Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st Bunker Index - The Witching Hour

The weather has come in hard across the Northeast but it hasn't seemed to clear out ALL of the protestors. A hardened core is hanging on. Can we call them "bitter clingers" too? They've endured the stink, the cold, sexual assaults, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Would you personally enter into any scenario that had no forseeable end?

October is ending and we move into November. The next big date to watch for is supposedly November 5th when the OWS movement allegedly has something up their sleeve. Don't forget the big government test of their complete control over the television and radio channels. Your conditioning is soon to be complete.

This is a big week for me. Hopefully our moving ordeal is about to come to some sort of a resolution in the next couple of days. It's very frustrating when some of the needed elements are there but others are missing. God IS sovereign over this situation though and I need to just throw my worries to the wind and rely on Him.

I am recalling the passage from Hosea where God speaks:

Hos 13:5 It was I who knew you in the wilderness, in the land of drought; God makes provision for us all. He calls forth every seed that grows in our gardens and every lamb that frolics in the green pastures. Be it one acre or a hundred acres, I know God has a place set aside for me and I pray that His will is revealed.

1. Top Democrat from Illinois, Dick Durbin revealed that the Democrats intend to "Design the Economy". Exactly what does it look like in their mind? Pretty much YOU giving all your money to them and them giving it to their supporters. With the printing presses running day and night until $10,000 won't buy you a loaf of bread.

2.  Political attack! Herman Cain has been accused of sexual misconduct by anonymous women. The press is echoing this in an attempt to smear the man. Now I don't like Herman Cain one bit, but this is exactly the same thing they did to Clarence Thomas. And in this case they haven't found ONE SINGLE WOMAN who is willing to go on record and present even the flimsiest of evidence. This is a calculated attack.

3. In Chicago, a group of "Occupy" protestors defied Rahm by going into City Hall. Their stated goal is to "collapse the American government". One protestor interviewed was a retired schoolteacher who both claims that he's part of the 99% AND is drawing almost $7800 per month in a state pension. I'd say they're doing a great job of collapsing Illinois government.

4. Another woman has been raped in Zuccotti park at the OWS protest. Eerily chilling was the statement of one woman interviewed. She stated another woman had been raped earlier as well and then : “We don’t tell anyone,” she said. “We handle it internally. I said too much already.”

5.  A 100+ person brawl in Hollywood left one man in critical condition. Most of the participants were in Halloween costumes. When even our simplest of traditions erupt in violence, you know that the America of your fathers is dead.

6. The CIA and other spy agencies in America spent $54.6 billion in 2011. How much of that do you think they spent spying on Americans here?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Audiobooks from Librivox

When I've got a lot of manual work to do or a long truck ride or anything that requires only half a brain, I like to occupy the other half by listening to audio books on a cheap little mp3 player.

Winter is perfect for "Walden" and "Last of the Mohicans".

To my Northeastern readers, I hope you dig out safely!

Sheep Loading Day

Sheep do NOT like getting into a trailer.

I have plans to buy more sheep when we get to Texas, but after this morning's rodeo, I'm certainly buying SMALLER breeds.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Options

Now that we're looking elsewhere, there are a lot more options available to us. This is good and we're in a better financial situation to make this move.

Now if I can just get the realtors to stop trying to sell me properties that are way outside my price range we'll be in business.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Patience is NOT one of my virtues

The property deal in Texas has all but fallen through. The title company took forever but here at the end it seems that the seller doesn't have clear title to the land he's trying to sell me. There's a probate going back one or two previous owners where someone died without a will. They're going to have to track down a relative and get them to sign a release. The lawyer has no idea how long this may take and so I am starting with "PLAN B" as of today ... Plan B meaning "look for another piece of property in the same area."

If they can come up with all the right paperwork before I find something else then I will buy that one. It's a great place for a great price ... but I can't wait 6 months or more for them to sort it out.

Anyone know of any property for sale in West central Texas? Out near Brownwood? That's a great area and I'm pretty much sold on living in that area now.

How Do You Conquer a Country Without Firing a Shot?

I guess someone forgot to keep an eye on Germany. Merkel just created the Fourth Reich. Basically Greek was going under financially due to their own socialist policies and Germany is going to bail them out yet again. But this time, Merkel demands that the EU put in permanent "supervision" over the Greek government.

Greece just lost its sovereignty while they weren't looking. That should be a warning to all nations. If you bankrupt yourself following socialist policies, someone else will be there with a sack of money and a pair of shackles.

German "Supervisors" on the way to Greece.

Propaganda FAIL

What the heck is up with the red ties these kids are wearing? They won some award for following Michelle Obama's dietary instructions (no, not the chicken and waffles) and as a result, she paused 3.4 seconds on the tarmac at an airport to let them take a group photo with her.

Did they all show up in blue ties and someone announced that Michelle's favorite color is SOVIET RED so they had to rush out and buy all new ties that don't fit?

October 28th Bunker Index - The Death of the Republic

1984 is here. Now we have streetlights that monitor citizens, government agents placing tracking devices on our vehicles without a warrant, and coming soon ... internet censorship. The bill for that has already passed the Senate and is flying through the House as I type this.

How much longer am I going to be able to bring the Bunker Index to you? I don't know. Under the new act, all it would take is one complaint of copyright infringement from any of the news sources I link to and suddenly the domain is seized, the blog is shut down, and I'm in jail.

Every cop, every politician, and every schoolteacher is in an active state of SEDITION against the Constitution. I love my country but I hate my government. I question more and more the wisdom of my sticking my neck out. I've made some friends and received some nice comments from folks on this blog and elsewhere, but I don't know how many of you will pick up a rifle and start shooting government officials when you see my house on CNN surrounded by a SWAT team because I posted something unfriendly to the government. Or more likely, how many of you will just notice I'm missing one day and wonder why I stopped posting. Meanwhile, my children are in foster homes and my wife and I are in jail.

This is the fate of all American dissidents right now. There are certainly a hundred other bloggers they would come after before they got to me, but undoubtedly I'm on the list. Sitemeter reveals exactly who is hitting the website and from where. I'm well aware of the alphabet agencies who have been crawling all over my site lately and downloading every single page. (Hey, DHS ... since you're here anyway ... would it KILL YOU to click on an ad link?).

Things are ramping up. I believe 2012 is going to be the year of the long knives, so to speak. That's the year when some dissidents will be made an example of. Civil disorder will be used to finally overthrow that pesky Constitution once and for all. A new totalitarianism will rise in the ashes of our Republic. While it may not come to full culmination in 2012, I believe 2012 WILL be the year in which the program begins in earnest.

Be ready, friends. Make your choice now as to whom you will serve. The 1st Amendment is one thing, but when everyday citizens take sides with people marching in the street carrying signs advocating the overthrow of the Republic and the establishment of ideologies that their grandfathers fought and died to suppress ... there's no way back from this.

1. A snowstorm is about to descend across the Northeast. This is the first big one of the year for those folks in that region. Are you ready? Got your firewood stacked? The chimney cleaned out from last year? The rain gutters clear of obstruction? Wouldn't hurt to bring in a few extra weeks of food to put away, just in case everyone else isn't ready.

2. Bill Daley, the White House chief of staff, in an expletive filled interview said that Obama would be PISSED if he was a one-term president. The rest of the narrative goes on to explain how this horrible financial crisis is anyone's fault BUT Obama's.

