Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9 Bunker Index - A Day for Reflection

It's pouring down rain outside, a real gully washer. It has been since around 5am this morning. The creek has risen and the neighbor's pond has overflowed its banks. There's standing water everywhere outside. The dog is wet, the chickens are wet, all of my remaining lumber is wet, and I am wet. At least I'm back inside now where it's warm and dry.

Yesterday I almost finished the stairs and the landing. I need to put a couple of steps up to the landing and then I don't like the way the stairs join to the upstairs loft so I'm going to widen a step up there, but it's finished. Today was going to be a day to cut out some windows and bring some furniture over from storage. If it doesn't quit raining though that's not going to happen.

So what will happen instead is we sit inside and read books or talk to each other. I have some hot cocoa I'm considering making. We need the rain; the entire region needs the rain. I am somewhat dismayed by the fact that I didn't manage to get the rain collection tank and gutter in place before this big storm hit. That would have been easily about 1500 gallons of water ... enough for several months. But now that the stairs are done it's the very next thing we do.

So how's the world outside today? Looks like more of the same. The Obama administration continues to ignore the law, liberals are still outraged that Christians exist, and the line between government corruption and incompetence is still blurry.

1. Looks like Obama's cabinet secretaries have been meeting secretly with groups of illegal aliens in order to advance the DREAM act. Obama's blatant disregard for the rule of law is going to be a huge problem for decades to come.

2. Liberal fear of Christians continues to run rampant. A Jewish rabbi wrote in a weekly magazine for Jews that if Tebow, a Christian sports player, wins the Superbowl then Christians will be enflamed and will burn mosques, attack gays, and indiscriminately banish immigrants. Very strange behavior indeed.

3. The Supreme Court is set to decide on whether or not cops can invade a home if a drug dog alerts outside. Of course there's no way to challenge whether or not the dog falsely alerted or if it was directed to alert by its handler. Or even if the dog was wrong. Your ability to resist the government's intrusion into your home gets weaker every day.

4. Scopes, night vision goggles, and range finders went missing from Fort Lewis and prompted the base to put its soldiers on lockdown. Hopefully these devices are finding their way into the hands of patriots and not drug cartels.

5. Chemicals from fast food wrappers have been detected in human blood samples. You might be better off if that McDonald's worker just hands you an unwrapped burger. I also wonder about what's happening to the water in plastic bottles that get left out in the heat.

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MiniMo said...

on Number two, it reminds me of the 'predictions' back in Nov 0f '08 about what would happen, by either side, regarding the outcome of that election.

If Tebow and the Broncos win, then we will surely know that God exist, since it will take a miracle for that to occur.

By the way, has your outdoor pet ever made it's way back to your porch or is it forever into the wild?