Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Repo Men

Do you think China is just going to let their investment dissolve? Do you think they're going to just let us print worthless currency until we run out of ink? Do you think they'll just shrug off trillions of dollars and let you go your own way when they have the largest surplus population of males 18-30 in the history of mankind?

America, your banker is on line #1.


Patrice said...

They'll be setting up their own "cities" here in American before we can blink an eye. They already were looking to buy property in OH.(I think it was there).

BTW, I LOVE the new look of your blog, it's much easier for my old eyes to read. ;)

Ernest said...

Thanks. A couple of readers suggested that the black format was just too much eyestrain. So I fished around in Blogger to find a better format for now.

Amanda Becker said...

Ernie- is it okay to share a link of the blog on my BeckerStyle Face book page?

Ernest said...

Please do!

The time has come to arm the faithful ... with knowledge!

Sonshine said...

China's been buying American land for years. There's no telling how much of America they already own. Maybe that's why they kept loaning us money. Had to protect their investment.