Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6 Bunker Index - Lifted Hands

God's will is that all people should get into a proper relationship with Him. Everything He does is sovereign and it all fits according to that plan. Short on money? God is working in your life. Worried about drought? Flooding? Earthquakes? God is drawing you closer.

Though I know and understand this, it's difficult for me to sometimes remember in times of stress, such as this move. God has provided me with the financial means to do this, the strength to do this, the friends and allies to do this, and the time to do this. All things have been provided for me. So why do I still find myself fretting?

I want to have more faith. I want my faith to be stronger. I am praying that God makes it so in the face of all that I must accomplish and the fast decline of the world around us. Are you in a similar situation? Prayer will help.

1. The government infiltrates your church ... for the purpose of convincing you to get your flu shot. Hrm. Suspicious, eh? Normally the Obama administration has steered clear of all things religious, up to and including covering up images of Christ when he spoke at a "Christian" school. But now he's willing to use religion to convince you to get vaccinated?

2. Iran's got one of our drones. Oops. What exactly was it doing flying over their country anyway?

3. Scientists have proposed that the way to eliminate all the contaminated soil around Fukushima is to dump it into the ocean. Does that sound like a great idea to you?

4.   An atheist is pushing the military to install atheist "chaplains" in the military and to prevent military officers from praying with their men before going out on missions. This is not your father's military. This is not the military that liberated people in Europe and defeated a tyrant. This is a new military in control of an unGodly state. They openly embrace homosexuality, paganism, and deny Christ. Don't let your children join it.

5. Atheists in Virginia set up a crucified Santa skeleton on the courthouse lawn. Not real sure what kind of point they were trying to make.

6. On a trip to Greece, Biden makes the joke that we are bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to bail out Greece. Later he states that we're standing in solidarity with them. Prepare for a massive devaluing of the dollar.

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Anonymous said...

Ernie, I know that moving can be stressful and you are in my prayers. This time of the year brings with it it's own stresses, as does the shape our world is now in, but remember this, true peace comes only from the Lord. No matter what any of us are facing, we can know that God has a purpose for us and if we listen to Him and follow Him, it will all work out in the end.