Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30 Bunker Index - Hey look! Fluffy Kittens!

Today's news is very outrage inducing. If you planned to not be angry today, you'd best come back tomorrow. As long time readers know, whenever the news is too dire or too angry-making, I always post a pleasant picture to go along with it. As sort of a balance. I don't know if that's helping or if it's just creating a psychological aversion to fluffy kittens.

Our move to Texas is moving right along again. It took a major effort to get this train back upright and on the tracks, but it seems to have been accomplished. Now I'm just waiting for the deal to close in the next few days and then we're going to figure out a way to get down there as quick as possible. Well, I'm sure that will happen in God's time somehow. Patience is a hard thing for me though.

1. Warhawk Joe Lieberman is leading an effort to get Google to censor "terrorist material" on the Blogger platform. I guess Joe thinks the 1st Amendment is obsolete in this day and age.

2. The government can't seem to keep its hands off your dinner either. They going to send Napolitano in a SWAT team tank to burst down your walls if you sprinkle too much salt on your meal?

3. The double standard is in full force now. If a cop shoots a person accidentally, it's a whoopsie. They get a do-over. If a police DOG attacks a kid, then the cops also give it a free pass.

4. Elections today in Egypt have the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi Islamist party rolling over the secular parties by a 2-1 margin. When the smoke clears, Egypt will be worse than Iran.

5. In Los Angeles, the police raided the OWS encampment just after midnight. Batons, rubber bullets, and teargas makes for a harsh wakeup call. Philadelphia also had a similar raid. Are there any of these encampments left standing?

6. The Federal Reserve lowered the interest rate for borrowing for European banks as part of a globally coordinated central bank effort to "help" the sovereign-debt crisis. Because, as we all know from our own finances, the way to help out someone who can't control their spending is to give them MORE LOANS.

7. Government employees in the UK have gone on strike to protest pension and budget cuts. It's sort of like Wisconsin on a national scale. Reports indicate that it's a bust ... the government takes the day off and life seems to be going smoother for most citizens.


OD from HT said...

#5 Occupy Cleveland is still up and running. Just had their permits renewed. But they don't really count as so far, they haven't gotten violent....but the years not over yet, lol.

Sonshine said...

That dog should never have been off leash. That police officer should have to pay for the attack.

The salt issue just shows how much of a nanny state we have become. I guess I need to add more salt to my preps.

With the Feds messing around with our finances again it reminds me of what Glen Beck talked about with the MAD program, mutually assured destruction. It's like no one even tried to think things through. Now that so many of the youth in America has been indoctrinated through the public school systems and are now adults and teaching others I don't see any chance for America's survival.