Friday, September 30, 2011

Bunker Index Blog

And here we end the first month of the Bunker Index being hosted as a blog separate from the HomesteadingToday forum. I'd like to use this moment to post an update for my readers so that you might understand my philosophy towards this and see how we're doing.

While some might accuse me of taking this too seriously (it's just a blog so chill, dude!) I consider it my ministry. As a Christian cabinet-maker should consider fine cabinets his Christian ministry to the world or a plumber his skillful work or repairs should consider that his ministry. We all must use our gifts and blessings in order to praise God and spread the Gospel.

When I began to shift the Bunker Index more towards ministry it drew fire and I was asked to return to simple discussions regarding non-political/religious issues. I could not do that and at first I was concerned and wondered why anyone would bother to read what I had to say if they had to go somewhere else to get it. I thought my purpose would be to only exercise my ministry at the HomesteadingToday forum since we are to go to where the people are in order to evangelize.

Clearly that has not turned out to be the case. The week we pulled up stakes and moved we averaged about 450 hits per day. Here at the end of the month we're averaging between 600-700 per day and have begun to pull in readership from other blogs and forums beyond just our origination point. I thank all of you who have posted links and brought in others. Praise God, we are growing!

Turning on advertising was a difficult decision which I prayed over. It's not going to be big money but I figured a couple of pennies here and there would amuse me. Later I began to wonder how I would continue this when I left the corporate-industrial world behind and my income was solely dependent upon agrarian pursuits and knife-making. God has shown me the way and with your help, we have been blessed enough for this simple enterprise to be self-sustaining. I'm making enough from link-click advertising now to support internet connectivity, which I consider more than enough to justify our work here. I was perfectly willing to use my own funds to do this, but I foresee a future in which just keeping the kids in socks is going to be a challenge. Now God has provided us with a way which is the surest sign of His approval.

My wife has agreed to also participate in the blog, and I felt her perspective on issues would be of great value and of interest to many of you. I expect there to be more from her in the future as God moves her to address the issues pertinent to strong Christian women. As you can tell, she is the heart and soul of our family, as well as the backbone. (I'm the dirty feet and smelly armpit of the family.)

So we're doing very well here at the Bunker Index. Readership is growing,  and our small costs are being met by the advertising now (and the advertising is actually becoming more interesting and relevant to our readership as the readership grows in number). I'm feeling a great outpouring of love towards you all and I'm looking for ways in which we may be of more service.

God bless you all.

Your humble servant,

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Patrice said...

I have to say....Thank you for continuing the BI without compromising the content to fit into the guidelines of the original hosting forum. I gladly followed you here for the whole content of your postings, with your Christian convictions. Your convictions are necessary to bring the truth to light in our uncertain times. Carry on the good work my Brother and Sister in Christ!