Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28th Bunker Index - The Death of the Republic

1984 is here. Now we have streetlights that monitor citizens, government agents placing tracking devices on our vehicles without a warrant, and coming soon ... internet censorship. The bill for that has already passed the Senate and is flying through the House as I type this.

How much longer am I going to be able to bring the Bunker Index to you? I don't know. Under the new act, all it would take is one complaint of copyright infringement from any of the news sources I link to and suddenly the domain is seized, the blog is shut down, and I'm in jail.

Every cop, every politician, and every schoolteacher is in an active state of SEDITION against the Constitution. I love my country but I hate my government. I question more and more the wisdom of my sticking my neck out. I've made some friends and received some nice comments from folks on this blog and elsewhere, but I don't know how many of you will pick up a rifle and start shooting government officials when you see my house on CNN surrounded by a SWAT team because I posted something unfriendly to the government. Or more likely, how many of you will just notice I'm missing one day and wonder why I stopped posting. Meanwhile, my children are in foster homes and my wife and I are in jail.

This is the fate of all American dissidents right now. There are certainly a hundred other bloggers they would come after before they got to me, but undoubtedly I'm on the list. Sitemeter reveals exactly who is hitting the website and from where. I'm well aware of the alphabet agencies who have been crawling all over my site lately and downloading every single page. (Hey, DHS ... since you're here anyway ... would it KILL YOU to click on an ad link?).

Things are ramping up. I believe 2012 is going to be the year of the long knives, so to speak. That's the year when some dissidents will be made an example of. Civil disorder will be used to finally overthrow that pesky Constitution once and for all. A new totalitarianism will rise in the ashes of our Republic. While it may not come to full culmination in 2012, I believe 2012 WILL be the year in which the program begins in earnest.

Be ready, friends. Make your choice now as to whom you will serve. The 1st Amendment is one thing, but when everyday citizens take sides with people marching in the street carrying signs advocating the overthrow of the Republic and the establishment of ideologies that their grandfathers fought and died to suppress ... there's no way back from this.

1. A snowstorm is about to descend across the Northeast. This is the first big one of the year for those folks in that region. Are you ready? Got your firewood stacked? The chimney cleaned out from last year? The rain gutters clear of obstruction? Wouldn't hurt to bring in a few extra weeks of food to put away, just in case everyone else isn't ready.

2. Bill Daley, the White House chief of staff, in an expletive filled interview said that Obama would be PISSED if he was a one-term president. The rest of the narrative goes on to explain how this horrible financial crisis is anyone's fault BUT Obama's.

3. Napolitano has been caught in a major lie. Under intense questioning by the House Judiciary Committee over her role in the Project Gunwalker scandal, she repeatedly told the committee that she only learned about the program in December of last year when the controversy went public. Unfortunately, there's video of her announcing the program in a press conference dating back to 2009. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

4. A bill has been introduced in the House which will require internet service providers to block access to foreign websites that the government dislikes.While on the surface this is being done to prevent piracy, it has far reaching ramifications. It could easily be used to block access to political or news sites the government deems as "inappropriate to Americans". This is essentially the same process Iran and China use to censor their own internet. This is a pretty big deal. Do you think it's coincidence that this is coming in what looks like it's going to be a big and contentious election year?

5. The EU has cut a deal which "saves" Greece. Essentially, those who are holding Greek bonds (private investors) will lose 50% of the value of those bonds. If you bought $100 worth of bonds, you now hold $50 worth. Great investment, eh? That ought to be a warning to anyone thinking government bonds are a safe investment. Ironically, this bumped UP the Euro in currency markets which drove the dollar down.


Bluesgal said...

I thinkk you summed it up in the last paragraph before the BI list.

The censorship proposed in #4 is the very thing the US chastised China for. I think they realized the benefit to the gov't and why China was doing it. Notice it's one other thing cloaked in the mantra of "for you own good" or "security".

I was considering filing a freedom of information request for my own file.... but now.. I'd probably just get a few pages with my name at the top and the rest blacked out.

Janice said...

Ernie, as much as I enjoy reading the Bunker Index every day, I wouldn't fault you for a second if you had to walk away to keep your family safe.

I was amazed when my little puny blog started getting visited by the Navy Network Information Center. They seriously feel like they need to keep an eye on the activities of a SAHM with a few posts about current events thrown in? It's really sad and a little creepy. Where do they draw the line at "non-threat?"

Also, DH and I agree that 2012 is going to be a big year. Since buying our property our goal has been to get all major projects completed by 2012. The year has certainly crept up on us faster than I thought.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed!