Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outrage Story #3

There problem was not finding a third story to inspire outrage, but rather in choosing from among the dozens which one I wanted to present.

I could have gone with the two lesbians who indoctrinated their male child and twisted him into becoming a her.

Or I could have gone with Roseanne Barr's class warfare jibes where she announces that rich people who refuse to give up THEIR MONEY should be beheaded.

But ultimately I settled on this little gem from Nashville. It seems there's a council there that has been seizing private property and paying far less than market value for it, all under the umbrella of "eminent domain". They seize the land and then sell it to developers who are building a new convention center. The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (or MDHA) has been seizing land, but then a court case forced them to pay more money to the previous owners and now they are whining about exceeding their land budget. Now ANOTHER civil case has been filed and the city is trying to get it thrown out of court because it will "cost the taxpayers too much money". The new case? Whether or not the city has the right to steal your property in the first place.

If the blood vessels in your brain have remained intact from that previous post, then ponder for a moment in silence all of the many ways in which the citizen who has had his land stolen by the government might seek revenge. The thieves are really only protected by our law abiding nature. There's not enough cops to watch over every construction site, government official scoundrel, and official vehicle. Entertain yourselves with amusing thoughts of flattened tires, burning bulldozers, and bricks tossed through windows at midnight.

Is it time yet, Claire?


Bluesgal said...

Seems you have just shown one of the reasons behind the actions of "Outrage #2".

Bluesgal said...

hmm seems like some of the reasons for #2 on you list.