Thursday, September 29, 2011

Slight Delay This Morning

Business calls. Apparently there's still some work left for me out in the world. I'm summoned to Chicago to fix yet another failing system in the techno-corporate world.

I'll attempt a bunker index report a little bit later today, plus a brief discussion on what I've learned about solar power so far! Stay tuned!

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Bluesgal said...

Here's my take on Solar power..

Alot of math.. need to know what your draw is, how much you'll need, etc.

How to set up the system (location angles, etc)
Deep cycle batteries
Panels needed to produce wattage needed
Exepensive to set up...

That being said... I WANT SOLAR POWER!!!! LOL

They tell me here to lease the system or get it from Solar city.. I tell them, those system are useless, while they'll save me money in 5 years, due to the nature of the set-ups and inverters... if the grid goes down. I'll have no power... then why in the world would I put the solar???? have to engineer a way around that....