Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18th - Survival for the 1%

The Republic continues to decline. The more I reflect on Ann Barnhardt's last discussion, the more I have to agree with the Colorado Buzzsaw. America is toast. There's no way to recover from the situation. Storing up a sack of dried beans isn't going to help you through what is to come. You're going to have to radically restructure your life until the point that you're not dependent upon anyone else for food production, security, or water. Are you capable of that? Can you will yourself to the sacrifices involved? Can you draw strength from the Lord in order to survive?

If so, join the 1%. The 1% who will survive when the rotten heart of the United States collapses in upon itself. Choose now. Time is short.

1. Doing business with a bankrupt state seems like a great way to go broke. Submitted to me by a reader, I puzzled what to say about this one for awhile. What do you do when the government won't follow business rules and ethics? To who do you complain? Better to just have no commerce with them at all.

2. In a report from my home state and soon-to-be-headquarters of the Bunker Index, a dust storm rolled through Lubbock and the surrounding area. As more and more land is exposed due to dying vegetation, I expect plenty more of these. We had them when I was a kid and we'd place wet towels around the base of the outside doors to keep the sand out. They didn't last long but would generally make a mess. Nothing long lasting and no real damage so long as you didn't get caught out in them. Yet they are a sign of serious soil erosion.

3. On the north side of St. Louis, packs of wild dogs are roaming the streets. There seems to be some dispute as to whether or not this is a real phenomenon, but having been to St Louis, I don't find it difficult to believe. The city is only about $3 richer than Detroit and 2 weeks ahead of them on the collapse timeline.

4. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (spit) is pursuing parts of President Obama's failed jobs bill with $30 billion in stimulus aimed directly at education. What kind of charade is this? He's pretending as if the Republicans killed the President's jobs bill, but it was the Democrats in the Democrat-controlled Senate who killed it.

5. The Democratic National Convention appointed a new position and filled it ... that of a Chief Diversity Officer. I have been all around this world and I have seen many strange things. I have been in the board rooms of many, many corporations in this great land. But one thing I have never seen or heard of in all of my travels ... is a WHITE MALE Chief Diversity Officer.

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