Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24th Bunker Index - The View from the Kingdom

Not a lot of relevant news events this morning. Still the same twitches and kicks of a dying economy but that's hardly news anymore. The protesters at OWS are still wallowing in their own filth and the government has yet to drive them away. Cholera hasn't yet broken out there either. As I sat here this morning browsing the news, I have to wonder if this isn't the calm before the storm. The first week of November is on target to be a serious doom week. Are you ready?

On the Pilgrim Road, as your Christianity deepens, the things of the world seem to matter less and less. Scary news events? Not an issue. The government is tainting food? What does it matter to you? You produce your own food! Government is shutting off television? Good! Hope it stays off forever -- it's of little use to our Christian lives. Eventually we reach the point where we just shake our head sadly at the government and the world, knowing that we dwell in a different kingdom. A kingdom that Christ has already conquered and made beautiful.

1. Obama is announcing a series of actions this week including getting involved in refinancing of homes. Congrress won't pass his jobs bill, so he says he's going on without them. What an enormous usurpation of powers this is.

2. Gaddafi's body is still on display but Libya's interim leader is already beginning to implement strict Sharia law. Didn't we, the western civilization that despises Sharia law, just help them overthrow their government and seize control of their country? Did we do that just to establish yet another extreme Islamicist government in the Middle East?

3. The American-installed "president" of Afghanistan declared last week that if ever there were to be a war between Pakistan and the United States, Afghanistan will fight for Pakistan AGAINST us. While Karzai is normally considered to be so full of crap that it spills out whenever his mouth opens, one has to wonder exactly why  we've shed so much American blood and spend so many dollars establishing a government in the Middle East which will openly speak against us.

4. The Feds are going to demonstrate their complete control over all television and radio comms by shutting them off for about 3 minutes on November 9th.  A lot of media is making a big deal out of this, but most of us already realized that television and radio have been consolidated under Fedgov for a long time now and are solely their creatures. Every show, every radio song ... it all works for them. Don't be too surprised when you see them flexing their propaganda muscles.

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Sonshine said...

Obama has slowly been kicking Congress out of all decision making. Can anyone say "dictator", and the whole thing on Gaddafi is weird. First of all, I don't think we should have ever gone in there, then to have the secretary of state laughing over his death. America is no more.