Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16 Bunker Index - All We Need is a Dustbowl

Weird and disturbing news today. It's disturbing the complete hubris of the Obama administration as the republic crumbles around them. Socialists are always careless with other people's money, but this administration appears to be doing it deliberately in an effort to bankrupt us.

The woes continue for Penn State. That entire school needs to be razed to the ground. Every where you turn the news is full of children being raped, and not just at Penn State. We are an evil civilization that deserves to be destroyed. Get yourself free of it while you can and repent for your own part in all of this.

The wickedness of the world is depressing of late. Maybe it's just winter and the gray skies and the delays in moving to Texas, but the bleakness of the situation is getting to me. I need extra time in prayer each day in order to find my center. If you're feeling the bleakness as well, you have my sympathies.

With the Lord's help, we'll get through this and soon find ourselves surrounded by spring and growing things.

1. NPR remains the mouthpiece of the liberal agenda as Obama's Secretary of Energy defended the $528 million in loans the Obama administration gave to the bankrupt Solyndra corporation.

2. Some charts from Johngalftfla covering inflation of common items. Pay particular attention to what "Cash for Clunkers" did to the price of used cars. As the owner of a "clunker" that is soon to cross it's 200,000th mile ... I like sticking my finger in the eye of the government at every opportunity.

3. Police are searching for a mentally ill Hispanic who allegedly shot at the White House with one of those evil assault rifles. To the media, any weapon is an "assault rifle" and I'm sure Obama and his staff are absolutely distraught that the shooter is apparently a mentally ill Hispanic instead of a white, Christian extremist.

4. Obama is pushing to move gun shooters off of public lands, no longer allowing them to hunt or shoot targets there. (No link ... annoying advertisement there.) This is all part of the "king's forest" mentality, where the government forbids you to trespass on "public" lands.

5. According to a recent poll, voters are divided strictly along racial lines over Obama. I guess the race baiting has worked after all. What do you think this means for 2012 if Obama is voted out of office?

6. In a weird incident, a teacher at a Chicago "Christian" school has been charged with felony masturbation for fondling himself behind a podium while teaching class. Police stated that they believe he's been doing it for at least the past 10 years. There is no school like homeschool.

7. Why is the Obama administration stationing Marines in Australia? Speculation abounds. China does not approve.

8. If you don't hold it, you don't own it. The famous doomist financial speculator Gerald Celente had six figures worth of gold looted out of his investment account by the infamous MF Global. Guess he didn't see THAT one coming.

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Freeholder said...

Ernie, have you read Randy Alcorn's book, Heaven? I just finished it and it's great for helping you get focused on what really matters!