3. Napolitano has been caught in a major lie. Under intense questioning by the House Judiciary Committee over her role in the Project Gunwalker scandal, she repeatedly told the committee that she only learned about the program in December of last year when the controversy went public. Unfortunately, there's video of her announcing the program in a press conference dating back to 2009. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

4. A bill has been introduced in the House which will require internet service providers to block access to foreign websites that the government dislikes.While on the surface this is being done to prevent piracy, it has far reaching ramifications. It could easily be used to block access to political or news sites the government deems as "inappropriate to Americans". This is essentially the same process Iran and China use to censor their own internet. This is a pretty big deal. Do you think it's coincidence that this is coming in what looks like it's going to be a big and contentious election year?

5. The EU has cut a deal which "saves" Greece. Essentially, those who are holding Greek bonds (private investors) will lose 50% of the value of those bonds. If you bought $100 worth of bonds, you now hold $50 worth. Great investment, eh? That ought to be a warning to anyone thinking government bonds are a safe investment. Ironically, this bumped UP the Euro in currency markets which drove the dollar down.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

OWS Protestors "Going Galt"

Too many homeless freeloaders are showing up at the OWS protest in New York and expecting free food. So in retaliation, the food distributors are going to give out less appetizing fare for awhile until the freeloaders go away.

Does this not strike you as horribly ironic?

Muslim Students Complain About Christian Symbols at Catholic University

The Washington DC "Office of Human MUSLIM Rights" is investigating allegations that a private CATHOLIC university violated the human rights of Muslim students by not allowing them to form a Muslim student group and by not providing them rooms without Christian symbols in which they could pray to Allah.

Where to begin with this ... I'll try to sum up my feelings on this matter without cursing and throwing anything.

But ask yourself this one question ... WHY are MUSLIMS attending a CATHOLIC university if the symbols of Christianity OFFEND them so much? Who forced them at gunpoint to enroll?

Remember, in Islam it is not only permitted but ENCOURAGED for Muslims to infiltrate the political systems of "infidels" in order to bring them down from within. Much like Obama is doing now.

Insider Report - Obama Planning Fake Assassination Attempt to Gain Sympathy

The Insider Report by Ulsterman is something I'm somewhat skeptical of. However, the insider providing the information has been proved right numerous times so far. Hardly anything he's claimed was in the works has failed to come to pass. That said, it could still be a very clever hoax or disinformation campaign, but it's certainly been elevated to something to watch.

In the latest Insider Report, the Insider tells us how the Obama administration, the secret cartel that is propping up Obama via Valerie Jarrett, is aware of how far they are falling in the polls and they are aware that they probably won't win the 2012 election. Staying in power is everything to these socialist scumbags, so they're preparing to "double down".

A fake assassination plot, probably by a white, racist, right-wing extremist is going to be foiled in an attempt to generate sympathy for the president. The ultimate race card, I believe the insider calls it. We've still got a long way to go to November 2012 and sympathy has a very short half-life so I wouldn't expect this until perhaps next summer.

An interesting theory, to say the least. Spread this one far and wide, friends (and please link back to the Bunker Index as well). Getting the information out there is the best way to foil these schemes.

October 27th Bunker Index - Doom Goes Mainstream

Things are bad and holding. The news is one long rant these days. Hyperinflation, war, EMP attack, riots, famine ... it's hard to tell whether I'm reading Drudge or a dire survivalist blog anymore. They're all talking about the same things!

I wonder these days how we are to break through the barriers of indifference modern culture has placed between themselves and our Lord. I see fear and privation as good things if they serve to bring people closer to God. In your own life, have you placed all of your provender at the will of God? Or do you still rely mostly on the flawed artifacts and systems of mankind to provide for you and your family? God will always feed you, though it may be days of lambsquarter instead of steak. The humblest of meals is a banquet when provided to you by God. Gardens are the surest way of inviting God's providence, so long as you don't think it's your own hands that are providing the bounty!

The time is drawing near that the systems of man will fail. Are you ready? You will be required to lean on God for providence in the forms of foraging, gardening, and animal husbandry. God has called you to this for years now and set seeds in your heart to prepare. Have you taken heed and studied? There will be no time for learning once the time comes.

1. At a luncheon for the Dallas Women's Foundation, Mavis Leno, wife of talk show comedian Jay Leno, told an assembled group that the Koran is more liberal with women than the Bible. This is the sort of muddled thought that's going around in liberal circles and particularly Hollywood. It's part of a meme. You might ask yourself why liberals who have rejected Christianity are suddenly embracing Islam as a cultural good. It only makes sense in a religious context ... both ideologies are spawned from the same master.

2. In Maryland, a state task force is considering raising the taxes residents pay for flushing their toilets. I wasn't aware that those poor people were already taxed. This is about as close as it gets to an overreaching government taxing your body functions. As a matter of principle, I'd poop in a compost bucket before I'd pay a cent in taxes for flushing. Have a good protest movement every morning! Poop for freedom!

3. A train station in NY is putting in bullet-tracking sensors. These sensors work by sound and are placed in various locations. If a gunshot is fired, they will triangulate based on sound and report back the location of the shooter. Apparently that train station is in a bad area planned for redevelopment.

4. Most of the European countries rallied to save Greece (and by proxy, the European Union) . They're all going to dig deep into their pockets and loan Greece more money that they themselves don't have. That's the sound of a giant can being kicked down the road.

5. In a big burst of Malthusian propaganda, the United Nations has declared October 31st as "7 Billion Day". That's the day the population of the earth supposedly reaches 7 billion people. This is not a celebratory message from the UN, welcoming all the new world citizens, but a cautionary tale of overpopulation. In their view, the future looks very much like "Soylent Green" and the population needs to be drastically reduced ... to another 300 million. At the article you'll find quotes from numerous Malthusian enthusiasts who all propose different plans on how to do this but yet suspiciously never include themselves in the list of people who should be killed to maintain world "sustainability".

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Record Setting Day

We closed out the day at over 1000 pageviews. Not sure where all these new readers are coming from, but welcome to you!

Obama hands out free candy

This proposal, which he apparently thinks he can enact without Congressional approval, will more or less defraud the American taxpayer of untold millions in student loans and is purely a political move geared towards getting him the student vote.

October 26th Bunker Index - The Worm Turns

Midweek here and the weather is turning cold. All I want to do is sit by a warm fire and read a book but I've got so much to do still. I suppose you're in the same boat. My bear nature is getting the better of me this year though.

It's a big news day. Lots of articles to choose from. The OWS movement seems to be splintering to pieces under its own ideology. Thefts, disputes about the money they've collected, rapes, and now freeloading homeless are threatening to scuttle the movement. I guess we're seeing now the mindsets of the people involved.

From the various farm reports that have came in, there's going to be shortages. You may have already noticed the skyrocketing price of peanut butter. I still have about 4 cases left in the stockpile. I love peanut butter and would hate to be forced into paying the current prices. Expect more shortages as winter bears on. Right now a lot of the food is coming in from South America and China but if the dollar weakens then those prices can be expected to skyrocket as well.

And as always, creeping government tyranny and corruption continues to spread. The Obama administration has proven to be the most corrupt and the most tyrannical, surpassing even that of the Bush administration. America's first "black" president may leave such a bad taste in our mouths that it'll be another 100 years before Americans vote for another one. His ideology may be pure socialist, but his ethics have been shown to be a slightly more polished version of Jesse Jackson.

Winter is coming. Be ready.

