg did them a huge favor.

Their numbers were dwindling. Winter was coming on hard. If Bloomberg had left them alone then we would have seen the true spirit of their resistance break before frostbite and pneumonia.

Instead, Bloomberg sends in his cops and the protestors get hauled out. Most of the Marxist core of the movement was long gone. What they left behind was mostly the useful idiots who had nowhere else to go.

The liberal celebrities had plenty to say about it:

Sack of crap Michael Moore said tweeted: "Phase two of this massive, nonviolent MAJORITY movement will now commence."

Oh really? It's not massive, it's not nonviolent, and it can commence at will. We stand ready.

Capital One Bank's celebrity spokesman Alec Baldwin tweeted: "Boomberg's NY is no place for the 1st amendment. Bloomberg serves Wall Street, now and forever. And Wall Street cannot handle free speech."

I wonder how much that Wall Street bank is paying that idiot.

By breaking up the protests, Bloomberg did the movement a huge favor. Just as he did the movement a huge favor by letting them stay so long. This keeps them in the news and lets them claim some sort of twisted victory in that they did not dwindle and fade due to weather but rather were forced out by "corrupt government elements". It's almost as if those Marxists had a meeting with those corrupt government elements and organized their removal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Protect your children!

They are coming for your children. A great article.

November 15 Bunker Index - The Horror

Pray. Pray continuously and deliberately.

Our nation is in deep peril. I have lost track of how many men walked away when they witnessed Sandusky raping children. I have lost track of how many men covered up for him. When the scandal broke and the "beloved head coach" was fired, students rioted in the streets. They didn't riot in the streets when they heard children had been raped, but they rioted when someone who covered the incident up got fired. The entire school should be wiped off the face of the earth. If you're a Christian going to Penn State right now, put in for a transfer. Lend yourself to the evil no longer.

The protests are being cleaned out slowly. These people are going to go back to their normal "lives" soon. Has their ideology died? No. It's there lurking under the surface still. This isn't over by a long shot.

1. How's that Arab spring going for women in Egypt? Not so good. Why did liberals line up to support the ousting of Mubarek? Did they really think that the Muslim Brotherhood WOULDN'T take over?

2., a liberal advocacy group, is demanding that Democrats raise taxes immediately. Did you feel that disturbance in your wallet recently?

3. The NYC OWS group is planning to shut down Wall Street on Thursday, and this time they have called in their buddies to help. The AFL-CIO and SEIU unions are coming to assist. This could be the big one.

4. Obama has been reported to have secretly asked Bill Clinton how to get reelected. Why should this scare the pants off of you? Because Bill Clinton got reelected riding on the wave of hate after the Oklahoma City bombing. Obama needs an OKC in order to win from here.

5. News reports indicate that police are in the process of clearing out Zucotti Park in New York. UNCONFIRMED at this time.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Cowed

A few days ago I came back from San Diego and had to fly out of the airport there. They use one of the deadly backscatter radiation machines, so I opted out of being irradiated and got the full patdown instead.

A friend was with me and he looked on in surprise as I offered the TSA agent a breath mint and then with humor proceeded to back the young man down. He's earning $7 per hour and he's not ready for the steely-eyed stare of someone who isn't afraid of the uniform or the badge.

I made a big public scene out of being patted down. It was a spectacle. It attracted lots of attention. For that ten minutes or so, everyone going through security was aware that we are not a free nation and that the gulag guards are up on the towers watching us.

Stick a wrench in the machine at every opportunity, friends. Slow them down, confuse them, back them down. Don't do it aggressively where they can cause you problems, but do it with humor and a smile so that they can't pin anything on you.

Right now we're still free to do so, but at some point in the future the gloves are going to come off and they're going to club us down with batons for so much as looking them in the eye. At that point the game changes, we fetch our rifles and go to work. For now though, our task is to awaken as many people as we can and slow the machine down to a crawl.

