Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10

A hard rain came through here last night. Three sides of my workshop are protected by a tarp, but of course the wind came in from the one direction that was not protected. Now everything is soaked. I'm going to have to go through and sort out what I absolutely need onsite and what needs to go back to the storage until a permanent (and rainproof) workshop is completed. This is what you might call a mixed blessing. We needed the rain, but I didn't need it in my workshop.

A couple of days ago I hurt my back (doing something stupid) so I've been on light duty for the past few days. It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you put yourself on light duty. There are countless little tasks that need doing (from cleanup to organizing) that are normally hidden by the bigger tasks. I've just about exhausted myself doing little things. Go figure.

The clouds have cleared and it's sunny outside. I'm generating about 300 watts of power as we speak and I'm not yet even to the peak generation time of 11am-2pm. I think we may even let the kids watch a movie today, we're so flush with electricity. Yeah, solar! Yeah! If I get some stuff accomplished this morning, I may even take a brief nap while the sun dries out the garden area a little so I can put out a new raised bed. Yeah, nap! Yeah!

1. It appears the jackbooted thugs of the establishment have already moved on one of the participants in the TV show "Doomsday Preppers". In this video they have supposedly went in and confiscated all of his weapons under some sort of psychiatric reasoning. I saw a lot of survivalists and preppers cheering on this show. Did they perhaps think that these people (who were probably fairly extreme even  in an extreme community) were some sort of litmus test or canary-in-the-coal-mine? Well, your canary has died.

2.  Now a unit of Marines has been caught posing with a flag depicting the notorious "SS" symbol of the Nazi stormtroopers. The Marine Corp said they would not be punished because it was a "naive mistake". Really? When your mindset is so corrupt that you don't have a problem posing in front of a flag used by mass murderers and then the system doesn't punish you for it, then it goes beyond just a few bad apples. These kids are EXACTLY where the government wants them. They are ignorant of God, ignorant of history, and ripe for whatever evil their institutions propose to them.

3. Does it concern anyone else that the LAPD (who now has a new war room) is considered the role model for successful law enforcement across the nation? They are notoriously corrupt and violent.

4. The teen suicide rate has skyrocketed. Why? Because they see the world that is before them and they have not been given the gospel of Christ. What they have been given is sugary, watery pap that cannot sustain Life as it does for you and me.

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