1. The OWS protestors who are demanding so much free stuff from the government are peeved at another group of people who are taking free stuff from them: the homeless! In Boston, the homeless have been camping out at the Occupy movement, eating free food, taking bedding and medical supplies, and just generally hanging out. A protestor was quoted as saying :"They come in here and they're looking at it as a way of getting a free meal and a place to crash, which is totally fine, but they don't bring anything to the table at all." Gee. How ironic that the socialists demanding that wealthier people support THEM aren't willing to support people less wealthy than they are. Human nature gets the better of us all.

2. JohnGaltFLA seems to echo my thoughts that the protestors aren't going to go away quietly with the onset of cold weather. Lots of links and facts included in his article.

3. In response to the Gunwalker scandal, the Obama justice department has proposed some new rules regarding the handling of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests: They'll simply deny they have the information. Previously they were forced to respond that the information requested exists but falls under an exemption which allows them not to release it. That left the door open to appeal the exemption and ultimately get the information. This new policy means if they claim they don't have what you're seeking then you have no means of appeal. Very Orwellian and just what we've come to expect from Obama's "transparency".

4. Police in Oakland dispersed the "Occupy Oakland" protests with tear gass and (allegedly) rubber bullets. At least 53 protestors were arrested and over 170 were removed from the encampment. Add Oakland to the list of cities such as Chicago and Atlanta where the mayors have refused to allow the protestors to become entrenched as they did in New York.

5. Obama held a secret meeting with Hollywood "Influencers" to get their help with his reelection campaign. Meanwhile, Hollywood execs complain that conservatives are staying away from their movies in droves. Really? You think? Maybe it's because we're sick of paying to watch "stars" who spend their offscreen time lecturing us on our selfishness before they hop in their private jets and head to the Carribean.

6. The Germans have surrendered! Merkel's attempts to force the German parliament into providing more money for EU bailouts has been successful. Now the Germans will continue to bailout Greece, Spain, Ireland, and the rest of the failed states of the EU. At least for a little while. What are Americans going to do when the offering plate eventually gets passed to them?

7. Napolitano is expecting the "See something, say something" campaign to "We're always watching you". DHS is rolling out new street lands that have motion sensors, video surveillance equipment, and speaker systems. Is this really happening in my America?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Department of Education Doing Its Thing

The chairwoman of the DNC during an interview singled out two elementary school kids and labeled them "little Democrats".

She's absolutely right. The schools are pumping out ignorant liberals left and right. People who can't think, can't reason, and know nothing of history. They don't realize that their grandparents fought to keep the very ideas they're VOTING FOR from taking over the world.

And sure as water is wet, these little ones entrusted to the liberal public school system tend to grow up atheist, liberal, and invariably vote Democrat.

Future Democrats. Note the numbed expressions and blank expressions.

Knives for Sale - Prices Reduced

In order to help clear out the last remaining inventory before we move I've lowered the prices on the items in my Etsy shop.

As always, you can use the coupon code "BUNKERINDEX" and receive 10% off.

Happy slicing!

2012 The Year Obama Sets Us Free

Ponder this for a moment ...

When government no longer follows the Rule of Law ... what obligation do we have under it?

Destroying the Lie

Most of us grew up here in the United States during the last half century, give or take a decade or so, and as such, most of us attended modern schools. Whether public or private, religious or secular, we sat in classrooms for more than a decade where we absorbed a number of lies. The biggest lie we absorbed came merely from sitting in that classroom:

Sometimes, the government needs to force people to do what's best for them.

We absorbed this lie in a number of ways, in a number of classes, but we all absorbed that lie just the same. The day we all fully understood this lie (though we probably didn't understand it was a lie at the time) was the day we found out that our institutionalization was a government requirement. Our parents could not merely let us stay home or they'd be punished.

In Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Financial Security, Richard Maybury states:

This is why the American Founders were so intent on protecting freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. They did not want anyone controlling the flow of information because they knew controlled data leads to controlled models, which yields controlled behavior....

This is why all tyrants try to keep an iron grip on their school systems. When a government controls the schools, it does not need to control the press; it already has control of the people's models. Without realizing it, the people automatically ignore information the tyrant wants them to ignore because models inserted into their minds when they were children tell them this information is unimportant.

Abraham Lincoln said something very similar:

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

So did Hitler:

When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.

But no matter the source, people do not give up their models easily, no matter the facts.

Bastiat explains the purpose of The Law:

For, remember, that law is force, and that consequently the domain of the law cannot lawfully extend beyond the domain of force.

When law and force keep a man within the bounds of justice, they impose nothing upon him but a mere negation. They only oblige him to obstain from doing harm. They violate neither his personality, his liberty, nor his property. They only guard the personality, the liberty, the property of others. They hold themselves on the defensive; they defend the equal right of all. They fulfil a mission whose harmlessness is evident, whose utility is palpable, and whose legitimacy is not to be disputed....

But when the law, through the medium of its necessary agent--force, imposes a form of labour, a method or a subject of instruction, a creed, or a worship, it is no longer negative; it acts positively upon men. It substitutes the will of the legislator for their own will, the initiative of the legislator for their own initiative. They have no need to consult, to compare, or to foresee; the law does all that for them. The intellect is for them a useless lumber; they cease to be men; they lose their personality, their liberty, their property.

Thomas Jefferson stated the same ideal rather more succinctly:

A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.

But, there is still the lie, that the government has to force people to do things for their own good. The government must protect us from our own folly, and protect children from the folly of their parents.

The sad thing is that so many people don't even understand that they are still living under this lie, but it becomes evident when instead of talking about REFORMING public education, we talk about ABOLISHING it. It becomes evident when instead of talking about REFORMING health care laws, we talk about ABOLISHING them. It becomes evident when instead of talking about REFORMING drug laws, we talk about ABOLISHING them.

"No, no! The system is flawed, to be sure, but the system MUST exist. On their own, people will make bad decisions!"

And we're supposed to ignore the fact that sometimes, quite often in fact, the government forces bad decisions upon us.

If you believe in drug laws, allow me to ask: Are you really only not a meth addict because it's against the law? Have you been so seduced by the romantic lifestyle that you think to yourself that if only it weren't illegal, you'd certainly try that? And would meth even be around today if it were not for the laws that made other drugs so hard to obtain?

It took me days to wrap my head around these ideas when I read Vin Suprynowicz's Send in the Waco Killers. I had absorbed the lie, and I did NOT want to let go of it. That change in How I View the World was my final step towards being an absolute radical by most people's definition.

Freedom has always been a radical concept.

There is no such thing as a crime against society. That's another lie. Crimes are committed against individuals, sometimes groups of individuals, but not against society as a whole. Therefore, if no one was injured or had his property encroached upon, then there was no crime.

The entire notion of "victimless crimes" is a lie.

Vin points out that one of the most violent periods of our history was during Prohibition. The alcohol did not cause violence, the law forbidding it did. The violence ended when Prohibition ended. When you drop the lie and look at facts, it's easy to see, and to see the same thing happening with drugs. Illegal goods cost more because of the risk involved in obtaining and selling them. Because of these artificially inflated prices, it becomes much more difficult to obtain the money to keep up with the habit by legal means, making drug related crimes much more likely. Violence breaks out to protect territory and profit margins. And all of this rides on the back of the law.

