Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26th Bunker Index - In Case of Sudden Loss of Economic Pressure, Your Bailout Will Inflate

The news is all about bailouts today. I keep questioning though ... who exactly has the money to be doing all these bailouts? Smart people know what happens if they just print more money. Hyperinflation Zimbabwe style. Are you prepared for that? A couple of scenarios exist based on historical examples ...

First, the government will release "new" currency under mandatory buyback programs. Basically your 1000 dollars will be traded in for 10 "Bernanke Bucks" or whatever they call the currency at that point. That never works, however, and you end up doing it over and over and over as the government tries to staunch the bleeding.

Second, hyperinflation rolls on unchecked and it costs you $10,000 for a loaf of bread. Companies pay their employees five times per day and your wife shows up with a wheelbarrow to cart away your paycheck and race all the other wives to the grocery store before they change the prices and all the food is gone.

1. It looks like Putin is back in power. Did you doubt that he ever wasn't? Putin is no friend of liberty or the West. What a new Russia looks like in an era of global financial collapse remains to be seen.

2. As Europe collapses, Bernanke and his ilk across the globe have a secret plan ... flood the markets with more money while switching short term debt to long term debt. In other words, tell your creditors that you'll gladly pay them Tuesday for a hamburger today. Before Bernanke and the IMF are done, we'll all have a chance to feel rich as we walk around with millions of dollars in our pockets. Only then that million dollars won't buy us a sack of beans.

3. Did I mention the IMF is trying to bail out Europe? It appears they only have one hitch in their plan ... they need a bailout themselves.

4. The "Day of Rage" on New York's Wall street appears to be ending in a "day of pain". New York police rounded up protestors into a group and then pepper-sprayed them in a typical show of excessive force. Over 90 protestors were arrested and many were injured by the police. While it is somewhat amusing to see hippies holding up "share the wealth" signs get sprayed by tear gas, it's a little scary to watch the draconian police thugs in riot gear on Youtube assaulting people without concern. A little foretaste of what's to come.

5. The Federal Reserve has announced its intentions to monitor blogs, Facebook, Twitter, internet forums, and other social media  in order to keep track of what people are saying about it. Let me be the first to welcome my new readers and say: I can't wait to see you bastards up against the wall when the revolution comes.

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suvalley said...

I am so surprised at the lack of attention paid to the Fed's plan to monitor the internet and other social media. It's like the announcement was made and then poof, it disappeared.

If it was a government agency, folks would be in an uproar. Of course, a lot of people think the Federal Reserve Back IS a government agency....