Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15th Bunker Index - Gather, ye soldiers of God, and prepare for battle

In my bible study this morning, this one verse just popped out at me:

Psa 112:7 He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: His heart is fixed, trusting in Jehovah.

Evil tidings would seem to be what we are all about here at the Bunker Index, but the information is to warn you, not to scare you. If you are frightened by what you read here and in the news, then take heart. Our God is not called the "Lord of Hosts" for nothing. In the coming battle we have forces arrayed behind us that we cannot begin to imagine and a heavenly reward if we fall.

As Christians, we should run towards the sounds of battle, not away from it. We have been called to vanquish the enemies of the Lord by spreading the Gospel. Their dark and twisted thoughts cannot survive against the truth of Jesus Christ. The enemy will flee before us.

1. All summer long we suffered from excess heat, and now the winter seems to be starting early. All summer long our woodstove ends up having books and mail piled up on it, as if it becomes an extra piece of furniture during the warm times. But this morning I woke up to 44 degree temps and looked longingly at it for awhile, pondering if it would be worth moving everything off of it to take the chill out of the air. In the end, laziness trumped industry and so the stove prep will have to wait for another day, but I think that day will be soon.

2. In the southwest and west,
residents report strange lights in the sky. No idea what they are and speculations range from satellite debris to strange meteors. The lights range from blue and green to yellow or orange. It could be nothing, but I'm reminded that a whole lot of really good sci-fi novels start this way.

3. Tax-cheat and treasury secretary
Tim Geithner told maniacal tv show host Jim Cramer that he's been hoping to get fired for sometime. Don't worry, Timmy. We're all pulling for you to get fired as well. Followed by some jail time for you and the rest of your ilk. It's sometimes interesting to see the hopeless, trapped expressions on these people's faces when they realize they are just a puppet and they can't escape.

4. Michigan's governor has announced yesterday that the
state will begin tracking children's weight in an effort to curb childhood obesity. Doctors will track these numbers and report it up through that other "volunteer" program, the immunization tracking system. They claim it will be anonymous, so why even bother? Or will it be anonymous until the uproar dies down and then some later flip of the switch makes it not anonyous? After watching what happened in England when the government took away children forever from their parents because they were "too fat", I wonder if this isn't the precursor to something.

5. The
last census had some scary numbers behind it: the number of those living in poverty is the highest in census history, we were wealthier in the last millenium than we've been so far in this one, and the South continues to increase the number of people in poverty. Is this a real trend or is it a juggling of the meaning of poverty? It's hard to say.

6. The United States is reportedly scrambling to avert a vote on Palestinian statehood at the U.N. next week. They know this will cause a war at a time when we don't particularly need another one. On the 20th, this will be THE event to watch. It's not often that you get to see biblical prophecy unfold before your very eyes in such clarity.

7. I'm going to be disappointed in some of my readers if I don't get turned in to Obama's snitch program
"AttackWatch". It's the greatest example of the liberal mindset ... try and silence the opposition instead of discuss. We've all seen how that works.  


Anonymous said...

Regarding #4, this is one reason not to take your child to the doctor for every little sniffle. My DS is a big boy. Since he's adopted I don't know how much genetics factors in, but he's very active and eats healthy. Having seen all that the govt has been trying to do regardeing "obesity" I became concerned and asked his pediatrician at our last visit about DS's weight. I was told that he still hasn't hit his growth spurt and that he was healthy. Since we're military, we use doctors on base when we can, so there's no telling what his next doctor will say.

Bluesgal said...

#4 - Control Control "we know what is best for you" yeah right

#6 - Not a good scenario...remifications are worldwide, O stand to lose a few more democrats if he doesn't support Isreal

#7 - OK, I admit.. I couldn't resist and checked it out yesterday. I was instantly reminded of 1930's Germany.. report your neighbor for not being a good citizen.. as for the statements... laugable.

They claimed that under O that the deportaion of illegal aliens with a crimal record incresed 70%.. I can play with #'s to.. of course they have increased 70% because they're not deporting anyone else. It's the total # of deportations I'm in interested in not a percentage of the total number's makeup.

Ernest said...

I like how they play with words.

You cannot be an "illegal" alien WITHOUT inherently committing a criminal act.

Dyson said...

Regarding #5 I am purposely going to move into poverty... I am ready to lower my standard of living and thus become part of the 50% of Americans not paying taxes...

Better that than feed this immoral beast... Just my simple non-violent protest... If you read the numbers, poverty is not that bad anyway... Almost half own their homes...

How many are in poverty and just didn't know it until some government 'crat says it's so?

CC said...

On the news they were talking about how low the income for the poverty level was, $22 K for a family of 4. The commentator asked how could any family live on such a small amount. Of course they can't understand that some people actually garden, have livestock, and remember how to "squeeze a nickle till the buffalo poops in your hand" (Guess that really shows my age!) but for the most part almost twice that income would be tight for many people.