Believe that drug users will automatically commit crimes? Fine, then arrest them when they've actually committed a crime against another person. It's not like drug laws have stopped the crime, and the prisons will have plenty of room once we clear them of people who have never committed a crime against other people. Believe that legalized drugs will put drugs into the hands of minors? It's not like drug laws have stopped minors from obtaining drugs.

Bring up any objection that you like to legalized drugs, but be prepared to explain how drug laws have ended the problem. If the laws haven't ended the problems, then you can't cite the problems as a good reason to have the laws. Circular reasoning won't fly.

Of course, this post isn't merely about drug laws. It's about how the lie has robbed us of our freedom. Once the majority of people accept that it's okay for the government to force us to do what's best for us, then we devolve to discussing WHICH things the government should force and which things we should be able to decide for ourselves-- that is the heart of the argument between modern conservatives and liberals.

The parties are nothing but groups of people who have also absorbed the lie, and each follows its own agenda regarding which things we should force people to do. As Ernie once put it, today we have conservatives who don't conserve and liberals who don't liberate.

Each party is holding a slave collar. Do you want the red one or the blue one?

Imagine ...

Imagine for a moment a world in which your 1st Amendment rights are as infringed upon as your 2nd Amendment rights are today.

You would need a license to have a blog. That license could be revoked at any time. You would have to follow strict guidelines about what you could post and how often. Your blog would be subject to periodic government scrutiny. A blog with a large number of readers could be considered an "assault blog" and subject to repeated cries for its destruction.

October 25th Bunker Index - Modern Living

More news filtering in from the fall of the Republic. What a mess today's world is.

Last week's poll has closed and it looks like the majority of the readership thinks that the "Occupy" protests are going to linger on until winter arrives and then peacefully disperse. We'll see, but I don't hold out hopes for that. It's tactically unsound doctrine for the organizers to let this anger dwindle and then hope they can pull it all back together in the spring. Not at all how I would run a revolution.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm already sick of this election cycle. Hearing the Republican candidates talk about how they can keep a bloated and ever-expanded government in operation simply sickens me. And I'm ready for Obama's impeachment hearings to start. Impeach him for what, you ask? Pick a charge: illegal war, Solyndra loan scams, assassination, or (my favorite) gun running.

Hang in there, folks. We're ramping up towards the final crash. I don't think any of us can look at our current way of doing things and expect it to last. A government sustained by debt is bound to fall, and when it goes, so goes the Republic. Expect lawlessness, chaos, and privation. We've already got two of the three. Wait until America gets it "full Somalia on".

1. Perry has proposed a 20% flat tax. All of these different presidential candidates are unveiling their plans now. Obama proposes feeding the government beast so that it grows larger, and the Republicans are proposing more fair ways to feed the beast so that the burden is distributed more "equally". Only Ron Paul has addressed the real situation of "killing the beast" so nobody has to work so hard to feed it.

2. Much has been said about the release of a thousand Palestinian terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit. Here's a new angle you haven't yet seen: the Palestinian government is paying a pension to those released terrorists that comes directly from the U.S. government. Yes, your taxes are paying for the murder of Israelis.

3. Teen mobs are running amok in Peoria again. Now they're assaulting motorists and one woman had her car window smashed out and a handgun was pointed at the passenger in her car. When police showed up, the group scattered in different directions and no arrests were made. The article fails to mention that the assailants were black but did note that the mob hurled racial epithets such as "honky" at the drivers.

4. "Occupy Maine" protestors were attacked early Sunday morning by a "chemical bomb". It exploded harmlessly but exuded a thick cloud of smoke and a foul smell. No injuries were reported. No arrests were made. Portland police have contacted the ATF to see if they can escalate criminal penalties due to the bomb-thrower(s) violating the civil rights of the protestors. Way to go, cops. If you escalate the charges too much, a person might just decide that if they're going to spend 30 years in jail for throwing a smoke bomb then they might as well throw a real bomb.

5. Good news for illegal aliens in Sonoma County, California! The local police are now recognizing a Mexican ID as a valid id.  Let's just blur the lines a little further, shall we?

6. Police are investigating the possible sexual assault of a teen at Occupy Dallas. Apparently a teenage runaway went to the site and had sex with at least one adult male there. Still want to claim these "occupy" movements are just like the Tea Party, or have enough events like this occurred to make that meme non-viable?

7. The San Jose police department trashed a home in Stockton. They were looking for an accused killer but the homeowner says he was never there. The windows are all smashed out, the police punched holes in the wall, and the tear gas residue is so thick in the house that the home is now uninhabitable. The homeowner is asking the police to pay for the damage but the police are refusing. This is the sort of stuff that happens when you let police investigate other police and they are essentially above the law.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The End Result of Constant Warfare

Eventually you run out of recruits and have to start scraping the bottom of the barrel.

In this story, the FBI asserts that ALL branches of the military have now been infiltrated by gangs and the combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq are being utilized to train gang affiliants in the arts of urban warfare. Police have repeatedly ran up against battle-hardened gang members who received military training and combat experience.

This is what faces us when America collapses.

October 24th Bunker Index - The View from the Kingdom

Not a lot of relevant news events this morning. Still the same twitches and kicks of a dying economy but that's hardly news anymore. The protesters at OWS are still wallowing in their own filth and the government has yet to drive them away. Cholera hasn't yet broken out there either. As I sat here this morning browsing the news, I have to wonder if this isn't the calm before the storm. The first week of November is on target to be a serious doom week. Are you ready?

On the Pilgrim Road, as your Christianity deepens, the things of the world seem to matter less and less. Scary news events? Not an issue. The government is tainting food? What does it matter to you? You produce your own food! Government is shutting off television? Good! Hope it stays off forever -- it's of little use to our Christian lives. Eventually we reach the point where we just shake our head sadly at the government and the world, knowing that we dwell in a different kingdom. A kingdom that Christ has already conquered and made beautiful.

1. Obama is announcing a series of actions this week including getting involved in refinancing of homes. Congrress won't pass his jobs bill, so he says he's going on without them. What an enormous usurpation of powers this is.

2. Gaddafi's body is still on display but Libya's interim leader is already beginning to implement strict Sharia law. Didn't we, the western civilization that despises Sharia law, just help them overthrow their government and seize control of their country? Did we do that just to establish yet another extreme Islamicist government in the Middle East?

3. The American-installed "president" of Afghanistan declared last week that if ever there were to be a war between Pakistan and the United States, Afghanistan will fight for Pakistan AGAINST us. While Karzai is normally considered to be so full of crap that it spills out whenever his mouth opens, one has to wonder exactly why  we've shed so much American blood and spend so many dollars establishing a government in the Middle East which will openly speak against us.

4. The Feds are going to demonstrate their complete control over all television and radio comms by shutting them off for about 3 minutes on November 9th.  A lot of media is making a big deal out of this, but most of us already realized that television and radio have been consolidated under Fedgov for a long time now and are solely their creatures. Every show, every radio song ... it all works for them. Don't be too surprised when you see them flexing their propaganda muscles.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Evil Hillary

Watch this video of Hillary Clinton having a good laugh at Gaddafi's expense.

Man Arrested for Defending Himself at Occupy Portland

While the glue dries on some knife handles ...

A man was filming the Occupy Portland protest and the protestors came out to threaten him. They used racial slurs against him, but when they pulled out knives he felt he had to defend himself. He lifted up his shirt and showed them his legally carried concealed handgun. They backed off, but the police showed up and arrested HIM.

Working in the knife shop today ...

