Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Down Day

Last night I twisted my ankle walking around in the dark. I've been using stacked up pallets for a porch outside the RV and I stepped too close to the edge. So today is a light day of work, which is suitable. Some of our next projects really require more thought and planning.

I'm building a lean-to off the side of the powerhouse which I will use as a temporary workshop. I've got probably $800 worth of knife orders stacking up and I need to get back to it. Until the proper workshop is set up I won't be in full production, but I should be able to at least start getting some of these orders taken care of. That's important. I'm afraid if I keep the shop dormant too long then the small business I've gained will decay.

The sun is shining and we're generating over 300 watts right now. That's much better than we've seen for the past 3-4 days. Life is good!


suvalley said...

Good for you, taking a day or so've surely been working very hard on the new place.

I was wondering what you plan to do (if anything) over the Google plan to censor content here on Blogger? I am torn, because I love the easy to use format....but cannot abide a company acting as "speech police" on behalf of the DHS.

Just wondering-you are a regular stop on my reading rounds almost every day, and I respect and enjoy your blog very much.

Ernest said...

I hadn't heard anything about that. I certainly haven't had any of my posts censored (yet). Can you post a link to their policy or wherever you heard about this?

At worst I would move the blog off to a private server.

suvalley said... This is what Google says they are changing....

And this is a little of what others are saying:

I've been told you can move a blog lock, stock, and barrel over to wordpress, somehow or other.