Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6th Bunker Index - Rumors of War

The rhetoric is being ramped up in America today, and it's largely our elected officials responsible. Union bosses are calling for war and announcing that they are "Obama's army" while our vice-president calls those who oppose runaway government spending and big government "barbarians". Do you really think they're going to stop at just talk? Do you really think that the hordes of the FSA and the union thugs are just letting this speech wash over them without taking root?

Do you recall ever seeing such a time as this? As a campaign strategy, civil war and union thugs beating little old ladies would seem to be something more commonly seen in the third-world, not America. But I guess we've arrived. Our third-world status is here.

Patriots, arm yourselves. We're going to be forced into action before 2012 is over. Even if we do nothing, they are still going to come for us. They have to. It's all they've got left. They have to blame someone for the destruction their policies have caused and it certainly won't be themselves.

I think we'll have more suffering this winter with food prices skyrocketing and job losses continuing. As spring rolls around it becomes more likely that we'll see violence in the streets.


1. As if you needed more evidence that a war is coming, the head of the Teamsters union recently said at an address: "President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong." He was referring to the Tea Party specifically but in general to everyone who disagrees with Obama. I don't think the battle lines are as clearly drawn as he'd like to think. There are a lot of union people in the Tea Party and I don't get the impression that all the truckers I see going up and down the highway are particularly pro-Obama.

2. At a different rally for the AFL-CIO (another union), Biden called the opposition "barbarians" when he said "You Are The Only Folks Keeping The Barbarians From the Gates". (video link) They are ramping up the rhetoric. I believe you've seen their campaign strategy revealed now: civil war.

3. The death toll for the holiday weekend: 46 people shot in NYC and 7 in Chicago.

4. The DHS was conducting a training exercise in the Phoenix airport using live explosives when they accidentally lost their live explosives. Ooops. Someone made off with the igloo cooler they were keeping their explosives in. They were found later abandoned on the side of the road (apparently when the thief realized it wasn't food) but I half expected the DHS to issue an all points bulletin for white, Christian extremists first. Doesn't it just make you all warm and fuzzy knowing that these morons are handling live explosives in public areas?

5. A recent op-ed in the NYT told Americans "not to fear Sharia law" and then expounded on the virtues of how the Islamic religious code could BENEFIT us in America. Maybe next they'll explain why it is that while Sharia and Islam are so "good", all the places where Islam is the dominant religion and Sharia is the law of the land are such hellholes to live in?

6. In the airport at Istanbul, Turkish officials singled out Jews arriving from Israel, collected them in one location and confiscated their passports. After a few hours the Jews were released, but this appears to be a deliberate attempt to provoke Israel.

7. The Turkish navy has announced that it will be sailing with a Gaza bound flotilla carrying "supplies" into the area blockaded by Israelis. Their stated goal is to protect the protestors from "Israeli aggression".


Janice said...

The Jimmy Hoffa thing made DH twitch. He was riled up enough to put up a post on my blog. With everything going on, it just blows my mind that people still can't see what's coming.

I like the new site Ernie, especially the Obama 2012 ad that's being shown as I post this comment! How many converts do you think they'll get from your site??

whiskeylivewire said...

1. I hope that times wrong because why would you be up at 4:31 am?! I get my best sleep then:)

2. The "army" and "war" stuff really threw me. I don't know why it was just very strange to hear.

AR Cattails said...

1 - I can't believe Hoffa said that. It will just escalate tensions so much more than they already are. You are so right about truckers. I use to be married to one and from what I knew about them, they are no friends of Obama.

4 - I can't believe the DHS lost their cooler of live explosives. Lucky for them it was an "honest crook" that took it and left it when they realized what they had.

5 - This, this just scares the hell out of me whenever I hear people promoting Sharia Law like this. If it ever gets a foothold in America, we're doomed.

6&7 - Israel has a lot on it's plate right now. Countries provoking them. Keep up the good fight Israel.

I don't understand finances but I see the stockmarket is not doing good today.

Miss you at S&EP. Not the same without you Ernie but am thankful that you are here. I love your BI.

Mary (AR Cattails)

OD from HT said...

Found you!! Been missing your BI's, hope this new location allows you the freedom to post what you need to (and more of it!). Maybe even give you a bit of compensation for all the work you put into it.

Wintersong Farm said...

Europe is set to implode any minute now. The first inkling we see will be a limit on cash withdrawels from US banks. Take your precautions NOW.

Shauna said...

So happy to hsve found you Ernie! The new site is great and I look forward to daily visits! Keep up the good work!!

Ernest said...

Thank you all!

The news is going to continue to get more scary, I'm thinking. Use this information to prepare yourselves for the future but also to help win allies for the coming battle. And never forget that we do these things for the glory of God by whose mercy our survival is assured.