Trying to catch up on some orders ... I've got about 4 knives left to complete before the big move ... 2 as part of an order of 10 and 2 of the standalone kukris. That's the goal for this week!

Saddle and Bolo Bowies

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogtalk Radio - Michael Bunker's Radio Show

Michael Bunker of "Surviving Off Off Grid" fame has an internet radio show.  I found the linked episode to be particularly interesting as it covered the collapse of Western civilization as made evident in the "Occupy" movements.

Check it out.

October 21st Bunker Index - The Tangled Web

Looks like another week is drawing to a close. Temperatures have fallen and this morning there was frost out on the fields. As Lord Eddard Stark would say, "Winter is coming."

Many things are happening right now, and it brings a sense of impulsiveness to us today. The enemy is trying to goad us into foolish actions. There will be a time for action, but it is not yet. Now is a time for preparation. Now is the time to get yourself and your family to a safe place. God will judge this civilization ... detach yourself from it so that you do not be judged as well.

As the weekend falls upon us, spend some time in reflection on how far you've already traveled along your path, and all of the help God has given you along the way. Draw comfort in that so that tomorrow's travels may be made easier.

1. The Supreme Court in Massachusetts has just handed down a decision that effectively voids the home sales of foreclosed properties for the last 5 years. The decision voids the title of those who purchased homes that have been illegally foreclosed on. The problem is, 2/3rds of all home sales over the past 5 years have come from foreclosure. Are all of them to be scrutinized?

2. The Obama administration is removing all references to Islam in the training material and courses used by law enforcement. Undoubtedly to substitute them with references to "right-wing Christian extremists".

3. Obama fails again. The first version of his jobs bill didn't pass, so they trimmed out all the parts that people said they didn't like and tried it again. The president even hopped in his Death Star bus and toured the nation to pimp his jobs plan. The Senate voted it down again yesterday.

4. In addition to TSA checkpoints in TN, Michigan law enforcement has set up rolling checkpoints outside of Flint, MI in order to search for drugs. Americans, it's time to admit that we have lost our right to free travel and that the fourth amendment is as dead as the 2nd amendment.

5. Back on April 17th, 2010, Libyan Leader Gaddafi praised President Obama and called him a "friend", stating also that there was no longer any dispute between his country and the U.S. Now fast forward to Obama ordering our planes to bomb Gaddafi's troops to support the rebels and then the video now circulating of the Libyan rebels hauling a wounded and frightened Gaddafi out of the back of a truck and carrying him off to be executed.

6. In addition to the troubled Solyndra that Obama gave money to, the Energy Dept also gave a half-billion dollar loan to an electric car company in order to create "green jobs", and then the electric car company promptly moved its operations to Finland. Would you be shocked to find out that particular car company was ALSO a large donor to the Obama campaign fund?

7. Lower Manhattan residents at a community board meeting blasted politicians for not controlling the Zuccotti Park protestors at OWS. Complaints ranged from how the protestors begin ringing cowbells at 4am to how the protestors are defecating on the doorsteps of local residents. Yet they unanimously voted for a resolution supporting the protestors and their right to stay in the park. I guess you can't overthrow the government without pooping on a few front porches.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anger - Seething!

The news today just about has my blood pressure over the top. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. In the hopes of brightening YOUR day, I present this amusing photo.


Looks like the Obama administration is trying to cover its tracks. Someone in their admin has been going back through old press releases and altering them to try and hide the various scandals with bankrupt green energy companies who received millions in loans simply because they were donors.

Bad form.

October 20th Bunker Index - The Partisan Way

A tough news day out there today. Lots of frightening stories to choose from. Am I frightened? Not particularly. They are all unified around a theme that ceases to frighten me anymore. Corrupt politicians making shady deals. Having began to place myself contra mundum to them, I don't care what little laws and tyrannies they set up. Soon I will be beyond the reach of those petty tyrants. When they finally do begin to reach into my world they will already be completely controlling the worlds of most everyone else and it will be time to fight.

What methods are you using in your own life to put your family beyond the reach of the tyrants? Quitting a lucrative job to spend more time at home? Doing without purchasing certain products? Deliberately ignoring certain laws and regulations that infringe upon your freedoms?

1. In the DC area, the bureaucrat salaries top out over $126k and have made the Beltway area the nation's new Silicon Valley. Do you not find this strange? It's sort of like the director of a "feed the poor" soup kitchen weighing in at 400 pounds.

2. Napolitano has ordered DHS to drop deportation cases and is now authorizing illegal aliens to work within the United States. Did Congress pass amnesty laws while I wasn't looking? Remember not too long ago how Obama was hinting that he was just going to do that without Congressional approval? Turns out he did.

3. A Muslim goes berserk on a Southwest Airlines flight and starts yelling "praise Allah" and "you're all going to die." Hardly any of this story makes sense. Agitprop? They claimed that investigators were having trouble interviewing the man due to a language barrier, but then in the very next sentence they state he was born in Mississippi. Did he speak Mississippian? The FBI special agent said it wasn't an act of terrorism but described the man as a U.S. citizen who may have experienced an episode of mental illness. The same sort of mental illness as Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood? Or perhaps the more generalized mental illness we often refer to as "Islam"? I'm sure soon some government official will announce how he was "provoked" by being seated next to a Christian.

4. In a poll taken of the Zuccotti Park OWS protestors, the surveyer found that 49% of the protestors would vote to reelect Obama. That's a little higher than the national polls are showing, but nto a lot. 33% of the protestors consider themselves struggling in the job market. Other demographic figures presented also seem to be skewed somewhat.

5. Bizarrrely enough, Barney Frank is coming out (ha!) in support of Wall Street Protestors while simultaneously gathering in millions in campaign donations from Wall Street executives. Ironic, eh?

6. The Obama administration really doesn't like dealing with journalists who aren't on the leash.

7. Obama would seem to be the very epitome of what the OWS is against, which makes me doubt that the movement is in itself sincere. Obama has raised more campaign money from the financial sector than all of the GOP candidates combined.

8. The first of a never-ending supply of Mexican cargo trucks driven by Mexican drivers is set to reach the U.S. interior within the next few days. This is a controversial part of NAFTA where trucks with Mexican goods don't have to transfer their cargo to trucks driven by American drivers and normally inspected and maintained to U.S. safety standards. It is unknown what, if any, safety standards the Mexican trucks have to maintain but you'll be sharing the highways with them soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BREAKING: Tyranny in Tennessee

TSA checkpoints have been set up along TN roads. They aren't detailing exactly what's happening in these traffic stops, but random car searches are being enacted. What exactly are they searching for? Have any of you been stopped? I want to know. I also want to know what you're going to do about it. No, scratch that. I don't want to know. Just go DO IT.

Link this everywhere you can. I'm really curious as to whether or not anyone has actually seen these checkpoints and what they are actually comprised of.
Bufford Gills complies with new TSA travel requirements in Tennessee

Where Is Your Reliance?

The term "Christian self-sufficiency" always brings a smile to my face, even though I'm prone to using the term myself.

Isa 31:1 Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the LORD!

When the Assyrian was at the gates and they were under siege, many Israelites sought to go down to Egypt and seek help. How many of us seek refuge in Egypt's strength and not the Lord's? How many Christians have turned to welfare and the police and all of the machinations of an anti-Christian government to save them?

I've done it myself. I've turned to my own devices and my own pitiful hands, looking to save myself and my family from ruin. It's a terrible place to be in if you think the only one who can save you is you.

