Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5th Bunker Index - Better Late Than Never

 Oh what a day I've had. It would have killed a normal man. But I'm home again and safe. I don't know how people survive in the city. The entire infrastructure of the urban environment seems to be a place in which God has withdrawn His providence.

Are you following all the news this week? These New York protests are picking up speed. Fast and Furious is getting more furious in the courtroom with Eric Holder blatantly lying to the oversight committee. It seems as if the Obama administration is becoming more and more unhinged. A recent poll indicated that "anybody but Obama" would beat Obama by a pretty large margin. Be careful. This doesn't mean we're headed for freedom. Just as Bush begat Obama, Obama will likely as not beget something even worse (if that could be imagined). I do not want to trade an inept Democratic tyranny for a more competent Republican tyranny.

The rest of the week is all downhill. Hope you can avoid the cities and spend some quiet time getting your thoughts together. For as the mind goes, the body will follow.

1. Turns out if Solyndra, the fraudulent alternative energy company that received millions from the Obama administration in return for campaign funds, had simply held out a little longer then the Obama admin would have given them ANOTHER $469 million. That's like ALMOST winning the lottery.

2. Police and rioters are clashing now in Greece as the entire nation goes on strike. By "goes on strike" I think the article means "goes bankrupt and devolves into anarchy."

3. 48.5% of the population in 2010 lived in a household that receives some sort of government benefit. I simply don't know what to say about this. We're done as a nation. Kaput. There's no turning back from here. You can't convince half of the nation to stop suckling at the teat long enough to go forth and fix the problems when half of the nation IS the problem.

4. The presidential candidate field narrows further as Sarah Palin announces she is not going to run in 2012.

5. In DC, having expired tags is now enough to find yourself going to jail. Expect more of this as bankrupt governments try to extort more money from a tapped out citizenry.

6. Issa continues to pound Holder on the Fast and Furious scandal. Holder has changed his story a couple of times now and it looks like Issa is fed up. This is getting to be a sticky issue for the Obama administration as another representative hinted today that they might be accessories to MURDER. Well of course they are, but now it's being said out loud.

7. Sesame Street is unveiling a new muppet ... Lily ... whose family doesn't get enough to eat because they're poor. Are they going to blame Cookie Monster for his greed? Perhaps the Count? There's hardly any television for children anymore that ISN'T socialist programming.

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