Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16th Bunker Index - The Christian Exodus in America

As we venture into another weekend it's looking to be an eventful one. This "Day of Rage" with its accompanying communist-esque propaganda is troubling. I don't live anywhere near one of their strongholds so I doubt it will personally impact me, but this has the potential to spread into something larger. Remember, the Egyptian unrest which toppled their government started by a handful of protestors refusing to leave a square.

My family is currently plotting our escape from the industrialized grid. A two year plan is fairly buffered and would be a nice way to ease into it, but circumstances might also dictate a more drastic approach. I simply don't know yet how this will shape up, but I ask for your prayers that God give me guidance and make His will known to me.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday. I'll be out of pocket this weekend so there won't be many updates until Sunday. Got a camping trip planned. Should be relaxing. Until then, why not check out some of the links at the Christian Exodus website? Good stuff!

1. The Solyndra scandal is getting deeper. Why is it the Republicans are so afraid to bring ethics charges to the floor against Obama? The Solyndra corporation has now been revealed to have given $187,000 and met with the Obama administration many times before they received their half a billion dollar loan guarantee from the taxpayers. At which point they promptly squandered it and went bankrupt. Now White House emails are coming out that looks like Obama aides were pushing the budget officials in charge of the loan into the decision. Corruption in the Obama administration would not otherwise be noteworthy, but now he's asking for another $450 billion from you. Some consideration into how he spent the rest of it is useful.

2. Is the Western World turning into a matriarchal society? Denmark is poised for its first female premier and Taiwan's presidential election may be leaning favorably towards a female opposition leader. Spain's minister of defense is a socialist woman who famously reviewed her troops in a maternity outfit while apparently sneering at them. While on the surface it would appear to be equal opportunity at work, these are mostly socialist women without the real substance. And whether or not WE in the west perceive these women as fit to lead their nations (and control of their defensive militaries), it remains to be seen how the undoubtedly misogynistic dictators in Latin America, China, and North Korea will perceive these women. And more importantly, how they will react in the years to come if they see their enemies becoming "weak".

3. Over 30,000 British schoolchildren as young as three years old have been registered in a government database for the politicallly incorrect which will be used by the government and employers for the rest of their life. Their crimes? Using playground insults that could be construed as racist or homophobic. This is where we are headed. If the leftist dystopia of England looks absurd, it's only because they are about 10 years ahead of us.

4. A private company who just happens to be a big Democratic donor is working on a project which could interfere with military GPS, according to the Pentagon. However recently a four-star Air Force general overseeing the USAF Space Command was pressured by the White House to change his testimony before the Armed Forces Committee in order to present the Democratic donor in a more favorable light. How much more of their corruption are we willing to take?

5. Tomorrow is the long anticipated "Day of Rage" here in the United States. Socialists and Union organizers are plotting to "take down Wall Street" in an Egyptian-style uprising where they occupy the street and buildings. Strange that they're doing this on a Saturday when the markets are closed. Union agitators are behind this and nobody seems to really know how big it will be or where else they may strike (if they can't afford bus fare to New York). This could boil up into something big, or it could be just a puff of hot air (and bad breath) from the socialist scumbaggery. Either way, keep your shotguns handy.

6. Are we returning to the days of Irish unrest? Irish National Militants are suspected in a series of bomb attacks in Northern Ireland.


Allen W said...

Finnally signed up to comment. Keep up the good work

Bluesgal said...

Ernie - I have surviving off off grid too but haven't started it yet. It may be interesting to "compare notes" when we're done.