Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22nd Bunker Index - Rain on My Soul

There is something about the desert. The people who live there there survive on God's providence. Everything has fangs or spines. It is an unforgiving place.

But I've noticed that most of the beautiful, "easy-to-live" places are infested with the liberal socialism that has spread like a disease throughout America. I guess when you can just reach out your hand and pluck a living from the trees and soil with ease then it's easy to forget your existence rests on God.

That may change soon. Those who have trusted only to the government and corporations to feed and house them are soon to be suffering for that mistake. Even those who looked only to their own hands will not prosper in what is to come. Make your peace now. Return to the old ways and seek the Lord's face.

1. The associated press is catching on.  Even a blind squirrel can occasionally find the tip of the iceberg. In this article they are discussing the lost generation, or that huge swath of American young people who can't find a job. Maybe if they'd start looking for work and stop looking for a job they might fare better.

2. A female slasher is attacking women on trains in NY, causing fear and concern. Apparently she just approaches strange women on the train and slashes open their faces with an unknown sharp object. This is one of the reasons why I hate cities and trains. People can come right up within your comfort zone and it's just expected and normal.

3. The Palestinians appear to be one vote short of the needed 9 so they're holding off for a little while on calling the vote. I guess they'll leave this sword of Damocles hanging over Israel as long as possible.

4. Since China entered the WTO about 10 years ago, analysts estimate it has cost America about 2.8 million jobs. That's a hard pill to swallow. Think about it before you head off to Walmart for some shopping today.

5. 23 retired union officials in Chicago are about to divy up the spoils of war. $56 million in pension benefits to be divided up amongst those 23. No wonder Illinois is so broke.



Wintersong Farm said...

#5 That is exactly the same mentality that President Zero has about the federal budget - "it's mine, spoils of war."

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partndn said...

Whew. I finally got situated with google so I could post.
Sure have missed Ernie.
Great site. Thank you for all the info!