Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why We're Going to Lose

These people want a socialist government more than you want liberty. They are willing to be thrown facedown on the asphalt to get what they want.

Are you? When was the last time we saw a mob of patriots demanding the repeal of an unconstitutional law get thrown facedown on the pavement? When was the last time we even saw a mob of patriots? I've seen a few old folks in lawn chairs waving the flag and saying they support smaller government, but I haven't seen any bricks thrown. I haven't seen any tents pitched. I haven't seen any scuffles with the police.

And it's not because the pro-liberty movement is more polite. It's because we're not as determined as the pro-tyranny movement. We don't want it as much. We aren't willing to go toe-to-toe with the jackbooted thugs of the government in order to get what we want. We aren't even willing to sacrifice our careers when the situation calls for it, with few exceptions, the notably fearless Ann Barnhardt among them.

If you want to win back liberty, you're not going to do it by marking a ballot. You're going to have to get dirty. You're going to have to get mean. You're going to have to endure discomfort. You'll be too hot or you'll be too cold. You'll get wet in the rain. You'll have to poop in the woods and you'll get blisters on your hands and your feet.

Or you can endure a comfortable slavery. As comfortable as your master is willing to let you be.

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Quills said...

Nah... it's because we have day jobs, Ernie. You're right, of course. Nothing that hasn't been fought for and won, either through hard graft or personal loss, is truly appreciated, and I think that that is part of what we're seeing lately.

That old "freedom isn't free" saying might be considered a cliche, but it's true, and the only ones who truly understand it are those who A) have been witness to war and know what it takes, or B) have come here from somewhere where it's not quite so thick on the ground. Until a few more of the people making the decisions witness the cost in terms other than tax dollars, nothing will change.

Personally, I think western society has become too large. We need to decentralize and focus on more local governance -- well, if we can't be complete minarchists, that is :-) -- I want to know my representative, and I also want him or her to BE ANSWERABLE TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. Until that happens, we don't really have representation, we have overlords.