Friday, October 7, 2011

Uh oh -- Sanitary Conditions in NY Zuccotti Park are Bad

According to the owners of the park, the hippies occupying said park are pretty disgusting. The park management hasn't been able to get the protestors to comply with basic sanitation. It's become essentially one giant port-a-potty.

You can suspend the laws of nature for awhlie, and socialists always like to try, but sooner or later cholera rears its ugly head. Some of the local businesses have been letting protestors use their bathrooms, but fewer and fewer are allowing it now as reports come in of protestors leaving the bathrooms filthy and/or breaking and stealing once inside.

We'll see how the protest goes once they're all forced to poop in the flower beds.


Bluesgal said...

You've just raised another point.. the park itself is on private property and belongs to the owners of an adjacent building.

They're betweena rock and hard place.... insist it get's closed down and incur the wrath of the protestors and negative pr or let the protests continue and let the place get destroyed.

It is not city property.

Sawmill Jim said...

Maybe some capitalistic person will rent them some pots

Allen W said...

Sounds like the park needs a good hosing down. Bring out the fire hoses some night and wash it down.