Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5 Bunker Index - Pondering For the Season

It's a slow news day so far so I'll talk about something else.

I really dislike the holiday season. I won't get into whether or not Christmas is a pagan holiday and unbiblical, as I'm not clever enough to handle that topic. What I will get into is the blatant rejection of Christ that is EVERYWHERE. If you don't hang up Christmas decorations or celebrate, then you might be a Christian who believes it's a pagan holiday, or you might be Jewish. But when you specifically go out of your way to call it "Xmas" or avoid the Christian links to the holiday, you are putting forth your rejection of Christ in the world.

Maybe you work for a company that does this. I guess each of you will have to determine your level of participation in the rejection. This is something I'm still struggling with myself.

1. With all of the rapes, honor killings, and assaults on women coming out of Arabic countries these days ... Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to criticize ISRAEL for its "anti-democratic" treatment of women. More pandering to Islam.

2. A teacher was caught spending their classroom time brainwashing students in favor of public sector unions and socialism and against Fox news. I'm not surprised. The parents were lucky the teacher wasn't also molesting the students, as bad as things are in the public educational system today.

3.  You knew this would happen. The IMF is bailing out Europe, and its the Federal Reserve that is going to be providing the funds to the IMF.

4. In Seattle, the Occupy movement broke into an empty and locked building. Police responded and cracked some heads before arresting 16.


quest586 said...

X has been a common abbreviation for Christ for over five hundred years, when they used "Xtians" as an shortened form of Christians. Even before that, similar abbreviations were used by Christians. Of course our culture has largely rejected Christ, but using the term Xmas is not as thoroughly godless as many people think.

Ernest said...

Based on what? I've not seen that in any historical document.

What's your reference?

quest586 said...

Off the top of my head I can't think of a specific instance of the usage I referred to, but I've seen it several times in 16th century and later Christian writings.

With limited time available for research, the best reference I can give you right now is a dictionary listing.

OD from HT said...

I, too, was taught X means Christ (learned this in my Christian middle school). WIKI has the same thing I was taught: