Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3 Bunker Index - The Hour is Late and So Am I

I'm late! My apologies, friends. I meant to have this out yesterday but time and circumstances foiled me again. I have not yet developed a new routine, working each day on the homestead from dawn to dusk. I'm settling down though. I'm so beat up at this point that I can barely walk and so I'm going to take the next few days to "relax".

Having not followed politics or current events for almost 2 full weeks, I'm shocked but not surprised to find that almost the exact same problems exist. Christians are still being persecuted and killed, Muslims are still violent thugs, and Obama is still working on destroying America.

Are you prepared for the new challenges that 2012 is going to bring? With God's help I can endure and overcome anything, but without God I will fail in even the simplest of my endeavors.

Look for more later. I'm planning on updating later this week with more pictures of the new cabin. I've been hesitant to post pictures of the messy and cluttered inside and the scattered tools everywhere, instead hoping to get it all cleaned up and show you a perfect new world. We're still transitioning over into it. When I get some time soon I'll update you on all the goings on and logistics.

1. In Egypt, Coptic Christians continue to be persecuted by the new regime. The Arab Spring continues to disappoint.

2. In Virginia, schoolchildren sang a "pro-occupy" song with some strange lyrics. The school board is defending the teacher who either allowed this or sponsored it, depending upon whom you believe. Our public education system is nothing more than a propaganda tool of the state.

3. In Tajikistan, a young man decided to dress up as Santa Claus to surprise some relatives. His Islamic neighbors gathered into a mob of about 30 and then attacked and killed him with knives while shouting "infidel". Is this the peaceful "religion" we are supposed to be more tolerant of?

4. A man has been detained in Los Angeles, accused of setting over 55 fires in 2 days. One person managed to paralyze an entire city for a couple of days. Let that one sink in while you reflect upon the competence of our government.

5. On January 1st in the "land of the free", 40,000 new laws just took effect. The government's goal? Criminalize EVERYTHING and then use that power to selectively punish its enemies.

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Bluesgal said...

Welcome back!!!! Happy New Year as well.

As you noted, it has been more of the same the last few weeks. Status: SNAFU

There's talk about that the Iranians after earlier easing back on thier position on the Straights of Hormuz have no issued an ultimatum to the US.. Keep the aircraft carriers out of the area or else......

The line in the proverbial sand has been drawn, it will be intersting to see how the US responds to this..