Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11 Bunker Index - Going Down

Though this has been a very mild winter, I'm looking forward to spring. I don't like the cold in any way and green growing things nourish my soul. I've started thinking about the gardens this year and how we're going to get them set up. Raised beds will be what we start with but ultimately we may expand past that.

I think growing your own food is going to be a real need pretty soon. The system doesn't look like it's going to hold on.

1. Obama has now appointed a La Raza executive to head the Domestic Policy Council. In other words, a man who advocates the hostile takeover of the American southwest by illegal immigrants is now in charge of coordinating immigration policy with state and local governments across the nation.

2. A big upcoming meeting in Chicago of NATO and the G8 has law enforcement itching to try some new techniques. One tried and true method they're going to use is the deployment of large numbers of snipers. That ought to make you feel comfortable as you go about your business downtown and pause to reach in your pocket for your cellphone.

3. Lieberman is pushing for another tyrannical bill. After the outcry about the government imprisoning American citizens without trial in the last bill that came up, now they've slipped a clause in the Enemy Belligerent Act that would allow the commander-in-chief to unilaterally strip an American citizen of their citizenship, thus allowing the government to then do whatever they want to them. The tyrants never stop pushing and then when they lose they just get to say "awww shucks". Until we start arresting people for treason for even PROPOSING these bills we won't get anywhere.

4. A major cheating scandal has hit Georgia schools. Apparently they can't reach "No Child Left Behind" requirements so they're resorting to cheating. Such moral fiber being exhibited by the people you allow to teach your children.

5. Oklahoma citizens voted overwhelmingly to prevent judges from using Sharia in court decisions. Before the law had even taken effect, CAIR and other special interest groups had already appealed to the Obama administration and a federal judge stopped the law. Oklahoma citizens have no power to enact law in their own state. Clearly few other states have that power either.

6. Another nuclear scientist in Iran has been killed when someone placed a bomb on his motorcycle. This is the fourth in the last two years.

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