If you have to travel for work, as I do, then slow the TSA process down to a crawl. To refuse would be to miss out on thousands of dollars each year, and they would not notice one bit the absence of this humble farmer. HOWEVER, by going there and then occupying their time, I get an opportunity to befuddle their systems and plant seeds in the heads of everyone passing by.

Stay uncivil, my friends.

November 14 Bunker Index - 55 Cubic Meters of Smoke and Mirrors

Monday rolls around on us again. What a charade this administration has going. Between the bait and switch of "reform" Obama has been touting, now we've got the puppet theatre of the Occupy protests while he's simultaneously undermining the nation's security.

These are the days in which the republic dies. How sad it will be in our old age to have seen its demise come and go without response while a newer generation, completely reeducated and subverted in their indoctrination "schools", embraces the very tenets of national socialism that our own grandfathers fought to defeat.

Keep watching the magic show, people. Link up with your fellow patriots. Make plans for what to do in your AO. Stockpile and prepare as you reduce your dependency on the corporate industrial machine which is the support arm of totalitarianism. There are still some of us out here who will not go quietly into the cattle cars.

1. In San Francisco, a protestor slashed a cop with a razor blade during a march. Ironically, he got away with it. In most places that would have earned you a Rodney King style beatdown.

2. As the republic dies, crooked politicians are grabbing what they can. Pelosi bought between $1 million and $5 million worth of Visa stock in an IPO and then blocked credit card reform for two years. As a result of her efforts, her investment skyrocketed 203%. But yet the Occupiers don't single her out by name. Hrm.

3. In Occupy Portland, a man was arrested after a clash with mounted police where an incendiary device was thrown. Remember how early on in this process a lot of people were going down and visiting their specific protests and reporting on how well-behaved they were? Notice how that's not happening much now?

4. Over the last year, the Obama admin pushed a $433 million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug despite whether it's needed or even works. The reason? The drug is produced by a company controlled primarily by a longtime Democratic Party donor. The Democratic party is essentially one large money-laundering scheme. They give money to the president, the president gives it back to their companies, they give another share back to the president, and repeat.

5. In various cities, the police are confronting and breaking up Occupy protest camps. This is part of a larger initiative to end this. It demonstrates that some of the individual local governments are out of sync with the Obama administration and is a happy sign for patriots.

6. Google CEO states that the internet keeps government honest. Nevermind the fact that Google CEO is a very large supporter of Obama, his company has been caught already scrubbing unpleasant facts about Obama from the internet, and the government isn't at all honest. Seriously, people. How much MORE smoke up your ass can you take from these scumbags?

7. Remember the giant "bunker buster" bombs used in the Gulf War? Now Obama plans to sell them to the United Ararb Emirates.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

PT Today!

It's growing cold. It's wet and nasty outside. I feel like drawing in the covers and sleeping all day.

But I can't. Leviathan isn't going to sleep today. Can you afford to?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Interview with Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars

In an interview style which I hope will become a regular feature of this blog, I tracked down Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and he consented to do an email interview. Many of you undoubtedly know who he is, but for those who don't, he is a large force behind the Three Percenter movement. This self-described "fat man with a cane" has kept the creeping tyrannical government rocked back on its heels for years now and along with David Codrea has been instrumental in keeping the heat on the still-growing Gunwalker scandal that now threatens to engulf  the president. History may still surprise us on that one and if so, Mike Vanderboegh will be written into the books as one of the Davids who beat the Goliath.

Mike also has a book coming out by Christmas called "Absolved". I'm eagerly looking forward to it.

Seeing as how he's been denounced by every enemy-of-freedom from Bill Clinton to MSNBC, I'm thrilled to be able to link my work with his own.

Without further babbling from me, here's the interview:

Ernie: Where do you think the Gunwalker scandal is going? Impeachment hearings? Censure?

Mike: For Obama, the scandal will cripple him politically and make him a one term president, but the GOP lacks the collective spine to impeach him.  The sad thing is that the threat of urban violence were that to happen is very real.  Actually, the only political types who are now wishing that Obama be impeached (as long as there are GOP fingerprints on it) are Democrats, particularly partisans of Hillary.  Can the GOP be that stupid to act as their foil?  Well, it ain't impossible.  You don't get rich by betting against the stupidity of the GOP.