Look to God to save us, not men. Look to God to save us, not government or our own labor. Nothing I do will amount to a hill of beans if it does not come from God and the throne of grace.

Western civilization is done for. God does not owe America ONE IOTA. If God wipes America from the face of the planet and strikes its name from the hearts and minds of every single survivor then who could say it is not justice? I believe God is going to destroy us in such a way as to be a reminder to all nations who would build themselves upon God to never forget from whence their power came.

In 2nd Chronicles, chapter 26 we see the story of King Uzziah who God lifted up and who accomplished many great things that were pleasing to the Lord. But in the end, Uzziah began to believe that all the mighty deeds and strength of his kingdom was HIS doing and not the Lord's, and so blasphemous did he become that he usurped the authority of the priests before God and was stricken with leprosy. He spent the remainder of his life in isolation from his people and his kingdom and died miserably as punishment.

So goes Uzziah, so goes America. Did you grow up hearing all about American exceptionalism? All about that pioneer spirit and patriotic duty that tamed the West, filled a continent, made a nation great and strong and defeated tyrants THREE TIMES in a century? Did you ever hear once that it was anything but our own doing, or did you hear that it was God's providence that made it so?

We have forgotten from where we draw our strength and so our strength will be broken. This is fair and just. God will preserve a remnant, as He always has. He is calling YOU out right now. Do you think you're here reading the words of a weak and feeble sinner such as myself out of your own doing? Or do you believe, as I do, that God has somehow lifted up you and I and put us at this crossroads at this crucial moment?

Do not hook yourself or your family to Babylon because Babylon is falling. Our burden will not be made easier, but God will cause our shoulders to grow. It's time we get to work.

October 19th Bunker Index - The Monster Under the Bed

Well, we're halfway through another week. You still hanging in there? Not suffering too greatly from doom fatigue? I know it gets tiring waiting for the other shoe to drop, but we've still got a ways to go. Western civilization won't collapse overnight. Or not completely overnight.

The OWS situation is going to resolve within the next couple of weeks, I'm thinking. The temperatures are still staying decent in New York, though it's getting rainy. If they don't manage to provoke a big reaction pretty quick, then the cold is going to wash them out.

In other news, lions, tigers, and bears are on the loose in Ohio. Nobody reports having been eaten yet, but that's just one more thing for Ohioans to be worried about.

Make sure you check out the #6 today. It's probably one of the most bizarre stories I've ever posted on the Bunker Index.

As of late, I'm reflecting on the business of the world and how it demands everything you have to give. It's almost tailor made for the Enemy to draw us away from God. My Oswald Chambers devotional this morning touched on this very topic. Now that things are going well with the move, my prayer time has lapsed and I haven't sought as much communion with God as I would desire. This has left room for doubts and fears to creep in as well as general stress. Now is a great time for me to be reminded that I should return to some high-quality prayer time and contemplation as well as deepening bible study. Maybe if we all do this together in some fashion then we can share the wisdom we receive from this effort.

Won't you meet with me at the Christian Homesteader's Forum? There are several Christian subforums there where we might gather and discuss the issues on our minds. As well as many other categories of subforums that are helpful to agrarians and homesteaders.

1. Submachine guns were swiped out from under the nose of an LAPD SWAT team's training facility. The police insist that the guns have been modified so as not to be able to fire real bullets but gunsmiths laughed off that suggestion, stating that it's about a five minute process.

2. San Francisco runs an "Operation Peacemaker" where rival gangs are taught to get along. Except this time a bloody fistfight broke out between the two gangs when both of them showed up at the location at the same time. Does it seem like government is just getting less effective at everything they do?

3. While Obama openly mocked the Tea Party, he is cozying up to the OWS movement by announcing "we are on their side." Well of course he is. One of the offshoots of ACORN is the group that is spearheading the OWS effort. Americans need to start figuring out how to confront this monster. I don't think it's just going to go away.

4. In probably the biggest scam in bankster history, Bank of America has moved almost $75 TRILLION in risky derivatives into an FDIC covered branch. Almost everyone I followed on this believes they are doing this because they believe bank collapse is very near and BoA is trying to get the FDIC to cover this block of derivatives. Only thing is that the FDIC doesn't have deep enough pockets to do it. The next logical conclusion is that the Fed will step in and bail out the FDIC and simply print off $75 trillion in currency. Hyperinflation anyone?

5. DARPA, the research arm of the Pentagon, is working on a new program called "Narrative Networks". The end goal is to be able to infiltrate social networks and determine from posts and texts which individuals have "fallen prey to dangerous ideas".

6. In Ohio, a massive animal escape at a private farm has led to over 30-35 animals being killed or captured. Grizzly bears, black bears, cheetahs, lions, tigers, camels, and many other types of animals were housed at the private farm. The farm owner was mysteriously found dead (and the police won't elaborate on the causes) and ALL of the animal cages were open. The deputies who arrived at the farm shot 25 animals immediately but there could be up to 48 more animals of varying kinds still on the loose. What a bizarre story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two Polls Meet In the Forest

A record high of 50% of Americans are now in favor of legalizing marijuana use.

Obama's approval rating has now dropped to 41%. In September.

Yes, it's true. MORE Americans now support smoking pot than actually support Obama. (And I think the remaining 41% who still support him MUST be smoking something.)

What Knitwit Let a Man THIS Incompetent Hold Their Baby?

"Under my new jobs bill, our economy will be restored as we devour the souls of small Christian children."

The Return of Gilad Shalit

From another forum, I observed an exchange where people are complaining that the release of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was a sign of Israeli weakness. My response is as follows:

Israel had to bargain for Gilad, and the enemy knew it. 1027 was a cheap price to pay. If the price had been EVERY terrorist in custory, Israel would still have had to pay.

Why? Because Gilad was a conscript. An enormous portion of Israel's military are conscripts. Israel's mothers and fathers know when their children are conscripted that they may die defending the borders of Israel, and they are willing to accept that. What they will not accept is having their children kidnapped while being an occupying force and then held in captivity indefinitely (or tortured to death).

Israel didn't capitulate to the demands of the terrorists. They capitulated to the demands of all of Israel's mothers and fathers. Mothers and fathers who vote and who could demand the end to conscription. The Israeli government doesn't fear terrorists, but they fear a giant mob of angry Jewish mothers.

Wealth Redistributors Find Their Wealth Redistributed While They Weren't Looking

According to a number of the Occupiers on Wall Street, their personal possessions have gone missing, stolen by other protestors who are protesting against the greed of Wall Street. Items stolen range from sleeping bags, to an entire day's food budget, to personal laptop computers, to cellphones, to ... well ... anything that isn't nailed down.

The article also states that the Reverend Jesse Jackson was present at the rally. Hrm. Did anyone bother to check his pockets before he left? Maybe he's a suspect!

Swiper! No Swiping!

What Happened?

"Occupy Cleveland" Protestor Alleges Rape

Are the liberals still trying to draw comparisons to the Occupy protests and the Tea Party rallies? I didn't hear about anyone getting raped at a Tea Party event after protest organizers forced them to share a tent with a rapist.

October 18th - Survival for the 1%

The Republic continues to decline. The more I reflect on Ann Barnhardt's last discussion, the more I have to agree with the Colorado Buzzsaw. America is toast. There's no way to recover from the situation. Storing up a sack of dried beans isn't going to help you through what is to come. You're going to have to radically restructure your life until the point that you're not dependent upon anyone else for food production, security, or water. Are you capable of that? Can you will yourself to the sacrifices involved? Can you draw strength from the Lord in order to survive?

