Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept 8 Bunker Index - Not a Nice World for the Ignorant or Naive

I was reading recently about the unfortunate fate of Pippa Bacca. She was an Italian performance artist and liberal who wanted to celebrate the fusion of cultures east and west and show the world that things weren't really that bad and that people were basically good at heart and all cultures were equally valid. So she set off to hitchhike to Istanbul wearing a wedding dress as "performance art". Her nude body was found in Turkey where she'd been raped and murdered by a Muslim.

I look at the parallels to our own American culture and it boggles the mind. The liberals want to embrace every single ideology and cultural belief in their foolish rush towards "multiculturalism" and "tolerance", but they fail to see that some of these ideas are deadly and poisonous. Are they really so stupid that they can't look at some of the hellholes in the Middle East and wonder how exactly they got that way under Muslim control? Or do they simply believe that America is responsible for all those woes and if we'd just learn to be more accepting of our fellow travelers on Spaceship Earth (despite their proclivities for ritual rape, female genital mutilation, persecution of homosexuals, and government sanctioned murder of non-believers) then the world would be one big shiny happy place?

They fail to realize that the only reason they are not all raped, murdered, and left in ditches is that strong men and women who hold the OPPOSITE viewpoint stand guard over their foolish selves and we are not anymore willing to suffer harm to come to them than we are willing to allow harm to come to ourselves.

When the last one of us has been carted off to the gulag for reeducation because we are "intolerant" or "politically incorrect" or because we share a socially unacceptable viewpoint of multiculturalism then who shall stand guard on the walls to keep the evil ones at bay?

1. A trailer containing 21 tons of meat was stolen from a parking lot recently. Or to be more specific it was 21 tons of meat scraps intended for use in meat products like Spam and hot dogs. The thief (or thieves) knew how to connect it to a semi and had their own semi to haul it away so it wasn't just a random crime. Do you think trailers hauling food will become as valuable of targets for thieves as any other commodity soon? Or perhaps there's just a couple of really hungry dogs that needed feeding somewhere.

2. While wildfires rage in Texas, nearly half of the federal forest service's firefighting planes sit parked in California due to a contract dispute between the company who owns them and the Obama administration. As we've seen so far, this administration is not above using its power to "punish" those it perceives as its political enemies. With Texas in 2010 cementing its status as a Red State and with Texas governor Rick Perry starting to look like a serious contender for the presidency in 2012, is the Obama administration making a political decision here to let Texas burn or is this just more government incompetence coming at a bad time?

3. Visitors to the Mall of America unwittingly became targets of FBI investigation because mall cops reported that they "acted suspiciously." One man was approached by mall cops and asked about his business while he was buying a watch for his wife. Later it culminated in FBI agents showing up at the door to his home and asking if he knew anyone who wanted to "hurt the United States". (Yeah, I do, officer. Her name is NAPOLITANO.) Some visitors were taken away into the basement and interrogated for up to 2 hours by mall cops who apparently think they are in an episode of NCIS. According to the news article, the mall cops stop and interrogate roughly 1,200 visitors per year whose names are then reported up to DHS through a local fusion center for terrorism.

4. Obama is asking for $300 billion to stimulate jobs. We saw how all of his last stimulations went. Bankrupt companies that cost us over $300k per job created (and those jobs only paid about $30k). The man is either the most evil president we've ever had and intentionally bankrupting us to fulfill a socialist agenda, or he's the biggest incompetent to ever hold that office. You decide.

5. The "Super Committee" (formerly called the "Super Congress before that was too alarming) is due today to hold its first meeting. On the agenda for this meeting ... the rules for all the other meetings.

6. What's tomorrow? Why we will exceed the debt ceiling YET AGAIN unless Congress acts. The Obama administration is like an annoying child at an arcade who keeps running back to mommy for more quarters.

7. FEMA has reportedly arrived on the scene of the wildfires in Texas and then turned away all of the volunteer firefighters who were pouring in from across the state. Their reasoning? A formal request has not been made. Texans, how long are you going to stand for this malfeasance? It's one thing for them to bungle the job like we saw in Katrina but quite another for them to prevent you from doing it properly yourselves.

8. In Africa, UN peacekeepers stand accused of exploiting underage girls. According to a cable, they gave them food and shelter in exchange for sex. This is what happens when you take third-world trash and put a blue beret on them. You can take the thug out of the third world but you can't take the third world out of the thug. Wait until it's YOUR daughters who have to beg these filth for food.


Wintersong Farm said...

2 and 5. Remember what Reagan said: "Government is not the solution to the problem - government IS the problem." They are NOT there to help you.

Amanda Becker said...

I am tempted to make number 6 my Facebook Status

Bluesgal said...

#2 - Glad to see I wasn't the only one to think that when I read the article about AeroGuard's contract.

The rest - a continuation of the march towards utter madness. I wonder how many lawsuits have been filed against Mall of America. Let's see - unlawful detainment, unlawful search... I could go on but someone will probably tell me they do it under the cloak of "national security" thereby bypassing the constititution.

Missy Rivette said...

I did make #2 my FB status!
Thanks, Ernie :)

Amanda Becker said...

I made # 6 mine- so far only 2 comments- but all my liberal family members are not on FB at the moment LOL

Ernest said...

I like to hear that y'all are spreading around what you're learning. That's sort of the dual purpose to why I do this ... to inform you but also to arm you with knowledge you can use to inform others.

Amanda Becker said...

I love reading the Bunker Index- I am routinely chastised for my Christian Conservativeness- and this BI gives me knowledge- I am and I have said it before a Miracle worker in the Kitchen- but with news and the like- I am rough around the edges- so thank you- this is empowering to me!