Ernie: Has there been any personal blowback from your coverage of the Gunwalker scandal in your own life? Retaliation by government thugs? ATF attempts to scare you?

Mike: This is old hat for me, having been through it in the 90s.  The ATF is so risk averse at the moment that, although they have leaned on my friends, they wouldn't even answer the gate when I stop by the ATF "Fort Apache" in downtown Birmingham to drop off autographed copies of stories from the headlines.  Honestly, they stood at the windows and watched while I pressed the button on the intercom and said, "Helllloooo, is anybody there?"  I finally waved and gave them a thumbs up and a victory sign as I wedged the paperwork in the cracks of the steel gate.  I don't get threatening phone calls from them anymore, which were always entertaining in the 90s.  There are other folks, more serious folks, out there besides ATF.  They make their presence known every now and then, but the trick is in not minding. 

Ernie: Many patriots are effectively silenced because of their fear of getting on a government "list". As someone who is undoubtedly at the top of these lists, how do you feel about these silenced patriots and what guidance would you give to them?

Mike: The leviathan is able to get away with this continual assault on our liberties precisely because of that fear.  What people should understand is that we are ALL on a list.  The only question is how high up are we and how long it will take a tyrannical government to work its way down.  Once you accept that, once you understand that the only way out of this for ourselves and our children is to WIN, you'll stop worrying and start fighting, every day in every way.

Ernie: Can you define for me what is a "Three Percenter" and how they differ from the Oathkeepers organization?

Mike: Oath keepers is an organization.  The Three Percent movement is just that, a movement designed to emulate the three percenters of the American Revolution -- that minority who took the field against the King's forces.  Oath keepers, to my understanding, declare that they will not put up with tyranny on their watch, and to that end seek to expand the numbers of soldiers and cops who will maintain their oaths to the Constitution.  The Three Percenters declare openly that we will not tolerate any further encroachments on our liberties.  Period.

Ernie: How did you feel about being publicly named as a right-wing extremist by Bill Clinton when he denounced the Three Percenter movement?

Mike: Proud.

Ernie: You made headlines when you urged people to throw some bricks at the windows of Democratic offices in response to Obamacare. What sort of legislation do you think is coming down the pipe that might
urge you to pick up a brick yourself?

Mike: I'm an old fat man with congestive heart failure and a cane, but if I decide that I can best serve by throwing bricks, I will, no matter what the cause.

Ernie: Do you feel that there are any movements out there that are successful in stemming the tide of government tyranny?

Mike: "Successful"?  No, not yet.  I'd like to think that the efforts put into the Gunwalker Scandal may have slowed the bastards down a bit and illustrated for the rest of the thinking population how illegitimate the current regime, of both parties, is.  Time will tell.

Ernie: Can the current process of creeping tyranny be reversed? If so, how?

Mike: Yes.  When I figure it out, I'll let you know.  There is no one magic bullet.  I will say this: if we could get all those people who say they are with us politically but are holding back because they "don't want to get their name on a list," then we would have already won.

Ernie: Do you see a time at which the government clamps down on free speech and blogs such as yours are banned? If so, what alternate means of communication would you recommend?

Mike: It is certainly possible, but it would also be a casus belli.  The civil war would begin almost immediately.  Communication after that would be of the tactical sort within your own area of operations.  No comforting "words from on high" or instructions from the great leader, whoever he or she is perceived to be, would be necessary.  I refer you to the words of Bob Wright, when back in the 90s he was asked by the FBI SAC from Albuquerque whether he would actually activate his unit and go to the scene of another potential Waco in another state.  Bob looked him dead in eye and asked: "Why would I want to do that?  There's plenty of you federal sonsabitches around here."  This was an angle that the Fibbie had not previously considered.  We are all strongest on our home turf.  The fight, when it comes to each of us, will be fought and won or lost there.

