Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3rd Bunker Index - Send Me an Angel

The bible tells us that many have been visited by angels unawares. I don't know upon what missions God sends forth His angels, but the time has come that we need them among us. Brave Christian souls walk in danger every day. The risk comes from murderers, thieves, unbelievers, and their own government. Keep your head up, Christian. Be wary, but be not afraid. Until the appointed time has come and God allows you to come to harm, you are invincible.

October is set to be a particularly perilous month. We have financial disasters, political ones, and a brewing revolution. Are you all set? You'll need more than just a sack of beans put aside.

1. The "Occupy Wall Street" protests continue to spread. This weekend there were 700 people arrested and the protests also spread across multiple cities. These protests are now also being heavily funded by progressive groups. If you look at the photos, you'll see expensive computer equipment, buffet tables, and enormous stacks of pizza boxes. These dirty college students don't have the money for that. So in whose interest is it that these protestors stay in position and stay fed and happy? The same progressive groups who put Obama in power.

2. Who is our ally again? It seems that the majority of the IED's being used against our soldiers in the Middle East are coming out of Pakistan. How much of the financial aid that we're giving Pakistan is being funneled back to insurgents and used in bombing our troops? Nothing like having a self-funded perpetual warfare state. "We have always been at war with Eastasia."

3. In this article, we discover that social media is increasingly being co-opted by surveillance experts and law enforcement. What a brilliant idea ... get people to tell you what they're doing and then build giant law enforcement database systems to analyze it for signs of criminal activity. Imagine a future in which the Bunker Index is forced to go underground.

4. Germany has announced to Europe that the ATM is CLOSED. No more German money will be given to the EU bailout fund. How much longer now until the rest of Europe collapses? No idea. I didn't expect them to last this long. They probably wouldn't have except Bernanke gave them the ability to convert near-worthless euros to rapidly-becoming-worthless dollars, which most of the major European banks took advantage of.

5. A massive ozone hole opened up over the Canadian arctic. What the heck are those Canucks doing up there? Supposedly the thing is bigger than Ontario.

6. Mike Vanderboegh faces his day in court today for the crime of being armed without the permission of the state. Think Eric Holder has made any special phone calls regarding this one? To my way of thinking, the real crime is when a citizen in good standing must ask the permission of the state in order to travel our nation's highways under arms.

7. A Christian blogger who wrote about "spiritual death" was forcibly disarmed by the state. One of his readers (probably not  fan) turned him in and accused him of making death threats to her when he spoke of spiritual death.

8. A sword-swallowing street performer was arrested for swallowing swords. A New York police officer told him, “I don’t care if you are a sword swallower, you were holding a sword in public and I have every right to shoot you."

9. Denmark has become the first nation to institute a "fat tax". Foods which the government declares are particularly fattening have now had a surcharge added to them. Keep in mind that Denmark is more socialist than we are and they already have socialized medicine (something we are just now implementing with Obamacare). When everyone pays, then suddenly everything you consume or do becomes everyone else's business. That's the REAL reason behind Obamacare. Obama doesn't give a rat's ass about you ... but his progressive mindset wants complete control of your life. This is how they do it.


Bluesgal said...

and it's only Monday....

#8 - Telling that the police officer thinks he has the right to shoot someone who is holding a sword and not in a "threatening manner". Can he shoot me for holding a pocket knife? A box cutter? Yep, Scary mindset..

Dyson said...

The PO will be the one to describe the threatening manner since you won't be able to tell a different story...