Saturday, October 1, 2011

BREAKING: White House Released Docs on Gunrunner Scandal

Ok, so it's not really so breaking. I heard about it first from the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog. But this one is news to me. We've suspected all along that the Obama White House was armpit deep in the Fast and Furious scandal where the ATF sent guns to the Mexican drug cartels so they could kill people and then the Obama administration could use those statistics to rob you of your 2nd Amendment rights.

Now the White House has been forced to release documents and email exchanges which reveal that they not only knew about it but authorized it and required regular updates on how it was going. Of course they didn't release ALL of the documents. They cited "significant confidentiality interests" and didn't release plenty. Yeah, you bet they want to keep the stuff with Obama and Rahm's name confidential. We'll see how long the oversight committee stands for that one.

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