Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rainy Day Rest

The rain is steadily falling and is scheduled to do so for the rest of the day and night. Tomorrow should be a good work day as well as the next 3 days following that. With God's grace, we'll finish up the house in that timeframe.

We needed the rest. Everyone is worn down and sore. We've been moving at a stellar clip. We're almost at the end though. The loft will get finished probably tomorrow and then we begin on the roof which should take about 3 days. Then one final day to tarpaper the whole thing and that will hold it until I get time to put the metal roof on.

I'm hunting now for the solar equipment I need. We're going to be a little short of money for a bit as we finish up the house, but I can start getting all the pieces in place. Right now we're running on batteries and a generator. Most of the day we go without power and turn everything on in the evening for one good charging before we go to bed. The RV has a fan that needs power to run or the heat won't circulate up from the furnace. With the second battery hooked in parallel I can now run that fan about 8-10 hours before the batteries drop too low. Maybe longer but that's been as long as I wanted to go.

Water isn't so much of a problem now with the 500 gallon tank filled. That cost us $50 for the delivery and the guy can come out whenever. This will cover us until the tank platform is built and we can get the rain water catchment system going. I may purchase a second tank later and keep it filled as an emergency measure until we get a well going. The well is not a small expenditure and there's some other things that need to come in first.

Our modest compost pile is holding all of the wastewater we can generate, both black and gray. Normally I put in about 30 gallons at a time and nothing runs out the bottom. Doesn't seem to be heating up yet but it is burning some water so I guess there's something going on in there. Still plenty more carbon material available to me from the flood areas of the creek.

Looks like the rain is letting up so I'm going to go empty out the wastewater tanks and top off the freshwater ones. That ought to hold us until sometime late tomorrow.

Life is good. God is great.


Dyson said...

Like to hear more about your compost system, I don't seem to understand it...

Also where did you get a 500 gallon water tank for $50? Sure could use one myself...

Ernest said...

Ah, no, the water to FILL it was $50. :)

The tank itself was $449 at Tractor Supply.

The compost is just a pretty simple aerobic pile. Stack up the carbon and nitrogen and let it begin to heat up from the bacteria inside. Just a basic compost pile from what I understand of it.