Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spotlight: Reid Changes Senate Rules

Dirty Harry Indicates His Respect for the Democratic Process

There's a move afoot in the Senate to change the rules on overcoming filibusters from the minority. They lowered the number of votes needed from 60 to 51, which is exactly how many votes they have ... ironic that. This virtually ensures that anytime the Republican minority wants to add an amendment, or wants to try and block legislation that is being ramrodded through, they won't be able to.

Now with what you can smell in the wind between here and November 2012, do you think the Democrats will hang on to the Senate or do you think they'll be thrown out with yesterday's trash? Yeah, I'm thinking they're going out with the trash. So do you think Reid isn't aware of this? Or do you think perhaps he simply doesn't care as he believes (or knows) some major game-changer is in the works between now and then?

They don't call him Dirty Harry for nothing. This bodes ill for all of us.

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