Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30th Bunker Index - Sing Forth the Honor of His Name

Yikes. What a day. Here it is Friday and it feels like I have a week's worth of work to accomplish before the weekend. However did this happen?

We're still on target for the home purchase. The land surveyors should have finished up yesterday. I'm wondering how much the property lines changed and how much land may be lost there. I've heard of land surveys taking a landowner down from 10 acres to as little as 7. Seems like a colossal blunder. I'm hoping for the best though. Maybe I'll get an oak tree out of it.

As we go into the weekend, I reflect on just how bad things have gotten. A local grocery store chain up the road from me went out of business. I think they space will be filled with another grocer, but going into the bankrupt store in their last week of "going out of business" sales was like a little foretaste of the apocalypse. The shelves were nearly emptied out of everything edible. Now the nearest grocery store is about 30 minutes away, which isn't so bad, but it's driven local residents here to all levels of angst and turmoil.

I'd like try something to try to fill up the spaces in the weekend where there's no Bunker Index. So this Saturday will be "Q&A Day". Please send any questions or discussion points to and I'll compile and answer them in tomorrow's post. I'm sure Kat will participate as well so if you have any questions for her, be sure to specify which lunatic-crazy-extremist you are directing your question to. There's two of us in this household, as you now know from reading her posts. Also please be sure to specify whether or not you'd like me to attach your name to your question publicly or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

As always, you can email me at anytime. I don't get so many emails that I can't get back to them within a few days and I do appreciate hearing from my readers.

And now for something amusing ... Lego terrorists!

1. "Americans have gotten soft" Obama says. Yes. I agree. A red letter day when I agree with Obama. Americans HAVE gotten soft. There was a time when politicians who proposed heavy taxes and unconstitutional laws would have been ran out of town at bayonet point and hounded out into the wilderness, or tarred and feathered. A criminal like Obama would have been tried for treason. We've gotten soft, America. As evidenced by the vile creatures we've allowed to take over our political process.

2. The House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa is really busy this year. So far there's the massive Obama administration donations to Solyndra, the ATF's illegal arming of foreign criminals for the purpose of undermining the Constitution, and now he's investigating whether or not Ford had to pull an advertisement critical of Obama's GM bailout because the White House pressured or threatened them.

3. Iranian Pastor Youced Nadarkhani is scheduled to die this Friday in Iran for the crime of being a Christian. Iran is feeling the pressure from the International Community (though I doubt Obama's weak and poorly worded condemnation mattered much) and there are rumors his sentence may be annulled. That doesn't mean they'll let him out of prison though and it certainly doesn't mean they'll stop persecuting Christians. The Mullahs and clerics of Islam can't. They know their false, demon-inspired religion cannot stand against the light and gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. Obama told an audience of high school students in DC that ethics wasn't his favorite subject. This is exactly what is wrong with Obama and so many liberals ... they think ethics is something taught in school.

5. An American citizen and alleged al-Qaeda operative wanted by the United States was killed in an airstrike in northern Yemen. I'm not concerned so much that an AQ operative was killed, but he WAS an American citizen and the Obama administration DID mark him for assassination. Murdering American citizens wherever they may be found is a bad precedent. Sooner or later Napolitano will get to use that against those the Obama administrations feel are the REAL terrorists ... white Americans who oppose tyranny.

6. The Air Force is teaming up with state and local officials in a collaborative effort to crack down on drunk driving. The $300,000 project also focuses on cutting down on underage and irresponsible drinking. I wasn't aware that Wyoming had such a problem with this that they needed to call in the military to help. Does Posse Commitatus not mean anything anymore, or did we simply decide to do away with it as unfavorable when dealing with unpopular crimes?

7.  Even as the European Union appears poised to break up financially, Brussels has introduced some new plans for compulsory lessons for European children as young as 5, indoctrinating them as "European citizens".

8. South Korea's "bounty hunters". South Korean citizens roam the streets with cameras taking photos of their felllow citizens engaged in illegal activity ranging from littering to prostitution. They then turn the photos in to the government and receive a "bounty". Think Napolitano has heard of this? How long until it's implemented here. The infamous "see something, say something" campaign may turn into "see something, say something, get paid."

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