Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26 Bunker Index - Heart of Stone

I have been praying for awhile now that God would use me in some grand ministry. The night before I received a waking dream during prayer which did not make sense at first but it has resolved into meaningfulness.

I was a large, flat boulder beside a road. I thought, "I could be the cornerstone of a mighty cathedral! Or part of a wall protecting God's children! Oh, if only a builder could see how I could be used in these holy purposes!" And I sat there for centuries wondering and praying that I could be thus used.

Over the centuries, many pilgrims came and took shelter from the sun in my shade. Some hid behind me to avoid bandits. Yet others simply sat upon me and rested for awhile before continuing on their journey. Then it was revealed to me that I was a large stone on the pilgrim road to Jerusalem and that was exactly where God had intended me to be.

I've come to understand from this that there may very well be no grand purpose to my existence, but rather I am to simply be a good man and a Christian. Is that not enough? What sort of world would we live in if all men sought that goal? Just being a good man will be a difficult enough endeavor for the rest of my days. I need seek no higher purpose.

1. A senator in Oklahoma is pushing for a bill that would outlaw human fetuses in foods. When such a thing is even considered by the world, then it clearly means the last forces of good have lost and are doing nothing more than fighting a rearguard action against evil.

2. Do you still wonder why I left that state? Illinois is descending into a bigger financial mess than Greece.

3. Our government created these people, and now can't figure out what to do with them. "Mentally unstable veterans" is going to be the watchword for the next few years. The government is setting the stage to be able to call any veteran honoring the oath "unstable".

4. You think all the government's monitoring of social network sites is creepy? Check this one out. Yes, this is a real business service.

5. Watch your dog! This video had me screaming up until the end. Don't panic though. The dog is fine. (No survival value at all to this, but I just had to include it. We all lose our situational awareness from time to time. We're in a dangerous world.)


Farmboy said...

Amen brother. For every Elijah, there are 7000 in waiting.

Dyson said...

Did you note that Google is changing its privacy policy... Said on the radio that G is monitoring all activity including social networking, EMAIL and all other services to better supply its services...

One day I may have to subscribe to the BI delivered by patriot delivery... LOL

Also note we never "when" we may be called...

Patrice said...

Part of Illinois' problem is too many crooked politicians on the take for too many years. I don't have a good feeling about the way things are going to proceed in Illinois. We are headed for our own SHTF in Illinois and you baled on us Ernie. ;) LOL You knew when to get while the getting was good.