Friday, October 7, 2011

Eyeballing the Protests

This is the OWS Protest in Portland - I believe InvalidID went to this one
An Encampment in New York'd Protest - Note the police watching

It's difficult for me to tell whether these protests are picking up steam or fizzling out. This weekend should tell somewhat. I suspect there will be a lot of protestors getting off work and joining in while the weekday protestors are mostly unemployed.

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InvalidID said...

Hey, there I am! 314 from the right, 197th from the top... LOL

Seriously though. Most of the folks that showed up at the Portland event were pretty average middle class folks. That's not to say there weren't some extreme folks in the crowed as well. The earliest folks there tended to be dirty hippies. More than a few Ron Paul supporters as well. WOOT!

The cops treated everyone pretty well, even letting them march through the streets. I think though, there was a little bit of fear of being the city that screwed up. With national attention the police force didn't want to be THOSE police.

No crime to speak of, though they are planing to push on through the weekend so we'll see what happens.