Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mossberg Persuader Review

Last year I picked up a Mossberg 500 Persuader. I paid about $150 or so for it at a local store. It's a 12 gauge and is pretty lightweight.

As far as shotguns go, this is probably my favorite in terms of ease of use. It holds 5 shells and I've put a sling on mine (everything gets a sling). Since it is 12 gauge, shells are easy to find and very affordable.

With all that is coming down the pipe, a weapon like this needs to be in every patriot's household. There are many variants other than the Mossberg, so find something that fits your budget.

So far, the unions are against us, the black welfare recipients are against us, the illegal immigrants are against us, and the Moslems are against us.

But that's ok. I've got God on my side AND Mossberg.


Bluesgal said...

Love my 500

Dyson said...

I've always liked the 12 gauge... Might just need to look for one of those myself...

Tom said...

This is a very good Shotgun.tom wade

Janice said...

I too like my Mossberg 500, but I consider it a secondary weapon. If the threat is within shotgun range, they are already too close.
AR-15s are expensive, but worth the investment. You can still find AK-47s for around $400. Now that you are moving to Texas, I strongly suggest you invest in a good battle rifle.
Shawn from SAHMVILLE