If so, join the 1%. The 1% who will survive when the rotten heart of the United States collapses in upon itself. Choose now. Time is short.

1. Doing business with a bankrupt state seems like a great way to go broke. Submitted to me by a reader, I puzzled what to say about this one for awhile. What do you do when the government won't follow business rules and ethics? To who do you complain? Better to just have no commerce with them at all.

2. In a report from my home state and soon-to-be-headquarters of the Bunker Index, a dust storm rolled through Lubbock and the surrounding area. As more and more land is exposed due to dying vegetation, I expect plenty more of these. We had them when I was a kid and we'd place wet towels around the base of the outside doors to keep the sand out. They didn't last long but would generally make a mess. Nothing long lasting and no real damage so long as you didn't get caught out in them. Yet they are a sign of serious soil erosion.

3. On the north side of St. Louis, packs of wild dogs are roaming the streets. There seems to be some dispute as to whether or not this is a real phenomenon, but having been to St Louis, I don't find it difficult to believe. The city is only about $3 richer than Detroit and 2 weeks ahead of them on the collapse timeline.

4. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (spit) is pursuing parts of President Obama's failed jobs bill with $30 billion in stimulus aimed directly at education. What kind of charade is this? He's pretending as if the Republicans killed the President's jobs bill, but it was the Democrats in the Democrat-controlled Senate who killed it.

5. The Democratic National Convention appointed a new position and filled it ... that of a Chief Diversity Officer. I have been all around this world and I have seen many strange things. I have been in the board rooms of many, many corporations in this great land. But one thing I have never seen or heard of in all of my travels ... is a WHITE MALE Chief Diversity Officer.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Embrace the Percentile

You say you're the 99%?

I say you are too.

We're the 1%. We're the 1% of the population that is going to survive when this bloated bubble of a civilization finally pops and everyone starts eating each other.

We're the 1% who will get to shape the new stamp of American civilization. We're the 1% who will survive in the ruins long enough to rebuild. We're the God-fearing 1% remnant who will be brought through the hell that our civilization will crash into.

We're the 1% who will remake a new Christian society amidst the charred bones and rubble.

Decide now which group you want to fall in. Prep now. Prep hard.

Barnhardt tells it like it is

Barnhardt goes off the deep end again. I like it when she does that. She's catching up to where I am. If I can steal the thunder out of the whole article with this concise summary of the end of all Western civilization ...

"In short, this nation simply does not possess the character or virtue to voluntarily make the corrections that are needed. And so they will be made for us by the sheer force of an economic and societal collapse, and most likely, a war."

You bet your boots, sister. Brace for impact.

Prayer Warriors: Please pray for little Allie

She's going under the knife for the second time in her short life. She's 12 weeks old. May God watch over her and let her flower into the young woman she was meant to be.

Is Your Employment Pleasing to God? - part of a new book

Today I want to touch on a topic that has been burdensome to my mind of late. God has led me to a solution and no doubt He will lead you to one as well. Allow me to plant the seeds today with these thoughts and if you will pray and reflect on them, I have no doubt that you will be led to the same path I am on.

Ask yourself if the company you work for glorifies God. Do they help to feed the hungry? Do they help to ease the suffering of the poor? Do they in any way seek to spread the Gospel? Is their primary goal any of the previous? No?

Why are you giving them the labor of your life?

Is the company you work for ran by Christians? Do they profess Christ? Mandatory ethics training aside, does their corporate culture reflect any Christian ideals at all?

Why are you letting them set your identity when Christ commands you to be separate?

What business does your company engage in? Is it a usury-based banking system? Loans? Do they operate simply by charging extortionate fees to other companies in order to remain compliant with a worldly (and decidedly anti-Christian) government system? Do they manufacture and sell un-Godly products such as worldly luxuries or pornography? So called "entertainment"?

Would Christ approve of what you do for a living?

Building or manufacturing something isn't wrong. Growing something for sale isn't wrong. Teaching isn't wrong, unless of course you find yourself in the anti-Christian public school system. There are many ways to earn a living that are glorifying to God and do not promote the worldly decay of our society.

Did this article make you uncomfortable? Are you questioning your own employment? Good! Now you don't have to quit tomorrow. That's not what I'm saying. God doesn't want you on welfare and unemployment. I started initially by setting in my mind what I would and would not do. I resolved to be a Christian in an unGodly system and hold to my Christian principles first. However, as time went on, I discovered that there was vastly more that I wouldn't do than what I would and ultimately it leads an employer to question why you're there in the first place.

Accept that you may get fired.

God will take care of you if that happens. Right now, probably the biggest problem with your plan towards self-sufficiency is your lack of free time to execute it. Getting fired might just be God's assistance in executing that plan. In addition, holding to your Christian principles is a pretty dang good reason to get fired. You're not at any greater risk than you are now. Your boss could fire you at any time for any reason he pleases. Might as well go out the door with your conscience and soul intact.

Sooner or later your employer is going to ask you to do something against your principles. You're going to have to say no. The boss is going to turn red in the face and threaten to fire you. Tell him, "I accept that." After all, you're taking his coin in exchange for the work he wants done. If he's not going to get that work out of you then you have no right to take his coin.

In my own line of work, I was able to negotiate that out. I won't do this, but I will do that. That bought me some time. All you can ever do is buy yourself some time. Sooner or later that magic moment will come where you are tested: either follow the world or follow Christ.

It would be best to have a plan for when that day comes. How much money do you have in the bank? Do you have a mortgage to worry about? How much food are you producing? Do you have an alternate means of support? Better yet, find a Christian employer who holds to your principles. Start looking now while you still have a paycheck and can afford to be choosy. These types of employers are out there. In my own business, I'd be happy to have a few such employees working for me, could I afford their upkeep.

I urge you, take a good long look at your employment today and ask yourself if it is pleasing to God. If not, start making plans for your own personal exodus. You can't make bricks for pharoah indefinitely. God has a different plan for His people.

How Do You See This Ending?

I'm going to try something new and start running a weekly poll. You'll find it in the sidebar on the right.

This week's poll:

How do you see the OWS protests ending?

If you want to elaborate on your answer, you can do so in comments here or you can email me at and I'll post a synopsis of the comments on Friday.

October 17th Bunker Index - Defenseless Before the Storm

This cold is finally breaking. My wife has been dosing me with Vitamin C and I got plenty of sleep last night. Today I wake up feeling a lot better. I'm still weary as all get out, but not quite as sick as I had been. Hurray for improvement!

Of course the political scene isn't showing any signs of improvement. The OWS mobs were rowdy this past weekend but Bloomberg didn't manage to dislodge them. He's proving to be pretty ineffectual. Even Rahm Emanuel managed to arrest all of his protestors when they tried to set up in Chicago.

I don't have much to protest, personally. Having set my course for getting out of the storm, I can't quite imagine why other people don't do the same. A revolution can be made up of a million individual choices. It doesn't require action in the streets. Particularly not action that's being used and manipulated by people who want to usher in something vastly darker than what we have. Americans so love a good protest and we all have plenty to protest about, but we seem defenseless before the totalitarianism that waits in the dark, ready to prey on our naivete. Prepare yourself. Dark times are coming.

