Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12th Bunker Index - Individual Revolution is the Key

Things are continuing to escalate on the protest front. On forums and blogs, people are still arguing about the content and character that makes up this protestor mob. It's a pretty big tent, but ultimately from what I've seen you can find three liberal-progressives out there for every one libertarian. The fact that Soros-funded groups like have moved in and are feeding and providing other logistical support to these protests also has made up my mind. It doesn't bode well for us freedom-minded individuals at this point. They MIGHT manage to break the stranglehold the banks have on our political system, but at what cost? If they toss out the Constitution or usher in a new totalitarianism then we may just yearn for the more tender whips and clubs of our former banker owners.

Keep on plugging away at your own plans, folks. Bring your own households up out of Babylon and out from underneath the oversight of the banks. Slowly but surely we can break free on an individual level.

1. As the Senate was busy killing his "jobs" bill, Obama took time out of his busy campaign schedule to have a beer with 4 unemployed construction workers in an Orlando bar. Did this fool anyone? Meeting with 4 union shills in a bar for a quick photo op was very similar to his wife's staged photo op shopping at Target. They are trying desperately to win back their appeal to the mensch. I'm pretty sure after the photo was snapped, Obama rushed back to the hotel to "wash the stink of white people's desperation" off.

2. The gloves are coming off of the "Occupy" protests. In LA, a speaker acknowledges that in order for the Occupiers to achieve their goal, violence and bloodshed will be necessary. I've been telling y'all that this is coming. Are you ready?

3. This week, one TSA agent was charged with possessing child pornography and another one was arrested for bringing a handgun into the secured area of Miami's airport. These people think they're above the law. This is the sort of scum that the government has determined should watch over YOU.

4. A top official within the CDC has been arrested along with her live-in boyfriend for charges of child molestation and bestiality. These are the types of people writing policy for the government's healthcare.

5. With the failure of his jobs bill, Obama tells his advisors to find out how to approve stimulus projects without Congressional authorization. This is a blatant violation of our Constitution. The three branches of government are set up in such a way to prevent the executive branch from bankrupting us. This "constitutional scholar" that has been elected seems to have studied the Constitution with the sole intent of undermining it at every opportunity.

6. Bill Clinton spoke at an event in Chicago yesterday where he compared the Occupy Wall Street protestors to protestors in the "Arab Spring". He claims the Muslims wanted to build a modern, inclusive state. Yeah, you grinning idiot. That's why they're currently KILLING CHRISTIANS in the street over there right now. That's how inclusive they are.


Sawmill Jim said...

As i have said the insane are running the asylum .Question is will it be better once it resets ?? Just glad i don't live near a city .

OD from HT said...

I'm getting the feeling that this hole is deep enough that there is no getting out. Time to put seat belts on the's going to get rough!

Dyson said...

No cash? What next, the mark to buy or sell?

Search Chrislam for more proof the end times are near...

Wintersong Farm said...

When all people are turned into criminals by legislation, we become vulnerable to selective enforcement based on our politics. Think about that.