Monday, September 19, 2011

Libertarian Paradise

This morning I called the county into which we're buying property to find out about building codes and such. I guess I've been in Illinois too long.

The county website only had three numbers listed: the sheriff, the judge, and the county clerk. I called the county clerk thinking they might direct me. I got her at home, apparently. She said they didn't have any sort of building inspection offices so she didn't know anything about it. She seemed surprised to be asked such a question. She didn't know so she directed me to call the judge.

The judge said they didn't have any such thing.I asked, "So I can build an underground home, a sandbag house, a mud hut, or a wooden shanty and live in it all without any sorts of permits or inspections?" There's a long stunned silence in which I suspected the judge thought she might be dealing with an idiot. Finally her response came back: "Well, son, it's YOUR land, isn't it? We don't care what you do on it."

Thank you, God, for letting me see the promised land still exists. America ISN'T dead. Not everywhere.


Bluesgal said...

Yep, occasissonaly.. you get surprised in a good way!

TNWoodwright said...


When I cam here ten years ago it was the same. Then the GM retirees from MI found the place. they found it was inexpensive to live. They also found out that you had to take care of your own trash. The guy next door might have coon dogs and so on. Suddenly we have all these new laws and count offices, Including this year the start of a new building code dept. Which all the locals have ignored so far. So no telling how that is going to turn out. Wanna guess ??

Patrice said...

Hurray for you!!! I love the judge's response. Sorry to see you'll be leaving our "lovely" state all to soon. :(

Diana R.Smith said...

Better hurry and git ye gone. We are still lucky to have none of that zoning crap but slowly but surely it inches this way as the suburbs invade.Son is building an earth bag house. Practiced cob on his storage building for installing windows easily.Very labor intensive method. Local sawmill for all his full dimension lumber. It can be done. Not planning indoor plumbing either. Best of luck