Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept. 7th Bunker Index - On Your Feet, Soldier

I would like to warn you folks about a certain mindset that is going to settle into your brains. Some of you are already there.

As you begin to transform your life into what it will need to be to survive, you are going to become less and less tolerant of the naysayers who say you shouldn't. The big government stooges, the handout hordes, and the pollyannas who want to stick their heads back into the sand. When you're sweating in the morning after hard physical exercise then you'll be less tolerant of their nonsense. When you're doing without luxuries to put aside money for tomorrow then you won't be willing to put up with their weasel words. When you've trusted your life to God for Him to take or use as He wills then you will have no time for their idle speech.

You will lose friends and family members will think you are crazy. All of those who are still mired in the world's view will have to be left behind as you forge ahead. Are you ready for that? It's absolutely necessary to your growth as a Christian.

You're still here? You're still reading? I should have guessed that about you. God has lit a fire in your heart.

So let's get started.

1. The Texas wildfires continue to consume vast acreages and more homes. People have died. Arson is suspected. As a theory, it's not too far fetched to suspect that some of the Reconquista followers might be setting fires. What better way to clear the area and reduce resistance to their planned takeover in the next 5 years?

2. The European Union experiment seems to be disintegrating rapidly. The utopian dream of a world where everyone identifies themselves as Europeans first and French, Italian, German second seems to have been just more socialist pie-in-the-sky. The stock markets are crashing over there and now fears of massive bank failures are what everyone is talking about. The EU governments are getting out their wallets as they prepare to bail out the banks, but didn't the banks get in trouble because they bailed out the EU governments? So at this point isn't it like two drowning men trying to save each other?

3. In Carson City, Nevada a gunman opened fire with a rifle on customers in an IHOP. A number were killed before the gunman then killed himself. The usual rhetoric from the media makes this one hard to decipher. All we hear is "assault weapon" and "gun crime". The shooter was a Hispanic male but we don't know of a motive. The FBI repeatedly stressed that they do not have a motive for the shooting but they state it is NOT an act of terrorism. Tell me this, you bumbling FBI morons ... you wouldn't label the Ft. Hood shooting rampage an act of terrorism and he did everything but put up a pro-Islam powerpoint slide and have a local imam bless his guns before he started shooting. So why exactly should we trust you on ANYTHING?

4. Because rhetoric just isn't enough, a new online video game has been presented to allow the player to shoot "Tea Party Zombies" with likenesses of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Where exactly are all the leftists who were so outraged at Sarah Palin's map with crosshairs on it now? I guess they're all too busy playing this game to protest about its violent imagery.

5. The TSA is sueing a blogger who posted a detailed account of her molestation at the hands of a TSA agent in an airport and described it as rape. I'd like to come forward as a rape victim of the TSA as well. Last year when returning from a trip out to California, a TSA agent touched me inappropriately. He grasped my buttocks while asking me if I'd ever been to California before. At the time I had not learned of the TSA's aggressive new patdown policy so I walked away thinking, "That guy was REALLY THOROUGH." Now I have learned that it is part of a systematic plan of sexual abuse directed at American citizens to teach them that they do not have even the most basic rights of control over their own bodies.

6. A new poll in California indicates that 75% of the population is racist! Well, that's not actually what it states. It states that 3 in 4 voters think Obama's policies are bad ... but isn't that the same thing as being racist? That's what the liberals say when such a poll comes out in Texas, isn't it? How else do they explain the results from California? I guess we can probably throw them a bone and say that the Californians polled weren't actually racist ... they probably didn't understand the question because they're all illegal aliens and don't speak English.

7. Think these high-tech companies are on your side? Think again. A human rights group is sueing Cisco after the company's employees trained and taught Chinese commissars how to track dissidents on the internet with specialized equipment. Many of the dissidents were then rounded up and tortured. A number have died in custody. Keep in mind that in China, dissident can also mean "Christian". So how are you planning to navigate in a high-tech world where the companies who manufacture the technology you use are collaborating against you with the government?

8. Obama is planning to bring all the American soldiers in Iraq home by the end of the year, except for 3000 he is going to leave there as a rear guard. I wonder if one of them is named Leonidas. I say bring them all home and let the Iraqis sort out Iraq's problem. They have a government based on Sharia law there. Is it justice to force American soldiers to die for Sharia law? And what can 3,000 do that 300,000 couldn't except provide an easier target?

9. Not all of the guns provided to gunrunners by the ATF in their now infamous "Operation Fast and Furious" made it to the Mexican cartels. Some have now been uncovered in crimes committed in INDIANA. When exactly are charges for treason going to be filed against Obama? I want to be the first in line to get a ticket to the trial.


Squashnut said...

Obama is truley a traitor . The sooner he is out of office and in jail the better.

Bluesgal said...

I'd settle for out of office along with Holder, Napolitano and Pelosi.

Phoenix PD are running an internal inestigation with their Federal partners according to the Chief of police. They're a tad embarrassed. The "package" disappeared Friday night and they neglected to tell anyone till Sunday.

Amazing (not really) how they are not calling for the heads of the game creators and looking ofr who is behind it. I'm so tired of being called names for not agreeing with the WH policies. sigh

Then there is gunrunner.... I'm waiting for the Ollie North type hearings for Holder. I'm not holding my breath though.

Bluesgal said...

One more thing. I'm a tad puzzled by the "sudden" decision to bring almost all the troops home from Irag. Really we need to get them all out of there but the paranoia in me asks for what purpose and why all of the sudden now does he want all these troops back in the US?