Ernie: Is there anything you would like to say as a "call to action" to my readers?

Mike: Get off your asses and get involved.  Take not counsel of your fears.  Quit worrying about what the Federal leviathan might do to you and start figuring out what you are going to them if they cross the line.  No Fort Sumters and no Oklahoma City's, but no more free Wacos or free Katrinas either.  Are you worried about your liberties?  Well, get up off the couch and accept the responsibilities that come along with the liberties.  If you wish to have peace, then you'd better prepare for war.  Only credible deterrence will keep the wolves away from your door.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mark Steyn Lays it Out

Mark Steyn hammers into the OWS movement. I've been a fan of this guy for awhile since I read one of his books.

November 11 Bunker Index - Empty Chairs

As you plan and prepare for the future, there's two chairs at your table you should also be considering. The first chair represents the friends and family you have who haven't done so, but during or after the collapse will realize you were absolutely right all along and will make their way towards you.

I hear a lot of talk on forums about how people won't or can't take these people in. Of course you're going to take them in. They're good people, otherwise you wouldn't have been friends with them before the collapse either! They can man a barricade, stand sentry, pull weeds, or milk a cow once they are taught to do so and their strength and vigor (especially as a new convert) will enhance your community. Keep them in mind!

The second chair represents those friends whom you haven't yet met. The wanderers and refugees who may very well have prepared but somehow found themselves routed from their own redoubts and set loose in the world. They'll be a vital part of your community as well.

If I seem to be reporting a lot on the Occupy movements, it's by design. I believe they are the worst threat to our republic in a long time and bear watching closely. They may self-destruct or they may coalesce around a charismatic leader. We have yet to see how this evolves. Stay ready!

I'm not going to get all maudlin and thank veterans today. I'm a veteran myself and it freaks me out a little when people utter the "thank you for your service" reply when they learn of it. When this day rolls around I like to pray a little, and hug my kids and my wife a little closer.

Stay tuned this weekend. I have a big treat for you guys tomorrow. Something I've been working on for awhile. Mike Vanderboegh, of Sipsey Street Irregulars blog and probably in the top 5 on the liberal government's hit list, consented to an interview (by consented I mean "succumbed to my stalking") and I'll post the transcript here.

1. At Occupy Oakland a man was shot, and then when news crews tried to report on it they were attacked by the mob. Is this not getting ridiculous?

2. No flags on Cinco de Mayo, a Federal court has ruled in California. Because everyone is allowed to be proud of their heritage EXCEPT Americans. It's almost as if the government is making a conscious decision to PREVENT illegal aliens from assimilating.

3. Very low but "safe" levels of radiation have been detected over the Czech republic. It's detectable elsewhere in Europe as well but they can't figure out where it's coming from. It's not harmful they claim but their inability to find its source is troubling. They did announce that it's NOT Fukushima.

4. Occupy Vermont is unsettled after a shooting death. First off, I'm shocked to find out there is an Occupy Vermont, and much more shocked to learn that it's behaving badly.

5. And tuberculosis has broken out at Occupy Atlanta. Nothing like having a highly communicable disease spreading through the population.

6. The head of an army unit that murdered civilians and collected their body parts for trophies has been found guilty on all counts. While it is disturbing to hear about soldiers behaving this way, particularly on Veteran's Day, I'm keeping in mind that it is still shocking enough behavior that they put him on trial and found him guilty.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10 Bunker Index - Where the Rhetoric Meets the Road

There's a few things you should keep in mind when reading this blog.

I am someone who has looked at the best the world has to offer and found it wanting. I found it unworthy of the life of a Christian and have turned my back on it and began walking. I am not yet out of earshot of it nor am I over the horizon, but I have put my shoulder to the cart and we are going.

In essence, I have bet my life and that of my family that I'm right. My wife is right alongside me in this. So when I tell you that God's judgement on this world will be born of fire and privation, it's not just meaningless rhetoric. It's something I expect to happen as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow. I'm not a prophet and I don't claim to know the date or whether this is simply yet another judgement God will place on a nation, or if this will indeed be the final judgement when Christ returns to us. However I do know that people, nations, and civilizations which reject God and put themselves outside of His laws often find to their horror that they were subject to them all along.

