Friday, October 28, 2011

Patience is NOT one of my virtues

The property deal in Texas has all but fallen through. The title company took forever but here at the end it seems that the seller doesn't have clear title to the land he's trying to sell me. There's a probate going back one or two previous owners where someone died without a will. They're going to have to track down a relative and get them to sign a release. The lawyer has no idea how long this may take and so I am starting with "PLAN B" as of today ... Plan B meaning "look for another piece of property in the same area."

If they can come up with all the right paperwork before I find something else then I will buy that one. It's a great place for a great price ... but I can't wait 6 months or more for them to sort it out.

Anyone know of any property for sale in West central Texas? Out near Brownwood? That's a great area and I'm pretty much sold on living in that area now.


Bluesgal said...

Sorry to hear about htis complication. I know you don't want to hear this but everything happens for a reason. The property you eventually get will be where you are supposed to be.

Thinking good thought for you.

Wintersong Farm said...

Maybe God is telling you to go north instead of south. Think about it. I have been guilty of trying to get God to approve my plan, rather than listening to his plan, so maybe you should examine yourself and see if this is the case. In any event, I wish you well.

Patrice said...

Sorry to hear your deal fell through. I pray that God will provide you the perfect place that HE wants you to have.

Sonshine said...

Is it anywhere near Round Rock, Tx? I have a friend in that area that may be able to help with the search, OR.... you can move down to Georgia. :)

Tom said...

Brownwood, Tx. is a very nice place.