1. A Northern Michigan sociology professor has offered her students extra credit for taking part in a local Occupy protest. At least now we can understand why some of those young people are out there.

2. Tunisia was the first Middle Eastern country to fall in the "Arab Spring". Next week they're holding their first elections but the only party that's really prepared and ready is ... surprise ... the hardline Islamist Ennahda Party. Here in the United States, which group is ready to take advantage of the civil disorder from the OWS movement?

3. I keep hearing that the Tea Party needs to go down and join the OWS protestors. In this video, some do and receive a not so tolerant welcome. I'm tired or hearing how the OWS protestors "just want the same thing we do." They don't.

4. In speeches this past weekend, Obama likened the economic OWS "fight" to the civil rights movement during a speech honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Folks, we are in big, big trouble.

5. Many other cities, including Chicago, are refusing to let Occupy protestors become entrenched and have arrested hundreds over the weekend. I guess having seen the problems Bloomberg is having getting rid of them, they don't want these protestors entrenching in their own parks. Ironic though that Obama's buddy Rahm Emanuel ordered the crackdown on Chicago protestors. I would have thought he approved. Or maybe he already believes Chicago is enough of a socialist stronghold and is just showing the iron hand inside the velvet glove.

6. Here's some interesting speculation ... with the OWS movement are we witnessing the birth of a new Far Left political party? Are they going to become to the Democrats what the Tea Party became to Republicans? From this article, they are gearing up for a new "national convention" and will elect OWS delegates.

7. The lights are going out in Detroit ... forever. Once Detroit was the manufacturing hub and gem of the United States. Back before the unions and government regulations destroyed them. I guess to be fair, the auto industry helped to destroy itself. Now vandals are destroying transformers, thieves are stealing the copper lines, and the city can't afford to repair its grid. As goes Detroit, soon so will go all of America.

8. In Philadelphia, police discovered three mentally-disabled adults chained up in the basement of a house. It turns out they were part of a human slavery ring. What good are elderly, disabled slaves? Plenty good, apparently, so long as the government keeps sending them their assistance checks. The slavers had been cashing them regularly for years.Think about what's going to happen when the system breaks down and these people are running around loose. What's going to happen when they come to your homestead?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Kicking

As usual, I'm the last one in the family to succumb to this cold that's going around, but while everyone else got sick and got over it within 2 days I'm down for the count. I think I've slept more today than I have all week. I'm doing better as my sinuses aren't about to explode anymore, but now I've got a deep rasping cough and no energy. Ah well. Should be better by the end of the week.


I do believe that if the internet had been invented in 1776, the revolutionaries would still be sitting around discussing what to do about the British.

This Weekend at the OWS

After watching this video, I'm thinking the jackboots won't be able to maintain order much longer. They're wading into a sea of unfriendly bodies and just swinging the batons. At the 1:39 mark you can see a fat, overweight cop lose control and pummel some girl.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obama's New America

See what you get when you ask for hope and change without getting the details first? Now we find ourselves in the midst of a race war that the police can't or won't even mention.

I refuse to go about unarmed anymore.

#Occupy Kitchen!

A growing unrest has seized our household. The 86% have gathered to protest the 14%. The protestors are demanding BANANA NUT BREAD.

Cries of "we will not be denied" have been heard. Diminutive protestors insist that they will occupy the kitchen until the delicious smell of banana nut bread fills the house and all are given an equal share.

Will this movement build momentum or will the protest movement be crushed brutally with a wooden spoon applied to backsides by the totalitarian 14%?

Stay tuned!

Chicory - A luxury?

I love having chicory in my coffee. I can spot chicory growing wild, it's all over my property and alongside the road here. I know how to prepare the roots and roast them.

Chicory was originally used by poor Southerners as a coffee STRETCHER. You mixed chicory with your coffee to make it last longer. Somehow this form of poverty-living became an exotic ingredient and is used in various high dollar brands.

The irony I find today is that I have the money to buy as much coffee as I want but yet I don't have the TIME to gather and prepare the chicory I love.

Tell me again how the corporate-industrial model is giving us a higher standard of living? I think I'm beginning to see through the illusion.

Be Careful Who You Screw With

The video is disturbing but the story bothers me more.

The cashier, despite his criminal record, is minding his own business. The two black women hand him a $50 bill which for some reason he questions. (Was it fake?) They both get enraged and attack him. One slaps him and then jumps over the counter to attack him while the other goes behind the counter and goes straight to the cash register.

He returns from the back of the store with a metal rod and proceeds to beat the living daylights out of the two women. Up until a certain point it might could have been considered self-defense, but after the two women were down on the ground screaming for him to stop beating them then it became something else.

He's being charged with felonious assault and possession of a weapon (the metal rod?) while the two women who initiated the violence are being charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Prepare to Lose Your Citizenship

Lawmakers on the Hill have found an answer to the uncomfortable situation Obama put them in when he ordered the CIA to assassinate an American Citizen.

They'll simply revoke your citizenship first. That treasonous bastard Lieberman has proposed that anyone who engages in hostile activities against the United States, or discusses hostile activities, or supports hostile activities against the United States could be stripped of their citizenship before they are then murdered by the CIA.

This is the one to watch:

H.R. 3166: Enemy Expatriation Act

Are you still cheering the Awlaki murder now? Because when this little baby passes through the House and Senate, it'll be Napolitano and Eric Holder who get to decide what a terrorist is.

Watch the skies, patriots. There's a drone strike in your future. Your house, your wife, and your kids may just be collateral damage.

How Did We Get to Uganda?

This is how.

This bill has been in committee since 2009.

H.R. 2478: Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009

I say we load up Barney Frank with an M-16 and some ammo and HALO him out somewhere over the Congo. His fat ass can go humping through the jungle looking for General Crazypants, or whatever this LRA goofball is called. They came up with 201 cosponsors on this piece of garbage ... that's about 2 C-130's worth of jumpers right there.

Government Surveillance - In Your Car

A new patent has been filed for combination toll-booth transponders and digital cameras that take a picture of the inside of your vehicle and where you are.

I can't even begin to think of the ways our government would misuse this.

No More Making Fun of the TSA

HR 3011 will now make it a crime to use the words "TSA", a picture of a TSA agent, their logo, or any likeness that might possibly give the reader/viewer an understanding that you are, in fact, referring TO the TSA. With this, they are effectively trying to outlaw satirization and dissent against the outlaw TSA program that gropes little old ladies and children and on a weekly basis has its agents arrested for kiddie porn or sex-related charges. Check out section 295 if you have doubts. It widely covers ALL Federal agencies, not just the paid molestors at the TSA.

This is from the InfoWars website, who are the ultimate kings of hyperbole, but upon reading the bill ... it DOES actually leave it up to the prosecutors. It's bad law and it heavily infringes upon the 1st Amendment. We already HAVE laws against impersonating a government official ... this law seems to have no other purpose than to provide a future placeholder for criminalizing dissent.

Which jackass is responsible for this? Rep. Michael Rogers, Alabama Republican. It's co-sponsored by 5 other Republicans. I'd like to know who exactly inserted that amendment into the damn thing that will modify the US code of law.

I called his office for some info and the nice girl who answered the phone said they were being deluged with calls right now, thanks to Drudge. She transferred me to the voicemail of the press secretary who is apparently in a staff meeting. We'll see if I get a call back. Hopefully the Bunker Index is prestigious enough to warrant a return call!