I'm all in. I have gone double down on this belief. So when I tell you about what I believe is coming and what I think you should do about it, this is the position from which I am standing.

This week I have been called crazy, dangerous, and an idiot. That's fine. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am right. I would urge my detractors to check their own belief system and see if they can say the exact same thing. And if you're listening to them, I ask you this: Will you bet your life that I'm wrong?

1. Do you think that possibly you should be worried when some of our country's greatest sworn enemies start directly addressing the OWS movement?

2. Watch Rick Perry's campaign actually implode. Putting this idiot up against Ron Paul is like putting a third-grader up against Mike Tyson. He did everything but curl up into a ball and scream "Not the face!" It would be pretty damn funny to watch such hubris disintegrate until you stop and remember that this man IS the governor of Texas. SOMEONE thought he was smart enough to govern and they let him do it.

3. Chris Rock is both simultaneously massively misguided and yet insightful. He points out that Obama has been held back in his first term due to the fact that he still had to be elected for the second term. He had to save his most aggressive (disastrous) policies for round 2 when he wasn't facing reelection. In other words ... all you've seen from Obama so far ... you ain't seen nothing yet.

4. The Occupy movement's coming Waterloo. When you stop occupying public spaces and parks where the owners have received FEDERAL GRANTS in order to let you stay, and you start stealing public property ... now you're going to see much of America turn from finding you amusing and a minor nuisance to suddenly demanding that the police beat in your heads with truncheons. We libertarians and conservatives tolerate the police for pretty much one and only one reason ... they limit the number of dirtbags out there who are trying to steal our stuff.

5. The Federal leviathan accidentally dropped its pants yesterday with the test of the emergency network. Is this really the leviathan patriots are afraid of? Before getting this one right though, they're already announcing plans to do the same to phones and the internet.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9 Bunker Index - The Call

I could have found 30 entries worth of "Occupy" stories today but I mercifully decided to stop at only a handful. Yeesh. The wheels have really come off of this one. I think most of the "moderates" that people reported seeing on forums and such have come and gone and what you're seeing now is the true heart of the movement ... a hardcore group of socialists who fundamentally hate America and want to destroy everything. That's what the movement will be built upon in the spring. Is that the foundation you wish to start a New America on?

Life is progressing as normal, I believe. I haven't heard otherwise. Winter is coming on full steam and I'm still delayed up in Illinois. We're ready to move, but we're waiting on some last legal details to be worked out with the title company. It's very frustrating.

In the end, however, this is an enormous blessing from God. I have essentially "won the game", accumulating enough material resources to begin this debt-free. Whatever else happens, if you have land, food, and water then you're better prepared than most to weather the storms life may bring. Are you hearing God's call to move you in a specific direction? Now is the time to answer.

1. Another man found dead at an Occupy protest in New Orleans. What's killing these people? Besides the drugs, violence, and rapes, that is.

2. Today is the big day! At 2pm EST the government seizes control of all radio and television for a few minutes. Napolitano, in a rare departure, told people to NOT be afraid. As someone on a forum I read stated: "It's not a test ... if it was a test it would be done at 2am. At 2pm it's a demonstration of power."

3.  Taxing Christmas trees? Really, Obama? C'mon. A new tax on all Christmas trees sold ($0.15 per tree) is aimed at improving the marketing and sales of Christmas trees. What a ridiculous notion.

4. Someone allegedly tied to the "Occupy Portland" set off a Molotov cocktail outside the WTC. Police indicated they have evidence that more Occupiers are making incendiary bombs inside the encampment.

5. Another journalist was given a death threat after he filmed some of the internal fights going on at Occupy Portland. This is starting to get a lot uglier.

6. Occupy Oakland: "We're against banks, except when it's OUR money!" Where did they get $20,000?