Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25th Bunker Index - Modern Living

More news filtering in from the fall of the Republic. What a mess today's world is.

Last week's poll has closed and it looks like the majority of the readership thinks that the "Occupy" protests are going to linger on until winter arrives and then peacefully disperse. We'll see, but I don't hold out hopes for that. It's tactically unsound doctrine for the organizers to let this anger dwindle and then hope they can pull it all back together in the spring. Not at all how I would run a revolution.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm already sick of this election cycle. Hearing the Republican candidates talk about how they can keep a bloated and ever-expanded government in operation simply sickens me. And I'm ready for Obama's impeachment hearings to start. Impeach him for what, you ask? Pick a charge: illegal war, Solyndra loan scams, assassination, or (my favorite) gun running.

Hang in there, folks. We're ramping up towards the final crash. I don't think any of us can look at our current way of doing things and expect it to last. A government sustained by debt is bound to fall, and when it goes, so goes the Republic. Expect lawlessness, chaos, and privation. We've already got two of the three. Wait until America gets it "full Somalia on".

1. Perry has proposed a 20% flat tax. All of these different presidential candidates are unveiling their plans now. Obama proposes feeding the government beast so that it grows larger, and the Republicans are proposing more fair ways to feed the beast so that the burden is distributed more "equally". Only Ron Paul has addressed the real situation of "killing the beast" so nobody has to work so hard to feed it.

2. Much has been said about the release of a thousand Palestinian terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit. Here's a new angle you haven't yet seen: the Palestinian government is paying a pension to those released terrorists that comes directly from the U.S. government. Yes, your taxes are paying for the murder of Israelis.

3. Teen mobs are running amok in Peoria again. Now they're assaulting motorists and one woman had her car window smashed out and a handgun was pointed at the passenger in her car. When police showed up, the group scattered in different directions and no arrests were made. The article fails to mention that the assailants were black but did note that the mob hurled racial epithets such as "honky" at the drivers.

4. "Occupy Maine" protestors were attacked early Sunday morning by a "chemical bomb". It exploded harmlessly but exuded a thick cloud of smoke and a foul smell. No injuries were reported. No arrests were made. Portland police have contacted the ATF to see if they can escalate criminal penalties due to the bomb-thrower(s) violating the civil rights of the protestors. Way to go, cops. If you escalate the charges too much, a person might just decide that if they're going to spend 30 years in jail for throwing a smoke bomb then they might as well throw a real bomb.

5. Good news for illegal aliens in Sonoma County, California! The local police are now recognizing a Mexican ID as a valid id.  Let's just blur the lines a little further, shall we?

6. Police are investigating the possible sexual assault of a teen at Occupy Dallas. Apparently a teenage runaway went to the site and had sex with at least one adult male there. Still want to claim these "occupy" movements are just like the Tea Party, or have enough events like this occurred to make that meme non-viable?

7. The San Jose police department trashed a home in Stockton. They were looking for an accused killer but the homeowner says he was never there. The windows are all smashed out, the police punched holes in the wall, and the tear gas residue is so thick in the house that the home is now uninhabitable. The homeowner is asking the police to pay for the damage but the police are refusing. This is the sort of stuff that happens when you let police investigate other police and they are essentially above the law.

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Anonymous said...

I believe we'll see our major cities burning. Whether due to the OWS or something else, I don't know, but we'll see it before the next election.