Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30 Bunker Index - Where Does the Day Go?

I just looked at the clock and it's noon. My routine here is shattered and even though I'm getting up probably 30 minutes before dawn I'm still having a hard time sitting down at the computer.

This morning the generator wouldn't start so I had to fiddle with it for awhile. Then I planted some cabbages in the new raised bed. Only 15 of them as that's all that will fit under the row cover but that's a start. I have some more to plant here when I get the other row cover built. I feel like I may have been taken though. I paid $1.68 each for these red cabbage starts. I'm not sure an entire head of cabbage in the grocery store is more than $1.25. Ah well. It's a start and I feel much better for having something growing in the garden. By mid to late April I'll be eating cabbage as well as whatever else I get going between now and then.

We also got our woodstove and the associated pipe and fittings. Now the wife is off to the store for some fireboard and pavers and then we can start getting it set up. It's a little Franklin-style stove. Not huge but appropriate I think to the smaller cabin and our limited wood supplies. I suspect it will heat this place nicely, especially when I get the tar paper and siding up on the walls.

Things slowly come together here as the wheels continue to come off the outside world.

1. Super Bowl security is extra tight this year. Do they know something of an impending threat or are they just being extra cautious? Or perhaps this is just part of the increasing number of foot soldiers for the totalitarian state?

2. Black teens assault cab driver and passenger in Philly. We haven't seen this sort of stuff in a little while. Has it still been going on and just not reported?

3. Occupy Protestors in DC are being evicted today from the parks. How violent is this expected to be? I'm not sure, but they've been evicted everywhere else for the most part. I suspect they'll stay evicted until spring's warmer weather.

4. In a presidential eligibility hearing in Georgia, Obama failed to appear and a judge issued a default judgement AGAINST him. For more info, check this out. I'm not entirely sure what this means at this point.

5. Vain much? A new study indicates more men in Britain are choosing surgery over going to the gym. More evidence of the decline of Babylon.

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OD from HT said...

#4 interesting read. I've never been on the "birther band wagon" but I now understand better what they were saying. I didn't truly know the definition of "natural born citizen".....very interesting! Now I have no idea where I stand, lol....more to ponder...