Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outrage Story #1

My goal today is to find for you three stories which tip your moral outrage over the edge. That's three stories that bring you to the point where you're ready to throw open your front door and shout obscenities out into the street directed at the Obama, the government in general, and your idiot neighbors who continue to vote for this sort of crap.

Outrage story #1 brought to you from the UK, because mainstream American media is too busy masturbating over the realization of their socialist dreams to actually inform Americans.

A man in Idaho now faces prison time over killing a grizzly bear in order to protect his children. He has the misfortune of having a home smack dab in the middle of two areas where the Federal government established "grizzly bear recovery zones" and made grizzlies a protected species. When a grizzly bear group was crossing back and forth between the recovery zones (because grizzly bears can't read maps) they heard the sounds of tasty prey  children playing in his backyard and they investigated.

I love grizzly bears. The only tattoo I have is that of a grizzly bear pawprint. They are my totem spirit. I'd feel really bad if I had to shoot one. I'd feel a lot worse though if I had to watch one eat my family because the government says I can't protect myself from protected species.


Bluesgal said...

The lunacy continues.. some people are so dang worried about one tree they lose sight of the forest.

Also, it makes them feel "superior"

chupang said...

i thought grizzlys were veggies?