Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7 Bunker Index - Standing Alone

There comes a time when you will have to stand against the world alone. Take heart, for speaking the word of God was never meant to win you friends and popularity. Though all of the weapons of the enemy be before you, do what is right.

I have not the time nor energy for much commentary today. I found today's news items to be simply exhausting and I still have much work to do. Today we close on the land deal in Texas. God is great!

1. Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin is being targeted for recall. You may remember how when he cut the public sector union's power in negotiations that many people in Wisconsin took to the streets and took over a government building. In this article, Walker talks about how his opponents have been harassing his family and neighbors and even targeting his children's friends on Facebook. Wisconsin was the birthplace of the American socialist movement. There's a lot of outside influence there.

2. House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that they must extend unemployment benefits to allow the jobless to "continue participating in growing the economy and creating jobs." In other words, the government gives the unemployed money so that they can go to Walmart and spend it and this makes it look like the economy is still alive and functioning. I guess it does, in much the same way that a patient in an iron lung appears to still be breathing on their own.

3. A recent fatwa released on a jihadi forum by the sharia council sheds some light on islam. The Muslim religious leader says that it is permissible under Islam for Muslims to capture the women of infidels and to rape them. He does give the exception, however, where Muslims in a country where they are the minority and too weak to successfully get away with this should refrain until they have gained the upper hand.

4. In England,  A gang of three Muslim women attacked another woman on a street corner for being white. They beat her senseless, pulled out large chunks of her hair, and repeatedly kicked her in the head. The three Muslim women, who are immigrants from Somalia, were released on suspended sentences without jailtime because the British court said that they are Muslims and "not used to drinking alcohol". They were all three drunk when they attacked the white woman. Where Britain goes, we will follow.

5. Russia's election has apparently been completely fubared. Apparently the election fraud was so widespread that it's impossible to say who WASN'T cheating.


Bluesgal said...

I have to accept that I'm completely biased on the following issue: Islam is not a pacifist religeon. Know I'd also agree that in the past other religeons have persecuted people in the name of their religeon, Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

The Islamic leadership has directed thier "followers" to target anyone who is not Muslim (and even those muslims that are not "observing to their satisfaction)simply for breathing.

Unless and until, the Islamic leadership changes course, there can be no peace between them and the rest of the world.

We are fighting not just for our religewos freedom but for our lives.

Yep, I'm biased on that one, Yep, I'm judging and make a generalization. There are exceptiosn to everything but I don't like the percentages.

As for #4 where they were "let go", I never understood the logic of the British courts and it looks like I never will. Guess they haven't taken a good look at what is going on in France lately.

Bluesgal said...

I would add that this is not a "new" directive fromt the Islamic leadership.. I should've said, they continue to promote violent behavior.

Again, a reference to history, remember the lines to the Marines fight song... "To the shores of Tripoli"? Do many remember WHY that is in there?