Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept. 5 Bunker Index - Where There is Smoke

Welcome back to the Bunker Index and a special Labor Day report. Are you celebrating Labor Day today? Not me. I've got tons of grapes to turn into jelly and knives to churn out in the workshop. It'll be a busy day here.

Labor Day's origins are pretty shady anyway. It's a federal holiday that President Grover Cleveland created to appease the socialist labor party in the 1880's. It greatly resembles the socialist May 1st Labor Day or "Worker's Day" but they offset it into September to disguise its origins. Clever, that Cleveland was.

I feel about such holidays as I feel about much of the concept of employment. They throw us these bones to keep the slave collars from feeling too tight. An independent man who does what he loves in the service of God and his family doesn't NEED a federal holiday from it. In fact, it's hard to stop that man FROM working.

I'm reminded of the old story of a stranger who entered a village and saw that it was a flurry of activity. He saw an old man carrying a stone towards the center of town and asked what he was doing. The old man grumbled that he was busy carrying stones from the river. The stranger continued on into town and found another man struggling with a heavy timber. This man too grumbled at the questioning and told him that he had to bring the timbers to the center of town. Finally the stranger came across another man who was carrying a very heavy load of stones but yet was singing a hymn of praise with a smile on his face. The stranger asked him what he was doing and the worker smiled back and said, "Why, I'm helping to build a church!"

1. Wildfires in Texas have been off and on all summer as the drought continues but this weekend the worst ones yet were seen. In Bastrop county (near Austin), 14,000 acres burned and damaged or destroyed at least 500 homes. A combination of dry brush and fierce winds have fueled these fires beyond the norm this year.

2. Michigan has passed a controversial bill which will drop welfare benefits for those who have been consuming them for over four cumulative years in their lifetime. When it takes effect on October 1st, 12,600 families will be impacted and then more will be impacted every month afterwards. This is one of the austerity measures I've been warning about coming to America. While it may be a good thing to finally end the career welfare recipient's stranglehold on the states, don't expect the FSA to just take this laying down. Imagine entire cities where 20-40% of the population has NO INCOME. Some will loot and pillage because they have to in order to survive, and then others will do so because they like it. If that doesn't work, then they just might pick up and move to YOUR state.

3. Apparently Democrats can't even trust each other with their money. The old expression "no honor among thieves" comes to mind. The looter ideology that has seized control of the Democratic party apparently extends right down into the rank and file of their campaign treasurer who was arrested by the FBI for looting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. Pshaw. How petty. Their looter-in-chief has stolen trillions. Maybe Eric Holder will give this guy a free pass, but probably not. Thieves don't like thieves taking their money.

4. The rebels Obama unconstitutionally aided in Libya have been rounding up all black Libyans and immigrants and throwing them into makeshift jails. Way to go, Obama. You've turned those race relations right around over there in your "Arab Spring".

5. The September 20th vote in the United Nations for Palestinian Statehood is approaching. Latest reports indicate Obama is going to be present for this vote. I suspected as much. Hard to fulfill prophecy if you're off playing golf.

6. Some really bizarre stuff coming out of Assange's latest Wikileaks releases. From the diplomatic cables we see China's manipulations of gold, their shadow financing system, and their repeated plans and threats to remove the dollar as the global reserve currency. IF they do that then we turn into a third-world country overnight. Still think these folks are our friends? "He who holds our bonds holds our soul."

7. A white supremacist group is planning to march in Milwaukee to protest the beatings of white citizens at the hands of a black racist horde at the state fair. This is unusual in that we don't often see white racists directly targeting black racists. Usually both groups aim at the middle neutral group. Still, the white supremacists reportedly only have about 50 people so marching in Milwaukee may turn out to have been a bad option.


Patrice said...

Thanks for continuing the BI, I need my BI fix daily. :)

Sawmill Jim said...

Yep i read it every day .I just don't comment as most time i agree . Think it is lots worse than most think as TPTB keep it hid . But time is coming when a bunch of folks are going to say why weren't we warned . Sad thing is they were

Wintersong Farm said...

Keep an eye on Europe Tuesday and Wednesday. We may get to watch the wheels actually falling off.

hurryiml8 said...

After what Hoffa said today, I'm a little unnerved. I'm afraid the next war will be here and Americans against Americans.