Friday, October 14, 2011

No More Making Fun of the TSA

HR 3011 will now make it a crime to use the words "TSA", a picture of a TSA agent, their logo, or any likeness that might possibly give the reader/viewer an understanding that you are, in fact, referring TO the TSA. With this, they are effectively trying to outlaw satirization and dissent against the outlaw TSA program that gropes little old ladies and children and on a weekly basis has its agents arrested for kiddie porn or sex-related charges. Check out section 295 if you have doubts. It widely covers ALL Federal agencies, not just the paid molestors at the TSA.

This is from the InfoWars website, who are the ultimate kings of hyperbole, but upon reading the bill ... it DOES actually leave it up to the prosecutors. It's bad law and it heavily infringes upon the 1st Amendment. We already HAVE laws against impersonating a government official ... this law seems to have no other purpose than to provide a future placeholder for criminalizing dissent.

Which jackass is responsible for this? Rep. Michael Rogers, Alabama Republican. It's co-sponsored by 5 other Republicans. I'd like to know who exactly inserted that amendment into the damn thing that will modify the US code of law.

I called his office for some info and the nice girl who answered the phone said they were being deluged with calls right now, thanks to Drudge. She transferred me to the voicemail of the press secretary who is apparently in a staff meeting. We'll see if I get a call back. Hopefully the Bunker Index is prestigious enough to warrant a return call!

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