Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8 Bunker Index - The Final Scene

The news lately has been pretty depressing. At Market-Ticker blog, Denninger keeps talking about something called a clawback. What is a clawback? Best I can explain it is when a bank or brokerage firm does something shady and loses everyone's money. At that point, if you've withdrawn your money from there prior to the collapse, the government can come after your assets to get it back, on the assumption that since you didn't lose your shirt like everyone else that you must have had inside info. Something to think about for those who are waiting until the last signs of banking collapse before withdrawing from the system.

The thing I'm trying to remember is that God is sovereign over all these things, and more. You're not going to lose your house unless it's in God's plan that you do so. Most of the time it seems that if we're living in accordance with God's will and His principles then we'll come out ok. Sometimes, however, He allows bad things to befall even the righteous. This is one of the mysteries that it's difficult for us to understand.

Should we stop doing His will? Definitely not. We should seek it even further.

1. The White House has a broad new plan to stop "homegrown" terrorists. If you can stomach the NPR propaganda, you'll notice a big part of it is to incorporate the "see something, say something" strategy at the school level. How many schoolkids do you think actually can provide intel on Al-Qaida? This isn't meant for Al-Qaida, folks. It's meant for you and me.

2. In this blog article, JohnGaltFLA presents a theory of how the collapse of Europe this winter could lead to Obama's reelection in the spring. Frightening stuff. I think that despite the horrible polling Obama is doing, when push come to shove he may very well win the reelection. Look at the crap the Republicans are trying to run against him. Romney? Perry? There's no way I can hold my nose and vote for either one of those.

3. Today is a great day to watch C-SPAN as both Eric Holder and Corzine have two separate hearings. I love to watch these criminals sweat. I'd love even more to see them both swinging from a rope, but I must be patient.

4. Occupy protestors disrupted a rally in support of presidential candidate Mitt Romney in West Des Moines, Iowa. Gov Chris Christia heckled them back by saying they'd all be working at the Marriott down the street. While I'm not sure he meant that as anything other than an assault on people who actually do menial work, he's probably right. The SEIU is behind a lot of these protests aimed at disrupting the Republican campaign.

5. Police cleared Occupy New Orleans and raided the San Francisco camp. In DC, dozens were arrested. Are we seeing the beginnings of a mass crackdown on the Occupy movement?

6. Is Hillary Clinton about to open up a second front against Obama? Some new rumors are flying based upon her recent actions. This would be interesting to watch in the way that a gazelle watches hyenas and lions interacting before they pounce.


Anonymous said...

Just a comment on your opening. The Bible tells us it rains on the just and the unjust, so we know that we are affected by this fallen world we live in. The main thing that helps me through all that is going on and where it's leading is to remember that this life is temporary. I've always said I can handle anything as long as I know that it's not forever. I learned years ago to take one day at a time and do what I can for that day.

Janice said...

Hi Ernie!

I thought you might be interested to know that Mr. Bunker spent some more time promoting your knife store last night. He also ooh'd and aah'd over the nice knife that you sent him. It's around 46 minutes into last night's show.

Prayers for you and your family on the move!

Take care,

Ernest said...

Awesome! I hadn't listened to last night's show yet. Today has been a busy day. We're pushing ahead on the move VERY aggressively.

Michael Bunker is a good guy. I'm going to be pleased to be living near him and his community. I expect lots of opportunities for Christian support and commerce.