Thursday, October 13, 2011

Forum Round Up: Tracy Tosses Out Some Wisdom

From the HomesteadingToday forum, I observed Tracy Rimmer, the moderator of the homeschooling subforum talking about the OWS protests in general but yet getting to the quick of things with a needle sharp observation:
For two, nearly three, generations, we've taught our children to blindly accept what they're told. We've dumbed them down, allowed the education system to become a SYSTEM, rather than a source of true education and the training of enquiring minds. We've taught our children that inquisitiveness is a bad thing, asking questions is unacceptable... just accept your daily ration and shut up, don't bother the teacher, it's not like we're going to hold you back if you fail the test.

We've further anesthetized their brains with copious amounts of television, electronic games and other forms of passive entertainment, and stunted their mental capacity by feeding them crappy processed foods "enriched" with chemical versions of the nutrients that our species has drawn from nature for millennia.

And then we question why they are so easily led by extremists of any kind.

It's because they've been trained to follow the guy with the loudest voice or with the message that is least threatening to their tightly-held view of the world, and don't have the mental acuity to break free of that. A large majority of our citizenry is living in perpetual brain fog that, so long as WalMart is open and American Idol is on television at the expected time, they don't even attempt to crawl out from under.

We're reaping what we've sown in the western world in the pursuit of constant immediate gratification, cheap consumer products, and surface pleasure.

Are we happy now?
While she is a Canadian, I think this observation pretty much covers Western Civilization. It ought to be carved on our tombstone. We allowed mental midgets and people who did not represent our value system educate our children. We're reaping what we have sown when we effectively outsourced our parental responsibility to educate our children and promote our liberty-minded civilization.
In the years to come, people like Tracy who have tirelessly promoted homeschooling and shown how will be considered to have slowed the rate of descent and will have done more damage to the tyrants than could have been done with a rifle.

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