Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20th Bunker Index - The Partisan Way

A tough news day out there today. Lots of frightening stories to choose from. Am I frightened? Not particularly. They are all unified around a theme that ceases to frighten me anymore. Corrupt politicians making shady deals. Having began to place myself contra mundum to them, I don't care what little laws and tyrannies they set up. Soon I will be beyond the reach of those petty tyrants. When they finally do begin to reach into my world they will already be completely controlling the worlds of most everyone else and it will be time to fight.

What methods are you using in your own life to put your family beyond the reach of the tyrants? Quitting a lucrative job to spend more time at home? Doing without purchasing certain products? Deliberately ignoring certain laws and regulations that infringe upon your freedoms?

1. In the DC area, the bureaucrat salaries top out over $126k and have made the Beltway area the nation's new Silicon Valley. Do you not find this strange? It's sort of like the director of a "feed the poor" soup kitchen weighing in at 400 pounds.

2. Napolitano has ordered DHS to drop deportation cases and is now authorizing illegal aliens to work within the United States. Did Congress pass amnesty laws while I wasn't looking? Remember not too long ago how Obama was hinting that he was just going to do that without Congressional approval? Turns out he did.

3. A Muslim goes berserk on a Southwest Airlines flight and starts yelling "praise Allah" and "you're all going to die." Hardly any of this story makes sense. Agitprop? They claimed that investigators were having trouble interviewing the man due to a language barrier, but then in the very next sentence they state he was born in Mississippi. Did he speak Mississippian? The FBI special agent said it wasn't an act of terrorism but described the man as a U.S. citizen who may have experienced an episode of mental illness. The same sort of mental illness as Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood? Or perhaps the more generalized mental illness we often refer to as "Islam"? I'm sure soon some government official will announce how he was "provoked" by being seated next to a Christian.

4. In a poll taken of the Zuccotti Park OWS protestors, the surveyer found that 49% of the protestors would vote to reelect Obama. That's a little higher than the national polls are showing, but nto a lot. 33% of the protestors consider themselves struggling in the job market. Other demographic figures presented also seem to be skewed somewhat.

5. Bizarrrely enough, Barney Frank is coming out (ha!) in support of Wall Street Protestors while simultaneously gathering in millions in campaign donations from Wall Street executives. Ironic, eh?

6. The Obama administration really doesn't like dealing with journalists who aren't on the leash.

7. Obama would seem to be the very epitome of what the OWS is against, which makes me doubt that the movement is in itself sincere. Obama has raised more campaign money from the financial sector than all of the GOP candidates combined.

8. The first of a never-ending supply of Mexican cargo trucks driven by Mexican drivers is set to reach the U.S. interior within the next few days. This is a controversial part of NAFTA where trucks with Mexican goods don't have to transfer their cargo to trucks driven by American drivers and normally inspected and maintained to U.S. safety standards. It is unknown what, if any, safety standards the Mexican trucks have to maintain but you'll be sharing the highways with them soon.

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Sawmill Jim said...

Been thinking about getting me one them Mexican licenses plates. Aren't those exempt from all US laws .